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Doctor Who Online - BIGGER On The Inside...
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Doctor Who Premise History Licensed media such as novels and audio plays provided new stories, but as a television programme Doctor Who remained dormant until 2003. In September of that year,[14] BBC Television announced the in-house production of a new series after several years of attempts by BBC Worldwide to find backing for a feature film version. The executive producers of the new incarnation of the series were writer Russell T Davies and BBC Cymru Wales head of drama Julie Gardner. Doctor Who Online - News Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary - watching Doctor Who one episode a day from the very start... Day 461: The Face of Evil, Episode One Dear diary, When I was watching Genesis of the Daleks, I mentioned a work colleague who used to watch Doctor Who back in the 1970s, but only really has a passing interest in the show these days. Every now and then, he asks me how the marathon is going, and I update him as to my whereabouts in the run. I told him the other day that Sarah Jane had just left the TARDIS, and his face completely lit up.

David Tennant Prior to playing the Doctor, Tennant also portrayed several characters in various Big Finish Audio Adventures. Biography Edit The TARDIS Room - Drink - Thrillist Portland Supposedly Dr. Who can travel through time, though it's a mystery why he never warned Churchill about Hitler, or David Tennant about ignoring orthodontia. To right the wrong... of sobriety and hunger!... step into The TARDIS Room. Built by an ex-pat Brit, TARDIS was conceived when he realized the door to the loo in his Fish and Chip shop looked like a police call box, and that the huge amount of possibly physics-defying storage in the back of the resto would be better used as a place where Whovians could sip beers and talk about proper scarf-wrapping technique.

2WorldsLive on USTREAM: Live I show you to do mini albums to record your family stories. Scrapbooking minis or Mixed Media minis everything counts. We'll s Watch without ads Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up Doctor Who review: 'Heaven Sent' is a mind-bending masterpiece ​"Let me be brave," whispered a doomed Clara Oswald last week. She could take a tip from BBC One - it requires balls to air one of Doctor Who's most experimental, risky and downright odd episodes to date on a Saturday evening in the wake of gushy glitter-fest Strictly Come Dancing. 'Heaven Sent' is an adventure so deliberately dark and obtuse that it's practically begging for a divided reaction. What's known in 'the industry' as a single-hander, it features no (major) speaking parts other than Peter Capaldi's Time Lord. But writer Steven Moffat cleverly subverts the expectation that this'll be a low-budget escapade, with a surplus of Capaldi awkwardly expressing his inner thoughts aloud.

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison Looks Back On 50 Years of Who From 1981 to 1984, Peter Davison played the fifth incarnation of the titular hero of Doctor Who, a role he has reprised for more than a decade now in regular audio plays released by Big Finish Productions. During a panel at New York Comic Con, the actor shared with hundreds of fans his history with the hit sci-fi franchise and his thoughts on the new series. “This is the only [convention] I’ve done in New York,” Davison revealed to the packed room before jumping into his experiences with fans. “When I come to a Who convention, I quite often get given books people have written, stories people have written,” he said.

David Tennant, famous people from Bathgate. Born in Bathgate, Edinburgh and the LothiansBorn on 18th of April 1971 Scottish film, television and theatre actor. Best known for his role as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who, also played the title role in the TV serial Casanova. Film includes Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and more recently he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company to play Hamlet. More famous Britons here Contributors: Do you have a site related to David Tennant? Doctor Who: New Images From The Bells Of St. John Unveiled BBC America has dropped a fresh crop of brand new images from the return of "Doctor Who." The newest episode in the British franchise is called "The Bells of St. John," and was penned by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (who also handles the Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman series "Sherlock"). PLAY IT NOW: Jordan Gavaris & Dylan Bruce Discuss Orphan Black

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2015 Twelfth Doctor Novels Plot synopses and cover art has been released for the next three New Series Adventures novels featuring the Twelfth Doctor. The stories are Big Bang Generation, Deep Time and Royal Blood written by Gary Russell, Trevor Baxendale and Una McCormack, respectively All three are currently due for release on 10 September 2015. Doctor Who stamps mark 50 years of sci-fi series - Arts & Entertainment Royal Mail stamp features William Hartnell, the first actor to star in Doctor Who. (Royal Mail/Canadian Press) Doctor Who, the time-travelling science fiction hero of British TV, is to be featured on a stamp from Britain’s Royal Mail.

Fish Stick Cookies with Vanilla Pudding You probably recall that I’m a Doctor Who fan. I love DW almost as much as I love Harry Potter. Really, it’s thisclose (DW is probably tied with Star Trek…but I’ve never posted about Star Trek; I need to get on that). Yet this post is my only Doctor Who post.

The Future of the Paternoster Gang David Selby ponders where things could head next for the trio. Series Eight, it seems, will see changes to most of the show’s status quo: the Doctor has lost his title as the Last of the Time Lords and has taken on a newer, more capricious incarnation, changing his dynamic with the companion; the Siege of Trenzalore is over and the Silence would appear to be a thing of the past, and even smaller changes, such as a redly-lit, bookshelf-filled TARDIS console room only represent the greater shifts in the show as a whole. Yet moving onto a new era, the show-runner has decided to keep the Paternoster Gang: a broad label referring to the characters of Madame Vastra, the ‘Great Detective’ of Victorian London, her human wife, Jenny Flint and their unconventional butler, Sontaran Commander Strax.

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