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Easy Steps to Create Self Grading Assessment Using Google Forms

Easy Steps to Create Self Grading Assessment Using Google Forms
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One Stop Resource for Google Docs If you’re a Google Docs user, curious about Google Docs, work with Google Docs with students, and especially if you’re looking for help understanding all of the features of Google Docs, then you’ve got to bookmark MaryFran’s Google Docs Tutorials. Created as a Google Site (of course), this is a huge collection of resources, tutorials, videos, … all devoted to helping the visitor understand the ins and outs of working with Google Docs. That’s really the best description I can think of to describe this site. Navigation and use is as simple and powerful as Google Docs itself. Just select a topic of interest from the left side navigation menu and read on. Google Docs users – make sure that you bookmark this resource. Powered by Qumana Like this: Like Loading... Related OTR Links 12/16/2011 Main Page - Math Lesson and Unit Plans page divided by grade level and strand. In "Links" OTR Links 04/09/2012 OTR Links for 07/10/2011 In "Computers"

Paperless Classroom? ePortfolios? Easily Accomplish Both with Google Docs! » Clint's Tech Integration Resources Permalink: UEN Faculty Lounge PPT or PDF versions Google facilitated the Education On Air Conference, a virtual conference for educators focused on and around Google Apps for Education, featuring their master teachers. I sat in on a few sessions – Managing Digital Portfolios w/ Google Tools from Kern Kelley, and The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs from Eric Curts. I have a few teachers that have gone down this road of using Google Docs exclusively for student work, and their Docs/Drive inboxes have exploded with student work – and has been a struggle for them to manage. This session will assume that you are familiar with using Google Docs. Here’s the bullet points for success, and then I’ll explain each in detail below: With this workflow in place, it’s fast and seamless for students to turn in their work, and for teachers to manage and grade the mountain of student work. Digitize Student Work Student Folders TeacherFolders Assignment Hand-In Form Assignment link/URL?

Quote: technology hasnt changed students AfL: Golden Rules Assessment for Learning: My Golden Rules Evaluation and assessment are not the same. My husband worked with a colleague who 'assessed' final exam art-work based on the standard of the class. Since then, I have continued to think carefully about the purpose of assessment and how we assess with particular focus on Assessment for Learning (AfL). Comment OR grade. The advice of my Principal is to choose one or the other - feedback or grade - but not both. The feedback is part of the journey, the grade is the destination. Summative before formative. I believe we should, as Dylan Wiliam asserts, embed formative assessment into our everyday practice. I try carefully to distinguish between the two; formative assessments, with detailed feedback; summative assessments with a mark/grade based on specific criteria, with no feedback. Criteria should be transparent. All formative and summative assessments should be based on appropriate and specific criteria or rubrics. Assessment is a dialogue.

How To Use Google Drive and Evernote To Create Digital Portfolios The following post is written by Greg Kulowiec & Beth Holland from EdTechTeacher. You can hear them both present at the April 10-12 EdTechTeacher iPad Summit in Atlanta! As iPads proliferate in schools around the world, and students as well as teachers create more and more content, questions about what to do with all of those learning objects have arisen. Portfolio Curation with Google Drive Source: The Verge With recent upgrades to the Google Drive app on the iPad, it is now a viable solution for student portfolios that can be created in their entirety on iPad. The Google Drive app now allows for the creation of Documents, Spreadsheets, and Folders. The video tutorial below explains the process of creating, uploading and sharing within the Google Drive app on an iPad. Using Portfolios to Make Connections with Evernote Evernote provides one possible solution to the challenge.

