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Kayak Design Software

Kayak Design Software
Like many kayak builders before me, having built a few different designs, I began to think about designing one of my own. I was not prepared to pay for a commercial naval architecture package, and I thought it would be a fun project to develop my own kayak design software. KayakFoundry is the result. Version 1.6 is now available for download below. This is a free program, but contributions are welcome! Download: KayakFoundry 1.6.4 (November 14, 2009) KayakFoundry 1.6 Features: Stability Curves Multiple views for shaping the kayak in Plan, Profile, and Body Supports 1, 2, or 3 cockpits with independent or shared shapes Auto-positioned cockpit tracks with changes to center of buoyancy Resizable/hideable panels Waterlines and buttock lines Active Section view shows all section dimensions Curve shaping by dragging control points Rubber-banding for multiple control point selection Keyboard arrow keys provide fine adjustments of control point position. KayakFoundry BBS Related:  Kayak construction

Igdlorssuit: Free Kayak Plans for the Boat Before Anas Acuta - The Anas Acuta’s lines were originally developed from a kayak built by Emanuele Korneiliussen in Igdlorssuit for Kenneth Taylor in 1959. This kayak was measured and drawn by Duncan Winning in 1964 and those measurements have appeared in several places on the Internet. I had originally provided the lines of this Igdlorssuit kayak in a HULLS file, but now that FREE!ship is available, I’ve reentered the lines of this kayak. The year was 1959. The Anas Acuta spawned a wave of British kayaks, and according to a family tree compiled by Duncan Winning those include: Nordkapp, Skerray, Aquanaut, Pintail, Avocet, Q-Boat, Island Kayaks’ Expediton, Newt, Qaarsut(an exact replica of the hull in fiberglass with a modern deck), and Qaarsut 550. Duncan Winning’s family tree also lists 18 other kayaks that descend from the Taylor kayak. Hydrostatics Volume properties: Kaper run for shown hydrostatics. Mainframe properties: Mainframe area : 0.449 [ft2]Mainframe coefficient : 0.7126 Waterplane properties:

Bill Thomas Woodworking Order Page We honor all major credit cards, personal checks and overseas money orders payable in US funds. For orders outside the continental United States, custom epoxy orders and kit orders please email for an exact shipping quote. Thank you. Please note the shipping cost for plans going to Canada is 24 dollars. You can place your order on this page and I’ll send an additional invoice to you for $16 or you or you can email me and I’ll send an invoice for the total cost of the plans with shipping. Place an Order If you have any questions about our boats, kits, building supplies or classes, or if you would like to discuss a custom woodworking project please touch base. I look forward to hearing from you. Bill Thomas Phone us: 207-676-4049 Email us: Mail: print our order form(PDF)

Eskimoaulla - se Instruksjonsfilmer | Del 1: Om bord - og ut igjen Det er alltid greit å starte med begynnelsen. Her lærer du å komme deg trygt om bord, og ut av kajakken igjen Del 2: Lær riktige fremdriftstak Her lærer du hvordan du på en mest mulig hensiktsmessig måte får kajakken til å gå framover. Del 3: Slik velger du kajakk Føles det enorme utvalget av kajakker mest som en ugjennomtrengelig jungel? Del 4: Slik velger du padleåre Det er ikke bare-bare å velge riktig padleåre heller. Del 5: Vinterpadling Denne delen av padleskolen har nok mer karakter av en turreportasje enn faktasak, men litt inspirasjon til å komme ut i vinterkulda får du nok. Del 6: Kameratredning Sikkerheten skal alltid ha full oppmerksomhet. Del 7: Overnattingstur Hvordan er det å dra på overnattingstur med kajakk? Del 8: Rulla - del 1 Her går vi gjennom hvordan du blir vant til å være under vann og får roen som trengs for å lære teknikken på rulla. Del 9: Rulla - del 2 Når vannfølelsen sitter er det tid for å terpe teknikk.

Compare Kayak Specifications Hull Specs - Hull weight is not the weight of a stripped hull, but the weight you can actually expect to have to lift onto your car. This weight includes deck rigging, footbraces, seat, and other typical fittings. Completed boats can be lighter or heavier depending upon options, construction techniques, wood density, and other variables. Cockpit Size - Cockpit size refers to the opening in the cockpit coaming that is provided in the kit as standard equipment. Recommended Paddler Weight - Recommended paddler weight should be considered a rough guide. Maximum Shoe Size - Maximum shoe size is expressed in men's sizes and assumes the paddler is shod in the usual neoprene booties. Maximum Payload - Maximum payload is the safe load of the boat and is not the same as the maximum paddler weight. All shoe sizes on this website are in US Mens.

