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The Socialite Skirt

The Socialite Skirt
I promise this will be my last time using blue and white striped fabric for a while. I just had enough left over from my Nautical Dress to whip this baby out. I decided to make the waistband on this skirt stretchy. It is just nice to be able to pull it on with a shirt and go. It's a lot more casual, which is nice for lounging around, soaking up the last few days of the summer sun. Want to make one? You will need: Approx 1 yard of a knit fabric, or something with a little stretch already in it. * Note: Keep in mind that all of the measurements I have listed are my own, so make sure you measure your own waist, skirt length, etc accordingly. Step 1: Cut out 2 waistbands that measure 4"w x 36"l (I wanted a thicker waistband). Cut 2 sections for the skirt front and back. Step 2: I think the skirt looks better with a tiny bit of flare at the bottom. Step 3: Take your front piece of the skirt and make a mark at the middle. My smaller knife pleats are even spaced out, 1 1/2" apart.

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A Femme’s Guide to Improvement: Make a Blouse! So I got an email from Jane last week, linking to this top: “The one I tried on was shorter and not sheer. Can you show us how to make it? It looks SO beautiful on and it's a fucking square with a hole in it, that's it. A square folded in half, a neck hole cut out, and two short seams on the sides to hold it in place. Brompton: Pattern Cardigans, like Spring, are a matter of transitions, and this is a piece for layering through changeable weather. A relatively loose-knit garment (kept in check with some side-shaping), yet also long enough to keep your bottom warm. It’s a simple knit, but with some neat finishing touches to keep a proficient knitter entertained passed television-knitting and teach newbies a few tricks. Chief amongst these being flexible, reversible, sleeves you can fold up (to keep out of the way while working) or wear low (to cover and comfort hands on colder days). It's named Brompton after a bit of London I've been lucky enough to work, play, teach and study in for just shy of a decade. Once a bohemian artist's quarter, the area became substantively gentrified after the Great Exhibition which also left us some of the grandest Victorian architecture in the world – galleries, lecture rooms, libraries, concert halls and monuments.

Handmade Pleated Apron Tutorial with Built in Hot Pads One of my pet peeves while cooking is not being able to find a hot pad. My other pet peeve is only being able to find one when I need two. So I got to thinking….what if I put hot pads on the bottom of my apron? I tried to add some to an existing apron, but it was not wide enough, or long enough to work.

One of the greatest men's shirt makeovers ever Okay, I'm partial, but I think this is one of the greatest makeovers of a men's dress shirt into something else--a cute, springy skirt! I had so much fun with this and just figured it out as I went along, but I do have the pics and instructions for you in a tutorial. Follow along if you ever want to do this to an old shirt! Do note--I'm using a 100% cotton chambray shirt here. tutorial: how to sew a simple maxi dress The Plan. Fabric. You will be making a maxi dress so buy fabric accordingly. I stand 5′ tall (I know, I know, I am tiny) and I needed 2.5 meters of fabric with a 45-inch width. Preparation and Cutting. Sewing. Chunky Crocheted Basket While browsing the many lovely images on tumblr, I came across a picture of a beautiful chunky crocheted basket. I was delighted to see that a free pattern was available through a wonderful blog called “Crochet in Color”. Liz has three free patterns for baskets, and I decided to try this one here.

Zipper Organizer I have really been enjoying my zipper pouch. It holds all the essentials and keeps them organized, so I can toss it in a larger bag or just grab it for a quick errand. I thought you might enjoy a how-to. This is really long, like all my how-to's, but trust me, after a little practice, these go together really quickly from start to finish! You Will Need: Another easy shirt I found this linen knit at the fabric store on Tuesday. It’s the most comfortable hot day fabric I’ve ever felt. Any breeze goes right through it, even walking cools you off. I went for a long hike in it yesterday, and it’s like not wearing a shirt at all, only you don’t get sunburned. Perfect. The bad news is, it’s a stretchy fabric with no memory.

A N D A M E N T O: Needle Felting OK, my new obsession is... ...needle felting. I expect many guessed from the little peek I showed in my previous post. If not, then today's post title will probably have given it away! Knotted Headband Back in October, I was perusing Facebook when I noticed a picture that my fashionable friend Erika posted of herself wearing a crocheted earwarmer/headband. She is studying overseas in the UK, and she told me that she purchased this headband from Topshop for 10 British pounds, or about $15. I thought her headband was so cute and chic, and I immediately wanted to try making one, especially since hers was crocheted and looked so simple to make!

Pleated Pouch Directions Pleated Pouch Directions Thanks for all the interest in the little pleated pouch I made for Miya! A lot of you asked for a tutorial, but it's really constructed just like my organizer pouch with just a slight change to the outer fabric: - Instead of upholstery weight fabric for the outer pieces, I used cotton and didn't interface it or anything.- Cut the lining fabric and interfacing to 11.5"x7" still but cut the outer fabric 12"x7" (you can make the top edge wider if you want deeper pleats, but keep the bottom edge 12" - it will be a trapezoid).- Do the pockets/lining/strap same as in the original tutorial.- Before installing the zipper --> Mark your 12x7" outer piece at the center and 3" in from either side. Fold from left to right at each mark, pinch a scant 1/4" and fold back from right to left.

Summer Camp Chair Tutorial (That you can make yourself!) When I was little my siblings and I had these little camp stools–and we used them ALL the time. I remember carting them around to parades, fireworks, campouts, bonfires, and every other summer activity that we did. Ahh, those were the days…. How To Make A Dart You may be familiar with darts as those pointy things you throw at a dartboard on the wall of your favorite pub. Although they don't fly, darts in sewing are still vital components of the overall sewn project. For the most part, sewing darts look quite similar to their gaming counterpart. They are wide on one end and pointy on the other. Pub darts are all about a smooth trajectory and pinpoint accuracy. Sewing darts are also big on smooth lines and precise points, but their function is all about shape.

Buttoned Shell Stitch Cowl My mom recently celebrated her birthday, and I wanted to crochet her a buttoned cowl as a part of her gift! It is so special crocheting items for loved ones, knowing that they will wear them and always think of you when they do :) You might recall that I crocheted a Puff Stitch Scarf for my mom two years ago as well! Scarves and cowls have been a must recently during our cold Canadian winters as the temperatures have been dipping extremely low and any exposed skin could result in frostbite! I had just recently crocheted my favourite baby hat, the “Shell Stitch Beanie" for a newborn when it occurred to me that using the shell stitch would be a great idea for a cowl! I LOVE doing the shell stitch, and the result is always beautiful.