10 Great Tools to Integrate with your Google Docs Since Google officially changed Google Docs name to Google Drive and a number of updates have been introduced to improve its overall performance. One very recent update is an increase of cloud storage capacity to 15GB usable across Gmail, Drive, and Google Plus. It is quite obvious that Google is trying to outsmart its immediate competitor Dropbox and I think Google is successful in its strategy so far. To make Google Drive stand out from the crowd, Google opened it to apps developers and allowed users to select from a wide variety of web apps to integrate into their Google Drive accounts. I have curated for you some interesting apps that are integrated into Google Drive and which you can install right from your Google Drive interface. This is how o install any of the apps below into your Google drive : Head over to your Google Drive, click on create, then click on " connect more apps", then type in its name in the search pane and click on " connect " 1- WeVideo 2- PicMonkey 4- Lucid Chart

80 Interesting Ways To Use Google Forms In The Classroom 80 Interesting Ways To Use Google Forms In The Classroom by TeachThought Staff When you think of innovative, edgy, compelling uses of technology, Google Forms isn’t exactly the first thing that leaps to mind. While you’d probably prefer a piece of hardware that’s affordable, easy to use, and mobile that allows students to direct their own mastery of content in peer-to-peer and school-to-school learning environments, for now you just might have to settle for a spreadsheet. No, wait. Come back. Spreadsheets are simply a kind of framework, yes? And they have built-in formulas to perform calculations, visualize data, and communicate information in ways we–and students–are not used to seeing, right? So maybe a self-grading assessment? Questionnaires? See, I told you it’s not so bad.

TES article: edu needs to plug into to Web 2.0 Reflection and revision opportunities: Check! PBL Guidance states that learners should be allowed two formative assessments for each summative assessment. The final product for The Octopus's Garden Project is a presentation to the Principal of the school with design ideas for a 21st century classroom that will enhance teaching and learning in the school (post on this coming soon). Learners will also have to recount their learning in a report following the presentation. To prepare for these assessments, we worked on:- - note-taking skills - writing instructions - persuasive language - organisation - effective slide-making - recount writing - report writingCheck Points: Presentations Formative 1: team presentations on areas of expertise Formative 2: draft final presentation to soundboard Summative: final presentation to SLT Every team completed a peer assessment form (on a Google Form) created from the co-constructed presentation rubric when watching the films.

Miten teen verkkokyselyn tai -lomakkeen Googlessa? - Sosiaalisen median hyvät käytännöt Ennen kuin voit tehdä kyselyjä ja lomakkeita Google Drivessa (ent. Google Docs), sinulla pitää olla Google-tili. Verkkokyselyn vastaukset kerääntyvät automaattisesti tietueiksi laskentataulukkoon. Palvelussa on käytössä kaikki yleisimmät kysymystyypit. Lomakkeen kysymystyypit Kyselyn tekeminen Kirjaudu Google Driveen (tai luo ensin Google-tili, mikäli sinulla ei sitä vielä ole). 4. 5. 6. Mikäli haluat kysymykset pakollisiksi, valitse "Tee tästä vaadittu kysymys". 8. 7. Voit upottaa lomakkeen nettisivulle ja jakaa linkin esimerkiksi sähköpostilla: Lisää toimintoja > Upotus. Kysymysten muokkaus jälkeenpäin Mikäli jostakin syystä joudut muokkaamaan kyselyä: 1. 4. Vastaukset omaan sähköpostiin Mikäli haluat käyttää lomaketta esimerkiksi tilauslomakkeena, muuta lomakkeen asetuksia laskentataulukkonäkymässä: Työkalut > Ilmoitussäännöt. Seuraavassa ko. määritysten vaihtoehdot: Vastausten tarkastelu Kyselyn vastaukset kerääntyvät aineistoksi Google Driven laskentataulukkoon. Lisätietoa

5 Ways To Google Presentations Not As Presentations If you’re a user of Google Drive, then no doubt you have also heard of and likely used Google Presentations (Google’s version of PowerPoint). It’s a great tool to create slick presentations in the cloud, especially after its most recent overhaul. However, Google Presentations is also a handy tool for doing some great projects with your students that have nothing to do with public speaking. Here are some fun exercises you can try in your classes. Visual Note/Flash Cards Imagery is a powerful tool in all subjects. Visually Outline a Project Presentation slides are a great way to engage in pre-writing exercises. Create Visual Prompts & Virtual Discussion If you’ve ever used Voicethread then you’re familiar with the idea of providing students with a visual prompt and then allowing them to discuss the image. Create a Repository of Images with Citation Citing images properly is a key skill in the 21st century. Digital WorkBooks This project is primarily geared towards elementary students.