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The Reward

The Reward
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W R I T E W O R L D 15 Insane Theories About Movies And Television That Will Blow Your Mind Short Films Astronauts Can't Really Cry in Space You can do some pretty cool things in space. Like float in zero gravity, for example. Or eat in zero gravity. The Atlantic picked up on a tweet from the International Space Station, in which astronaut Chris Hadfield explained that our eyes will produce tears in space, but it isn't exactly a pleasant experience. When those space tears build up enough liquid mass, they'll actually break free of the eye and float around. Sad as it would be to float around in space without the ability to cry, we'd miss showering even more.

IT'S ART - Your CG source of inspiration and learning Wand, Knife and Silence Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic Wand, Knife and Silence Moon: And here I am, once again trying to do something a little less common, mostly borne out of my fascination with the fact that Blaise's mother is a Black Widow and the fact that I'm pretty sure an assassin would be a better parent than the Dursleys. For this story I will be ignoring Blaise's characterization in Half-Blood Prince because that's easily my least favourite book out of the seven and a wasted opportunity for Rowling. I do not own Harry Potter and...enjoy! Chapter 1: Harry Zabini The dust was still settling from the Dark Lord's death as Samantha Zabini made her way through Little Whining towards the airport that would take her home. Her idiot husband hadn't even been bothered to provide her with a portkey home in case of emergencies; she had lost her faith in her parent's abilities to find her a match who wasn't either a cruel, inbred bigot or some sort of corrupt noble. A young muggle male whistled at her as she walked past. This was Harry Potter!

Sick Beard - Internet PVR for your TV Shows M-Lab | Welcome to Measurement Lab Disney Tangled Animation Breakdown and Animation Workflow Making of Adidas Brazuca 1.43K Views0 Likes Making of Adidas Brazuca by STOPP STOPP, an integrated production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Stockholm. What makes us different? We believe in making work to excite your senses. Images to awake... Making of Carnage Symbiote by Adam Sacco 1.38K Views0 Likes Carnage Symbiote Sculpting Breakdown by Adam Sacco Adam Sacco presents a breakdown of his sculpture process for Carnage Symbiote. Animal Reel by Muse VFX 827 Views0 Likes Animal Reel by Muse VFX Muse VFX is a world-class visual effects and design boutique in Hollywood, California that consists of award winning artists, supervisors and producers. Making of RoboCop Suit 3.91K Views0 Likes Making of RoboCop Suit by Legacy Effects Making the Robocop suit a reality, piece by piece. Futbolín Reel 1.24K Views0 Likes Waiting is Over 1.48K Views0 Likes Waiting is Over "Waiting is Over" created by Ignyte Studios for Telecom NZ! The Mill Beauty Reel 1.58K Views0 Likes

Snapshots Chapter 1: Love, a star trek: 2009 fanfic A/N: I do believe that a quick explanation is in need for this series. This is the 100 prompt challenge, something I felt would be a good idea to do as my return. However, this series isn't going to be a weekly or bi-weekly thing, but rather something along the lines of "I'll post when I have an idea for it" kind of thing. Each prompt will take up one chapter, and some will be very short, while some may be longer. Also, some of the prompts will be linked together, and those that are should be fairly obvious. There was very little Leonard McCoy loved from his old life. Jocelyn had been her name. Then it moved onto the lack of communication. Joanna's birth had been a saving grace, at least for a few years. Years went by and as Joanna got older, Leonard and Jocelyn had begun to spread apart again. "I don't love you anymore. However, that was all before he met Kirk. A/N: I suppose that'll do for an opening chapter.

CouchPotato Markup language Examples are typesetting instructions such as those found in troff, TeX and LaTeX, or structural markers such as XML tags. Markup instructs the software displaying the text to carry out appropriate actions, but is omitted from the version of the text that is displayed to users. Some markup languages, such as HTML, have pre-defined presentation semantics, meaning that their specification prescribes how the structured data are to be presented; others, such as XML, do not. A widely used markup language is the HyperText Markup Language (HTML), one of the document formats of the World Wide Web. Types[edit] There are three general categories of electronic markup:[1][2] Presentational markup The kind of markup used by traditional word-processing systems: binary codes embedded within document text that produce the WYSIWYG effect. Procedural markup Markup is embedded in text and provides instructions for programs that are to process the text. Descriptive markup History[edit] Etymology and origin[edit]

Mery Rig - Free Maya Character Rig, Female Character rigComputer Graphics Mery Rig – Free Maya Character Rig, Female Character rig, Free Maya rigs Mery Project is a Free Rig project by José Manuel García Alvarez and Antonio Méndez Lora. A free character for animators. You CAN: You can use the character for practise and educational purposes. You can use the character to show your work in your demo reel, portfolio, on your website, etc. You CAN’T: You can’t use the character rig or any part of it for commercial purpose, like short films, movies or any content with financial gain. Animation – Jesus Almela Bittini Modeling, Look Development, Dynamic hair, Lighting & Compositing: Jose Manuel García Character Design – Alejandro Delgado Rubianes Character Setup & Tools Development: Antonio Mendez Lora Download: Free Mery Character Rig V 3.4 ->Maya 2013 ->Maya 2014 ->Maya 2015 ChangeLog: -Fixed skin visibility in render. Download – Free Mery Character Rig v3.4 638 Primary Personality Traits Positive Traits (234 = 37%)

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