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French Bazaar Les Ambassadrices - L'eshop de vos boutiques Cave House in Mallorca It is amazing how a good taste and competent home interiors can give rise to a contemporary cave house that is stylish, rugged and comfortable at the same time. Alexander de Betacam’s newly built house, which is situated in a coastal village of Mallorca, is the perfect example of how creative home decoration can give a house an individual personality of its own. People all over the world are taking interest in new interior design ideas in order to make their home interiors look attractive. The home decorations of today’s times are customized, making them little more expensive than the conventional methods of interior design. Hence, the amount that is expected to be spent on the home furniture and other allied activities can be added to the home loan amount so as to conduct the beautification comfortably. A house is a reflection of the individuals who reside there, hence, the home furniture must also be modified in such a way that it suits all the preferences of the owner.

Top 10 Things Brides Most Often Forget on Their Wedding&Day - Blog - Indianapolis Wedding Planners | Wedding Coordinators | Wedding Consultants | April Foster Events When a wedding day is packed with activity from beginning to end, it is easy to get lost amid appointments, checklists, and last-minute details. So, to ease the stress, here is a list of the top ten things we found from research that brides often forget on their wedding day. 10. 9. A compact mirror, extra make-up, hair spray and bobby pins, deodorant, mints/chewing gum, headache remedies and antacid tablets: aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, etc., eye drops, sunscreen, tissues, bottled water, snack items, extra earring backs, small sewing kit, stain remover stick (like Tide), hand wipes or sanitizer, extra change of clothes, chalk (to clear up smudges on dress), and double-sided tape or dress tape. See the rest of the above image at Swatchbook Weddings. 8. Wedding Hair Pins Photo | Wedding Hair Flower Photo 7. 6. 5. 4. The wedding bands, the ring bearer pillow, the flower girl baskets, unity or memorial candles (and matches), and a copy of the vows (if custom-written) 3. 2. 1.

40 Creative Examples of Facebook Timeline Designs | - StumbleUpon Recently at the F8 Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a massive redesign to our favorite* social media website. Honestly the new updates are understandable and from their point of view provide a better experience for the end user. From a personal point of view, each time they implement a change I get more confused, frustrated, and unwillingly forced to learn the new layout. When will they leave it alone? I have no idea. Facebook Timeline is a unique idea that has been getting some heat lately. Now let’s look at it on the flip side. Currently you have to be a developer to gain access to the new design because it’s still in the beta phase. Wanna Create your own? With the new update we think it give us, the users, a great opportunity to be creative! Cover Photo – 850px* x 315pxProfile Photo – Scaled 125px x 125px (180px x 180px is the minimum image upload size.Profile Photo Offsets – left 22px*, top 92px 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

AgencyNet 2.0 - StumbleUpon A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits & Man Made DIY & Keywords: graphic, humor, design, facebook With the release of The Social Network, we're experiencing a renewed interest in the gold-standard of profile makers. And the single biggest indicator of one's digital personality? The profile pic. Fast Company has sought to identify and organize the variety of these photos: "Like all art forms, Facebook portraiture has its own lazy tropes—the laptop camera shot, the blue sky background, the blinding flash in a bathroom mirror—but even these thoughtlessly captured snapshots yield unintended insights about their subjects: How is the photo cropped? Can we see the subject's abs? Why is she giving us the finger?" Here, they've created a humorous, yet eerily accurate infographic which aims to, "hopefully help you view specific Facebook portraits within the context of the larger genre, and therefore lead to a richer, more complex appreciation of Facebook portraiture as an emerging form of banal, eye-numbing expression."

Facebook Devil - Facebook Account Creator - Facebook Software - Facebook Marketing Tool - 4 necessary steps before starting your facebook ad campaign Before starting your facebook advertising campaign there are 4 steps you need to take in order to reach a successful campaign. If you are serious about advertising on facebook I think that these steps are IMPORTANT. These steps will help you create the most effective ad possible. They’ll also help you make the right decisions when establishing your budget and choosing your audience speci?cations. In short, you’ll get a higher return on investment. What Are Your Goals? The ? Do you want to: Drive traf? Who is Your Audience? Before I get started with this point, please keep in mind the “more” rule: ( more speci? One of the wonderful things about Facebook advertising is that you can be ultra speci? So, for example, if you wanted to target all of the single women aged 35-55 in Newyork, it’s an easy task. With more than 850 million active users ranging from pre-teens to senior citizens, your audience is likely present on Facebook. Design Your Advertisement – Step 3 Budget and Pricing - Step4

50 Beautiful and Effective Package Designs | Webdesigner Depot - StumbleUpon When choosing one product over another, the design of the packaging probably influences your decision far more than you realize. Effective packaging design breaks away from the standard rules and conventions that we are accustomed to, giving the product a unique edge to stand out from the rest. The packaging should appeal to your target market. It’s also vital to ensure that you’re conveying the necessary information about the contents and quality of the product, while triggering the desired emotion in your customer. Here are 50 beautifully designed packages that you can draw inspiration from. Sweet Boutique "A little while ago, La Tortillería had the opportunity to work on a really "sweet" project. A gourmet style bakery that created exquisite treats with the finest ingredients and deliciously amazing flavors. For this project, we created the entire brand identity of the boutique, logo, stationery, and the packaging materials." Designed by La Tortillería

Tacos and Tequila Restaurant branding and package design. Designed by Brandon DeloachIllustrator: Cristóbal SchmalProduction: Maeve Rogers, James HarrisonPrinter: Hill Print SolutionsPaper: CalmpittWeb Development: Blake ElshireAgency: Commerce House