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7 Libraries Of Sensational Photographs You Can Use For Free

7 Libraries Of Sensational Photographs You Can Use For Free
‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, so the adage goes, and there’s no doubt about the power of a beautiful photograph for drawing attention to your books. Hidden on the internet is a collection of astounding images, and they’re free to use. So I’ve collated the seven best free libraries and listed them for you below - the same ones that I personally use almost every day. But first, let’s look at some of the best ways authors can use these free photos… 3 Ways To Use Photographs To Attract Attention To Your Books: - 1. Dramatize the messages in your blog posts with images that grab the attention of ‘passers-by’ who wouldn’t normally stop to read them. It’s the same reason I used an eye-catching photograph of a camera for this blog post. Note: The ‘W’ symbol stands for WordPress – my #1 recommended blogging system 2. Photographs are an ‘accelerant’ – a spark that can help to ignite word-of-mouth recommendation for your work. 3. The 7 Photo Libraries – A Free Image Resource For Authors 1. 2.

Unsplash Back to school in style: Top student apps and websites to get your year started right! | CengageBrainiac Getting back into the swing of the school year is always tough after you’ve had months off for summer break. College life is about balancing classes, studying, working and having a social life, which can be stressful even for the most seasoned students! This time of year, we’ll take all the help we can get. So, here are our top ten student apps to help keep you organized and ready to rock your classes so you can go back to school in style! For organization iStudiez Pro is for students who just can’t get into the swing of carrying paper planners with them everywhere they go. A daily plannerA calendar for future appointments and assignmentsAn assignment keeper for tracking grades and GPAPush notifications for classes and assignment deadlines Voted one of Time Magazine’s must have apps, Evernote syncs your data and saves it on all of your devices. For homework help Download the app to help you when writing or reading in class without access to the Internet.

Are Winter Olympic Games Forcing 2014 Oscars Into March? Are the Oscars moving even later into March next year? All signs say ‘yes’ and the Academy would be wise to announce this sooner than later. Despite annual (and always wrong) media speculation (including a recent column in a well-known show biz trade) that the Academy Awards are planning to move a month earlier into January insiders have repeatedly told me the Academy’s Board has no taste for that, and as at least one former top officer in the organization told me over the weekend, contractually they can’t do it. Though they haven’t yet announced any dates for the next Oscar race, the schedule of the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, Russia February 7 through the 23rd puts a big crimp in any plans to keep the Oscars even on in its current berth on the last Sunday of February where it would run smack into the Closing Night ceremonies. SAG jumped the gun on February 8 and quickly announced their show would be Saturday January 18, a week earlier than usual.

Life Tricks of the Trade: The 5 Best Travel Photography Tips with David Alan Harvey » Filson Life David Alan Harvey‘s photographs spark the human psyche. His books Cuba and Divided Soul capture the blood and sweat of a cultural migration. He shot 45 photo essays for National Geographic magazine, from the world of hip-hop to French teenagers. His 2012 award-winning book (based on a true story) broke new ground in photo book form and design. Harvey is the founder and editor of Burn Magazine, which features and funds the work of emerging photographers. Photos courtesy of David Alan Harvey and Magnum Photos. 1. Almost every photographer I see has way too much gear. 2. It just sets the mood right. 3. First off, every trip is an adventure. 4. Next to your camera, this is your most valuable accessory. 5. Appear confident yet not arrogant.

iLearning at San Domenico School BARRY EISLER: The Official Website Over the last decade, single-malt whiskey has grown markedly in popularity and price - an understandable trend, given its richness and complexity. Here is a quick primer on the subject, along with a recommendation of John Rain's Top Ten. First, some terminology: Whiskey (spelled whisky in the UK) is an alcoholic beverage derived from barley.Grain whiskey is made from unmalted barley.Malt whiskey is made from barley that is first malted - that is, sprouted and dried. The extra steps of sprouting and drying are part of what makes malt whiskey more complex and more expensive than grain whiskey.Scotch whiskey is by definition made in Scotland. To learn more, I recommend Michael Jackson's Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch. And now, in no particular order, a highly subjective Top Ten. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Go back to the COOL STUFF page.

