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After Effects region of interest

After Effects region of interest
After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) is now available. For details about what’s new and changed in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5), see this page. IMPORTANT: Before installing the new version of After Effects, please read this page about the default behavior of the updater, which is to remove all previous versions of the application, and this page about why you might not want to do that. The biggest piece of work for After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) has been a complete re-architecture of how rendering occurs, specifically regarding separating the main render thread from the thread that controls the user interface. Please, check with the vendors of your third-party plug-ins for updates that are compatible with After Effects CC 2015 (13.5). I said that most are ready. As usual, Toolfarm is doing an excellent job of tracking which plug-ins have updates, and where to get them. Trapcode Sound Keys (Red Giant) This bug is our fault, not the fault of Trapcode or Red Giant. other Red Giant plug-ins Boris FX Related:  afx

TOTAL PHOTOSHOP (tut. video immagine ecc.) Up&Up è il nuovo, spettacolare, video dei Coldplay Il gruppo britannico ha pubblicato sui propri canali ufficiali il video del nuovo singolo Up&Up ottenendo, subito, moltissime visualizzazioni. Posto che i Coldplay possono piacere o non piacere, siamo qui per suggerirvi di dare un’occhiata (ed anche più di una) alla clip. Si tratta infatti di un video ricco di effetti speciali, una delle nostre grandi passioni, e di contenuti e rimandi all’attualità davvero sconvolgenti. Up&Up – Due parole sui registi Non ce ne voglia chi non è appassionato del settore e chi è abituato a spegnere la televisione quando compaiono i titoli di coda, ma non possiamo non dedicare almeno due parole a chi ha realizzato questo capolavoro. Up&Up – Messaggi subliminali Come già accennato, questo video porta con sè una serie di immagini che richiamano ad argomenti di attualità, vediamone qualche esempio. Un muro collocato in una splendida spiaggia blocca l’accesso al mare. Up&Up – Come hanno fatto? Up&Up – Il video

Top 5 After Effects Expressions for Better Designs - The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat New to using expressions in After Effects? These 5 AE expressions are a great start and will add power to your After Effects workflow. Expressions can seem really scary if you are new to After Effects. According to motion designer and Premiumbeat blogger Sean Frangella, the following expressions are the top 5 to learn in After Effects. Feel free to copy and paste these expressions into your own projects. In the following video tutorial, Sean Frangella shows us how to use all 5 of these expressions along with a few other great tips. This video was created by Sean Frangella. 1. wiggle(1,15) The wiggle expression is by far the expression that I use the most in After Effects. The first number is the number of wiggles per second and the second number is the value of the wiggle. 2. time*10 The time expression is perfect for objects with perpetual motion. 3. loopOut() loopOut() The loopOut() expression creates an infinite loop that will last forever. 4. seedRandom() seedRandom(5) 5. Math.round()

After Effects | Mylenium's Error Code Database Message text: After Effects error: CT bad param: invalid glyphID Message interpretation: The program generated an ID for an (Unicode) glyph that doesn’t exist. Possible causes: This actually pretty clearly points to a bug – the program or one of the plug-ins should not even be able to calculate a glyph ID that isn’t defined in the Unicode/ OpenType specifications. Resolution or workaround: Always keep your software updated and use the latest certified compatible versions of third-party plug-ins. Like this: Like Loading... Message text After Effects error: CT generic: not ASCII Text rendering failed because the character was not in the ASCII range. Just another weird font error. The only advise here is to check the system’s language settings and adjust them. After Effects error: invalid table address A font did not return a valid character. Similar to many other font errors this one remains obscure in that the specific cause never became clear. The program cannot access the font cache. Fehlermeldung:

Adobe Add-ons VSCO Filters for Photoshop (A Series). These are simple (yet powerful) trailer titles for action films and blockbusters without unnecessary elements and effects. ProductionLink four seat bundle for Premiere and After Effects exports renders to Avid Interplay and ISIS as Avid Mediafiles with AAF and MXF OP-Atom DNxHD. ProductionLink bundle for Premiere and After Effects exports renders to Avid Interplay and ISIS as Avid Mediafiles with AAF and MXF OP-Atom DNxHD. You can also purchase a four seat bundle. ProductionLink for After Effects exports renders to Avid Interplay and ISIS as Avid Mediafiles with AAF and MXF OP-Atom DNxHD. It’s dirty, it’s grungy, it’s urban kinetic! A funky, vintage, retro styled slideshow for your cool photos and footage. Get all dotty about ink jet printing! A stylised graphic depiction of a plant growing to reveal your logo and tagline. An enchanting poster advert, with moving elements, perfect for showing off your magical powers! Free AEP - Hi-Tech Lower Third

