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Ribbed Hand Warmers If you're a careful reader of the Purl Bee, you may have noticed by now what a big fan I am of hand warmers. I love how practical they are (no holding dirty mittens between your teeth while you fish around for keys); I love how fast they are to make (you just can't say that about too many knitted things!); I love how flattering they are on everybody's hands; and, for all these reasons, I love how perfectly suitable they are as gifts (I'm remembering recent recipients: friend Claudia has a pair, so do aunt Bretta, cousin Katie, and sister-in-law Jen.). Ever since Joelle made the Log Cabin Baby Blanket for her new niece out of Anzula's Squishy, I have been really anxious to give it a try. Joelle is a tough customer when it comes to yarn, so her rave reviews of this one set my expectations high.

Travel Craft / ... by Marelize Ries Basic Skills Necessary: Sew at 1/4 inch seam Rotary Cutting Pattern Description: This little bag is ideal for any type of craft. If you take classes this bag is perfect to take along all those little goodies you need. Textured {cowl} Pour changer des shawls, j'ai tricoté un cowl Lise a raison dans son commentaire, il y avait une erreur dans le comptage des mailles. Erreur réparée ! Merci Lise :-)

Pretty Fingerless Gloves – Knitting Tutorial Gloves, fingerless or not are very useful and beautiful wearable and we all know it and the colder the days get the more important do they become for everyday useage. Designers also are gloves of this fact and are making more and more hand glove designs thought the years. Fingerles gloves are worn in order to keep our palms worm, sometimes to keep them from the sun and a lot more times just because they look great. They give your whole outfit refreshing look and most importantly make you comfortable.

How to tie a Turk's Head Uses: The Turk's Head (ABOK # 1303 - 5, p 232) is widely used as a slide, or woggle, for scout's scarves. Tying it: The Turk's Head is usually tied around the hand. For the demonstration here, the braiding was performed round a piece of wood and the work was rotated as the braiding advanced. Variations: There are many variations on the simple Turk's head. With a large enough loop, many more braids can be created before making the end follow the lead of the first round of braiding; more than one strand can be used; and the number of times the end follows the lead can be varied.

Two Color Brioche Cowl // free pattern and tutorial - Finally (and seasonally inappropriately, unfortunately) my second brioche cowl is done and I’m geared up with a pattern and tutorial to show exactly how I made this bad boy. Quick reminder – my first brioche cowl was made from stash yarn. The (very) brief instructions for that version are:

Colorblock Hand Warmers The sweet spot of knitting, for me, is when it starts to feel a lot like painting. When the form is fluid and mutable and when the palette is supple and free, then I feel that knitting really hits its creative stride. Creating these Colorblock Hand Warmers delivers just that kind of deeply satisfying experience.

New Sheep(ish) Pattern: Candy Bunny! Looking for a last-minute, Easter basket gift to make for your sweeties? Well then, try the Candy Bunny pattern. Cute, cuddly, and can be crocheted in just a couple of evenings. Hoppy Spring! White Cotton Bracelet The simplicity of a two ring closure mechanism is the prefect way to set off patterned knots tied in crisp white cotton. Supplies and Equipment: – #10 crochet cotton – cork or other pinnable surface – sharp scissors – 2 rings – these are 20mm aluminum jump rings in a copper color (from JoAnn’s) but a wide variety of rings would work, as long as both are the same size – straight pins – needle with a large eye – fray check or fabric glue Cut 8 pieces of crochet thread, 2 yards each. This project uses:Lark’s Head KnotsDouble Half Hitch KnotsSquare and Alternating Square Knots Use a lark’s head knot to attach each strand of crochet cotton to one of the rings. Set the other ring on top.

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