Massive Collection of Photo Editing Tutorials and Photoshop Actions You don’t have to be a professional photographer and have thousands of dollars worth of equipment to have a lovely collection of photographs in your album or on your Flickr account; especially if you learn some techniques or download some Photoshop actions from this post! If you have Photoshop (or something similar) editing your dull photos using simple techniques or actions can make a huge difference. This post has a great selection of tutorials to help improve your photo-editing skills, and if you don’t want to or just don’t have the time to edit hundreds of photos, there’s a huge selection of great actions which you can download and use on all your photos! Part 1: Photo-Editing Tutorials Learning how to correctly edit your photos is great if you want to add that extra something to your photography, whether your a complete amateur or a long-term professional photographer. Edit an Image in Photoshop to Add Some Pizazz! Return Colors to a Black and White Photo Fixing Over-Exposed Sky

BATDC Blended Learning Cohort flax & twine: DIY Photo Light Box - A Finish Fifty Project Did you ever wonder how people get those beautiful endless finishes in their photos? White and bright shots of their products? This is how (or, at least it is an inexpensive diy substitute). By taking photos inside a box that diffuses natural light from all sides, you can remove shadows and give a white, magazine-like finish to your photos. I first learned how to make a light box from Alessandra Cave, a beautiful photographer, from whom I took a great class at the Makerie, a lovely retreat in Boulder, CO. My old light box had died a slow death in Boulder and was not worth moving. The box is inexpensive to make. Have fun with this! DIY Photo Light Box Tutorial: Materials: Cardboard box Tissue paper Craft knife Packing tape White posterboard (should be at least 30% longer than the box length) Cut off the tops of the box. Cut out a rectangle 1″ shy of sides on three of the four sides of the box. Pop out the side Box should look like this after all three sides are cut. After:

Sale as Seen: 44 Tutorials on How to Shoot Perfect Product Photos for Your Online Shop Jul 28 2014 Product photography is not your ordinary kind of photography. Product photography follows its own rules and has its own techniques to be learned. The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography Created by: Jeff Delacruz © Jeff Delacruz 10 Tips for Effective Product Photography Created by: © Studio Quality Product Photography With a $12 Set Up Created by: © Taking Your First Steps With Product Photography Created by: Simon Bray © Simon Bray How to Use a Light Tent for Small Product Photography Created by: Katie McEnaney © Katie McEnaney Product Photography: Tips for Using a Light Tent for Irresistible Images Created by: jmeyer © jmeyer A Step-By-Step Guide to Shooting Your First Product Photograph Created by: Jennifer Carrigan © Jennifer Carrigan How to Take Better Product Photographs for Free Created by: Lewis Collard, Tipsy, Krystle, Flickety and 9 others © Lewis Collard, Tipsy, Krystle, Flickety and 9 others Created by: Tara Hornor (dpe)

Summer Learning: Lesson Ideas Part Three Written on . We featured lesson ideas to improve student engagement and encourage better writing practices with the following classroom activities in the first and second part of our Summer Learning Lesson Ideas series. Summer is the perfect time to re-tool or refresh content and revamp approaches to better improve student learning, so this month, we’ve provided more creative and fun lesson ideas for students that add an extra instructional punch to promote feedback or teach plagiarism. Let us know what you think and how you can take what we’ve created and build on it! Lesson Idea #7: Voice Comments Workshop Challenge:My students aren’t interested the feedback they receive on their work.‏Idea:Use Turnitin’s voice comments to spark a classroom discussion on whether voice feedback is engaging or not. Related: 3 Things to Think About When Creating Voice Comments How to Implement in the Classroom: Lesson Idea #8: Teaching Plagiarism Ethics with “Decisions on Deadline”

Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking it is a skill to do a good solder joint, it comes with LOTS of practice. so most people who rarely do it will ever get good at it. Bingo. Of course, part of the issue is having a soldering iron at the right temp with a properly tinned tip. Newbies aren't using soldering stations but a cheap iron they got at rat shack (You have questions? We have deer-in-the-headlights... erm... answers!). I don't expect to ever master tricky stuff like smts or even multilayer pcbs so I'm not much better then a newbie, anyway - and I totally suck at sweating pipe joints. Ah, well... SMT is actually a bit better than through-hole once you get the hang of it.