Realistic Bounce and Overshoot Goldfish don't bounce. —Bart Simpson Sometimes you may want to embellish your animated motions with a bit of physical realism. Bounce vs. In both bounce and overshoot scenarios, you are dealing with decaying amplitude. This is the waveform of an exponentially decaying sine wave used to simulate harmonic resonance. Bounce is a completely different beast. This waveform is generated by a bounce simulation expression. You might be tempted to simulate this bounce behavior by taking the absolute value of the oscillating sine wave (using the JavaScript Math.abs() function) and linking the frequency variable to a slider which you would keyframe to speed up. Overshoot in Detail Take a look at the basic expression for an exponentially decaying sine wave: amp = 80; freq = 1; decay = 1; t = time - inPoint; amp*Math.sin(t*freq*Math.PI*2)/Math.exp(t*decay); As it sits, this expression will trigger a decaying sine wave oscillation at the layer's In Point. There are three things going on in the last line.

optimizing for performance: Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects | After Effects region of interest This post collects resources relating to optimizing your computer system and After Effects and Premiere Pro so that you can get the most done in the least time with these applications. If you have any questions, please bring them to the After Effects forum or the Premiere Pro forum. It’s much harder to have a conversation in the comments of a blog post than on the forum. We recently released a white paper about configuring or upgrading a workstation for video software, including After Effects, Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade, and Photoshop Extended. The most comprehensive place to find information on improving performance in After Effects is the “Improving performance” page in After Effects Help. I recently recorded a series of videos for video2brain that you can get for free on their website:After Effects & Premiere Pro performance workshop. I recorded additional videos for After Effects CS6 to update the information given in the above videos:

5 Tools for Better Layer Management in After Effects What After Effects lacks in layer management, you can gain back from using these 5 layer management tools. For being a layer based compositor, After Effects is strangely devoid of any layer management tools. The timeline in After Effects also double-times as the layer panel, and as such small features that are evident in Adobe’s other products are sadly missed. Both Photoshop and Illustrator’s layer panel offers better organization through layer management with great ways to group either group or create sub-layers. After Effects is strangely devoid of any layer management tools. Setting the idea of layer folders or groups aside, for an application that relies so much on layers, After Effects has surprising little in the way of fast and easy methods for layer management though filtering – The “shy” button in Ae is a cumbersome dinosaurs to use. Here are 5 tools that can help you with Layer Management in After Effects, in no particular order. Zorro- The Layer Tagger Layer Groups GM FoldLayers

Add Ons - Curva Script Curva is AE script to create a smooth animations of growth a paths based on Bezier algorithms. You just select the last two vertices on the Path object in a Shape layer and then the script does everything for you. Perfect for animating the appearance of letters, floral shapes and other such vector objects. My job motion-designer is forcing me to write a scripts. Curva has two separate versions of the script.Script UI Panel version and Regular script to launch the main window at once. Features Animation appearance of shapes with just a few clicks. Screenshots Great song by migueljl used in promo: Pepper Swing 10 Amazing Trapcode Particular Tutorials Learn how to create amazing effects in these 10 Trapcode Particular video tutorials. Trapcode Particular is one of our favorite plug-ins for After Effects. Unlike the native particle generators in AE, Particular gives users much more control over the particles created. With a little creativity you can use Trapcode Particular to produce some pretty amazing effects. If you don’t have Trapcode Particular you can download a free trial from Red Giant’s website. 1. Creating realistic water is a huge challenge for VFX artists, but in this short tutorial Dino Muhic shares his workflow for creating a realistic water effect in After Effects using Particular. 2. In this tutorial VinhSon Nguyen shows us how using null objects and a few emitter keyframes can produce an incredible galaxy nebula effect. 3. Using a few native effects and Trapcode Particular you can create this really awesome burning fire logo in After Effects. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

バカ・アフター プラグイン作例(Form・Mir) Trapcode Form・Mirを使った作例集。 バカ・アフター:Formで作った謎の形状 from BaKaAfter on Vimeo. バカ・アフター:Formで作った微生物 from BaKaAfter on Vimeo. バカ・アフター:Formで作った複数のライン from BaKaAfter on Vimeo. バカ・アフター:Mirで作ったカラフルな波 from BaKaAfter on Vimeo. バカ・アフター:Formで作った緑と青の地形 from BaKaAfter on Vimeo. バカ・アフター:Formで作った山々 from BaKaAfter on Vimeo. バカ・アフター:Formで作った植物のようなもの from BaKaAfter on Vimeo. バカ・アフター:Formで作った複数の箱 from BaKaAfter on Vimeo. ご意見・ご感想はこちらまで。