Memories of Moosewood and Enchanted Broccoli Forest Soup | madame scientist's not-so-mad musings When I arrived in the US at age 21, more years ago than all the digits on your hands and feet, I was in for a culinary disappointment, if not a culture shock. Indeed, the shock was on the other foot, if weak puns are permitted. My new American friends not only had to deal with my innocent observation that all Caucasians look alike (have you ever been to upstate New York?), they had to struggle with misconceptions of my life in an adobe hut instead of a high rise apartment (like Columbus, they got the continent and the Indian wrong, again). Back in the day, vegetarians were a rare and suspect breed, evident from the exclusively carnivorous offerings on every menu. I quickly tired of grilled cheese sandwiches and Dannon fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. In the midst of this culinary calamity, my housemate Catherine- a lovely British-American transplant- gave me the Moosewood cookbook. Moosewood Memories Broccoli soup for comfort and sustenance Veggies for cream of broccoli soup Simmered in broth

Welcome to the Kayak Forum Kayak - Introducción Home Kayak Introducción Idioma: English Introducción Planos (uso) Plantillas Madera Costura Epoxi Partes Unir Tela Abertura Remo (constr) Terminación Líneas Apoyos piés Agua! Más info Preguntas Bibliografía Peperina team Otros kayaks Vínculos Kayakeros Productos Construcción de kayaks Actividad del Grupo Peperina (Córdoba, Argentina) Para los interesados, hay una lista de correo donde aparece la información de último momento. Información Bibliografía - Vínculos a otros sitios - Otros constructores the story | The HemLoft I'd be remiss in beginning this tale without first mentioning my dad. Throughout my childhood he provided me with a steadfast example of ingenuity, self-belief, and incredible will power. I could never have accomplished any of this without him... Chapter 1: A Retirement Gone Sideways I'm just going to come out and say it. Chapter 2: My Foray into Carpentry In the Spring of 2008, my mission to retire was rudely interrupted by reality. Chapter 3: The Idea: An Egg in a Tree So there I was, a bourgeoning carpenter, living out of my car, and heading off in an exciting new direction. Chapter 4: Finding the Perfect Tree By the time I started looking for a site, I had determined that it should be hidden somewhere in the backwoods. Chapter 5: Raising the Structure By the fall of 2008, my lengthy search for the perfect tree was over, and I was ready to start building. Chapter 6: Slovenia, Olympics, and Falling in Love Sometimes life veers off in directions that you’re not expecting. The Mother of All Maritime Links: Page 16 of 47 The Mother of All Maritime Links John's Nautical Links List Page 16 of 47 Prev. Page Contents Search Next Page New or Changed Links Designers, Plans & Kits A to M: 16' McKenzie River Driftboat Plans and Construction Manual (From Altair Industries) 3DNav Boat Design (Design and engineering for sport and professional boats, sail and motor, for shipyards and individual builders, Pontevedra, Spain) Ace Marine Ltd. Adirondack Guide Boat (Wood or Kevlar Adirondack guideboat kits) Advanced Multihull Designs (AMD, high speed passenger and vehicle ferries) AeroMarine Research (Tunnel boat design books and software) A.G. The Albert Strange Association (Tracing and preserving the designs and making a permanent record of his life and work) Alkira Boatshed (Stock plans and custom design of timber and steel steamboats, cruisers, yachts and launches, Toronto, New South Wales) Almarine GmbH (Metal motor and sailing yacht designs and kits, Switzerland) The Amateur Yacht Research Society (AYRS) Antonio Dias Design C.

Growing Grapes for Home Use Extension > Garden > Yard and Garden > Fruit > Growing grapes for home use Emily S. Tepe and Emily E. Hoover About grapes Grapes are woody perennial vines. Do you want to grow grapes primarily to cover an arbor? Being familiar with the various parts of a grapevine will help when it comes to growing and pruning. There are now many excellent cold-hardy wine grape cultivars available for commercial and hobby winemakers in Northern climates. Helpful hints Full sun is important to provide the heat required to ripen the fruit. Bluebell is a winter hardy table grape, reminiscent of Concord. Cultivars These cultivars can be enjoyed fresh from the vine, used for juice and jelly, and some for making wine. If you're interested in more extensive information about all these varieties, you can find this as well as a current list of nurseries at the Minnesota Grape Growers website. Getting started Preparation When planting bare root vines, soak roots in a bucket of water for 3-4 hours before planting. Support - boat plans on line since 1993 Kayak Building Page Welcome to the Squeedunk Kayak building page. We have added this page for two reasons. First, we want to show you what goes into the production of our products. This will help you to better understand what our boats are all about and will to highlight many of the features of our kayaks. Our second reason for this page is to provide information and tips for those of you who are interested in building your own boat. There are many options, from buying a kit, starting with a set of plans, or, for the more adventurous, to designing your own boat. to help get you started, there are several books and even a Kayak Building Bulletin Board where you can ask, and get answers to just about any possible kayak building question. On our own site, we have several building pages. our newest is the Puffin building page, which features a marine plywood stitch and glue Bering Sea style kayak. Our Loon building page features a strip-built eastern Canada style kayak. At Squeedunk Kayaks, we have no secrets.