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Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

PreK Numbers, Shapes, Colors Review To review all of the numbers, colors and shapes we learned as we went through our Letter of the Week curriculum, I made some fun review games! Note: If you missed it, don’t forget to do the A-Z Review also! Number Review: Clothespin Number Review: Write numbers on mini-clothespins and then have your child clip them on to the correct number of dots! 1-10 Number Sticker Sheets: This download includes numbers 1-10. Number Word cards: This download comes with the letters in the boxes like below and for more of a challenge I also added blank cards for each color word as well. Number Dot Cards: You can use these a few ways, simply count the dots and say the number, use a fun manipulative like mini-clothespins or pom-poms. Chicka Chicka 123 Cards: We cut out these small numbers & add them to our alphabet tree as we are learning them. Variation: Laminate and use as play-doh mats, or cut out and use as number lacing cards! Number Collage Worksheets: 0-9 worksheets are included. Shape Review:

PRESCHOOL by Stormie Pre-K Pages sticker resist watercolor greetings | paint cut paste this is a crazy-simple post. we love our watercolors around here like nothing else, and we may rival hallmark in the quantity of cards that are created under this roof. so here’s sweet little idea for some greeting cards for any occasion. before N set out to create her abstract watercolor painting, we placed heart stickers on watercolor paper. (you can use any shape of sticker, of course.) then she enjoyed some time watching the colors ooze and blend together on the page. so relaxing. we let the page dry completely. after that, i tore the large sheet of watercolor paper into smaller sections against a metal edged ruler. i prefer this to cutting watercolor paper because it makes beautiful naturally rustic edges. we peeled away the heart stickers (which came off easily) to reveal a white heart in the midst of rainbowy paint. easy and heARTful

Salty Watercolor Painting This was a guest post over at Moms by heart and I just wanted to repost it for those who didn't get a chance to see it! Cassie loved this Salty Watercolor Painting when she was a young 3 year old and still loves it each time we revisit this process! All you need for this activity is salt, white glue, watercolors, brush, and stiff cardboard or matte board. (a piece of cereal box would work too!) First, draw an image with glue on cardboard. Next, sprinkle salt over the wet glue drawing and coat all of the glue. After the drawing is covered in salt, gently shake off the salt or tap the edge of the cardboard on your table covered with newspaper. The fun part comes next, take a paintbrush dipped in water and mix it into one section of watercolor paint and gently touch the tip of the brush to any part of the salty drawing. Keep adding different colors and wash brush between colors. Here is Mom's more Abstract Salty Watercolor Painting on black matte board. We definitely both had FUN!