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20 Amazing Creations You Can Make With 3D Printing - Hongkiat

20 Amazing Creations You Can Make With 3D Printing - Hongkiat
If you can print in 2D, can you print in 3D? Well, the technology is already here. You can print out 3-dimensional objects based on a working template, and they aren’t just for show. They actually work! Manufacturers can provide you with a template where you can print a broken part of a machinery, let’s say, a screw, rather than order then wait for a replacement to come in. Alternatively, you can make a model replica of an expensive car, like a 1960 Aston Martin DB5 in a 1:3 scale then crash and burn it for entertainment, like how the makers of the James Bond flick, Skyfall did. (Image Source: The Register) 3D printing is made possible by fusing layers upon layers of materials made from durable plastics and metals based on a template, designed with a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. With this technology, and a 3D printer, you can create designs or print 3D models of just about anything under the sun, provided you have the templates. 1. 2. 3D Printed Acoustic Guitar 3. 4. 5. 9. 11. Related:  3D printing CNC

Ramps1.4 Introduction Ramps is short for reprap Arduino mega pololu shield, it is mainly designed for the purpose of using pololu stepper driven board (similar to 4988 driven board). Ramps can only work when connected to its mother board Mega 2560 and 4988/DRV8825. Owning to its stability in operation and great compatibility with most 3Dprinter (all reprap-model such as pursa i2 and i3). Features 1. 2. 3 MOSFET 3 MOSFET are applied to the heater/ fan and thermistor circuit. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 2 stepper motor for Z axis in parallel. Overview and Hardware Weight: 68g Size: 102mm*60mm Software Compiling environment: Arduino IDE Firmware: Marlin PC software: Printrun, Repetier-Host Source Printrun Repetier-Host Arduino IDE Arduino IDE Marlin Arduino 1.0.1 for Mac Interface Interface Layout Interface specifications Jumper Instruction Step size of stepper driver (A4988) jumper Yes/No stepsize ms1 ms2 ms3 no no no fullstep yes no no halfstep no yes no 1/4step yes yes no 1/8step yes yes yes 1/16step 3.Click 1.

How to Create a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend (Examples: AppSumo, Mint, Chihuahuas) Noah Kagan built two multi-million dollar online businesses before turning 28. He also looks great in orange. (Photo: Laughing Squid) I first met Noah Kagan over rain and strong espressos at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View, CA. It would be the first of many. The matchmaker then introducing us was the prophetic and profane Dave McClure, General Partner of 500 Start-ups, which is now headquartered just down the street from Red Rock. Mr. He was employee #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint, had previously worked for Intel (where he frequently took naps under his desk), and had turned down a six-figure offer from Yahoo. The purpose of this post is simple: to teach you how to get a $1,000,000 business idea off the ground in one weekend, full of specific tools and tricks that Noah has used himself. He will be your guide… Enter Noah For some reason, people love to make excuses about why they haven’t created their dream business or even gotten started. We made the original product for Gambit in a weekend.

Open Source Ecology Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity | McKinsey Global Institute | Technology & Innovation The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets—so-called big data—will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus, according to research by MGI and McKinsey's Business Technology Office. Leaders in every sector will have to grapple with the implications of big data, not just a few data-oriented managers. The increasing volume and detail of information captured by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet of Things will fuel exponential growth in data for the foreseeable future. MGI studied big data in five domains—healthcare in the United States, the public sector in Europe, retail in the United States, and manufacturing and personal-location data globally. 1. 2. Podcast Distilling value and driving productivity from mountains of data DownloadMichael Chui discusses how the scale and scope of companies' access to data is changing the way they do business. 3.

FabLab Maastricht video interview - PlugnMake FabLab Maastricht specializes in 3D printing research. Its aim is to make both tools and materials as affordable as possible. To do that, they avail themselves of the collaboration with companies, universities and research centers. 21-year-old Floris Hoff managed to build his own company, byflow, thanks to the experience acquired within the FabLab. byflow is a foldable 3D printer with interchangeable nozzles, which allows you to print a wide range of materials through a user-friendly interface. Frits Hoff, manager of FabLab Maastricht, told us about the research lines conducted in the Lab, and about the adopted policies of financing and sharing. Could you tell us about FabLab Maastricht and its value for the community? FabLab Maastricht started 4 years ago with not enough money, like a normal FabLab. Finally, we received some funding, from European Union, but also from the local and national government. Now, we are a professional FabLab doing research in affordable 3D printing.

Big Data's Management Revolution - Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee | 10:05 AM September 11, 2012 Big data has the potential to revolutionize management. Simply put, because of big data, managers can measure, and hence know, radically more about their businesses, and directly translate that knowledge into improved decision making and performance. Of course, companies such as Google and Amazon are already doing this. After all, we expect companies that were born digital to accomplish things that business executives could only dream of a generation ago. We’ve seen big data used in supply chain management to understand why a carmaker’s defect rates in the field suddenly increased, in customer service to continually scan and intervene in the health care practices of millions of people, in planning and forecasting to better anticipate online sales on the basis of a data set of product characteristics, and so on. Case #1: Using Big Data to Improve Predictions Minutes matter in airports. More >>

Build a 30$ laser Scanner Here is the list of all the parts you need to build the scanner: · A bunch of M3 (16 and 20 mm) · A bunch of M4 (12 and 20 mm) · 1x Arduino nano (Chinese copy, $4) · 1x Chinese Stepper Motor (28BYJ-48) and controller (ULN2003) (5$) · 1-4x Line laser 5v ($2.5$ piece) · 1x Hercule HD Twist ($15) · 20x20 profile (can be printed : there are plenty of STLs on the net) · optional 3x 4mm roller ($0.3 piece) (624 bearings Total: from $26.5 (1 laser) to $35 (4 lasers) About the 2020 lengths: this is not really important. For example, here are the lengths I used for my build: · 2 x 140mm · 1 x 120mm · 1 x 250mm What to print All the STL files can be found on Thingiverse: · 1 x arm_left.stl · 1x box.stl · 1x box_door.stl · 1x box_arduino_clamp.stl · 1x arm_right.stl Remarks:

CourseSmart announces analytics program to measure student engagement It has never been too hard to spot the student in class who didn’t do the assigned reading -- she’s usually the one in the back, not raising her hand, and avoiding eye contact in hopes of not being called on. But a new program could make identifying unprepared students even easier, and, the creators hope, improve outcomes and retention. CourseSmart, the digital textbook provider that is partnered with five major publishers, announced the launch of CourseSmart Analytics on Wednesday. The program looks at metrics of student usage, including page views, time spent in a textbook, notes taken, highlights made, bookmarks used, and whether or not the student even opened the book. The emphasis on analytics is part of a larger push in higher ed for data linking course content to student outcomes. “The big buzz in higher ed is analytics,” said Cindy Clarke, CourseSmart’s senior vice president of marketing. Professors can also evaluate how engaged the class is as a whole.

Driving 28BYJ-48 step motor with Pololu A4988 drivers | ElectronicsMayhem I have always liked the 28BYJ-48 motor because of its power and price, it also supposed to very reliable since it is used in different types of air conditioners. Some information about the motor: This motor is very small but has enough power for most of the projects because it has a built-in 1/64 reduction gear. The result is a very small step of the motor which is 0,087890625 degrees per step. but for the price of under 2$ it still is a very good motor. The main issue about driving this motor with a pololu a4988 driver is that this is an unipolar motor and the pololu driver is designed to work with bipolar motors. Ok, so straight to the point. This is however not that simple. After you remove the blue plastic you will have access to the path we need to remove. Congratulations! Last but not least the two pair of wires are orange/pink and blue/yellow. At this point you can connect the motor to the a4988 driver. Don’t forget to adjust your A4988 driver current to the minimum!

33 Awesome Augmented Reality Apps & Games for Android Augmented Reality (AR) is going to be the future of most apps, all it takes is a decent processor, a camera, a compass and a GPS — all of which are becoming increasingly common on smart phones. This futuristic AR world for android is is slowly growing. Though, the true experience of Augmented Reality Technology is yet to be seen, some apps and games which are available for Android can give you a glimpse of it. (I’ve added QR Codes as well so its easy for you to download them. Get updates on new Android apps delivered to your email by subscribing to our RSS feed – Subscribe. 1. World Browser is an augmented reality browser based on location-based Wikipedia and Qype content. Watch this video to get an idea how it works. 2. One of the first and best of it’s kind in the world, Layar App is a beautiful, fun augmented reality Browser app that displays real time digital information on top of the real world as seen through the camera of your mobile phone based on your location. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Control your printer's ATX PSU through a RAMPS board using OctoPrint · foosel/OctoPrint Wiki Introduction Step by step instructions References and notes Introduction The idea Basically, if you are using the ubiquitous Arduino Mega 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 combo to interface with your printer hardware, and powering your setup with an ATX power supply, there is a simple way to switch on/off your printer with OctoPrint, without the need for any extra relays or electronic circuits. The theory One of the motherboard connector pins of the ATX power supply is a power-on input (PS_ON#, green wire) which must be driven low to switch on (soft-start) the power supply. The RAMPS 1.4 board provides a PS-ON pin which is controlled by one of the Arduino Mega 2560 pins. In this HOWTO, I'll provide the instructions to properly connect the ATX power supply to the RAMPS 1.4 board and configure the Arduino firmware and OctoPrint so that it's easy (and safe) to switch on/off your printer with OctoPrint. Step by step instructions Before you start What you want to check here: ATX PSU to RAMPS 1.4 wiring

Game Programming and Design 3D printer improvements: Rollerstruder: a filament feeder / driver / extruder Almost one year ago I got rid of the plywood Ultimaker filament drive mechanism. It is an extremely important part of the FDM process as it pushes the (cold) filament towards the (hot) end. Any malfunction at this stage systematically leads to a bad print. So when not reliable, you have to stay close and react quickly to fix troubles, for example by feeding the filament further manually (btw check this if you are still doing it on an Ultimaker). As for me, most of the trouble came from the old bolt that was shipped with my printer: it was grinding my filaments a lot, sometimes to the point it would stop moving completely and ruin the hour-long printable kalashnikov. In fact I just don't know about the new official drive mechanism (which seems way more reliable given the forum feedback), because I designed my own feeder that has to match my more efficient but unsual hobbed bolt. So: filament feeder, filament extruder, drive mechanism? Expected features A timelapse of the print.

BoXZY Rapid-Change FabLab: Mill, Laser Engraver, 3D Printer by Justin and Joel Johnson BoXZY mills complex shapes in brass, aluminum, plastics, and hardwoods. You can shape almost any material you can source when you couple BoXZY with its quick change mill. BoXZY cuts rapidly through soft metals and hard woods, and BoXZY comes with a solid aluminum jig plate. Simply, pull off the magnetically coupled 3D print platform to expose the pre-drilled fixture plate and attach your spoil board, fixture plate, clamps, or ours! The 2000mW laser engraver slices through balsa and other thin woods eagerly, and will engrave photos on hardwood, leather, and plastic with incredible accuracy. For precision nothing compares: there are few methods precise enough to render text, images, and complex design files with such fidelity as a laser engraver. BoXZY is top-tier as 3D printer, and it’s a great compliment to the mill and laser. Quick-change attachments. Interchangeable Manufacturing Method You can CNC mill, laser engrave, and 3D print without ever leaving the control software.