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Pearltrees Visualizes How You Organize the Web

Pearltrees Visualizes How You Organize the Web
This post is part of Mashable's Spark of Genius series, which highlights a unique feature of startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. The series is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. Name: Pearltrees Quick Pitch: Pearltrees is a new visual way to organize content on the Web and connecting people's interests. Genius Idea: How do you organize the web on the browser? Signing up for Pearltrees is simple, but getting used to the interface and all of its features is not as easy. Now for the organization part: you can create complex systems of pearls, known as pearltrees. Clicking on a pearl gives you a range of options that go beyond visiting your favorite website. Pearltrees takes a time investment to make it useful. Spark of Genius Series Sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the Azure Services platform for their website hosting and storage needs. Related:  #crosspearlpage.atrootvventana

HOW TO SURVIVE MARTIAL LAW This article will start off assuming that the Reader is already subject to MARTIAL LAW; that is, the "suspension" of the Constitution. Curfews, rationing of basic goods, enforced relocations, confiscation of firearms and supplies, and summary arrest/execution by soldiers, paramilitary police and other jack booted types wielding assault rifles. Basic survival tips will be followed with some detailed ideas on how this country should be run once we take over. IF you're reading this before MARTIAL LAW is imposed by the current corrupt government, and IF you are reading this while you still nominally under Constitutional Law, it's urgent you read from the beginning to end so as to appreciate the opportunities you currently have to not only protect yourself and yours, but to attempt to stop all of this from ever happening. Rule #1 Never take the government's word at face value-except when they tell you that they'll kill you. Rule #2 KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! Rule #8 AVOID A GOVERNMENT ROUNDUP.

Article extrait de la revue Inter CDI N¬∞ 233 Objets nomades en classe : nouveaux objets, nouveaux usages Qui aurait pu prétendre à l’explosion des SMS, au départ destinés à l’échange d’informations purement techniques entre ingénieurs ou techniciens ? Comment prévoir les usages qu’en feront les générations à venir en fonction des progrès techniques de plus en plus rapides ? Dans le monde de l’éducation, nous nous interrogeons sur les aspects pédagogiques : quels usages pédagogiques de l’objet nomade de l’élève peuvent être envisagés ? Comment aussi, avec d’autres appareils, proposer une autre approche de la relation aux savoirs passant par d’autres pratiquesau sein de la classe ? L’accord passé entre la société France Télécom Orange et le CRDP de Paris nous a permis de bénéficier d’un prêt d’une douzaine de tablettes électroniques de la marque Samsung, modèle Galaxy Tab. À l’aide de la version numérisée des quotidiens, les élèves ont tout d’abord parcouru l’actualité du jour. ET DEMAIN ? Notes Réagissez à cet article

Microsoft allows advertising on PC desktops The technology company has struck a series of deals with the likes of Porsche, Pepsi and Twentieth Century Fox, which will allow users to add the branding of each company on their desktop. It is pilot scheme which will run until next October and will be extended to Windows 7 borders and sounds – as well as Internet Explore 8 add-ons, which will direct people back to each advertisers’ homepage. The move has been welcomed by advertisers – who are always looking for increased ways to engage with consumers. However, the consumer reaction remains to be seen. Last month Microsoft announced Office 2010 Starter Edition, a limited version of the new Office 2010 technology, which will only be accessible on pre-loaded new PCs and will be funded by advertising. Separately, a security researcher has uncovered the first security flaw in Windows 7, according to industry website, TechWatch. Laurence Gaffie has discovered a bug in Windows 7 which will allow a hacker to crash your PC.

What's a team? A team within Pearltrees is a group of people who have come together to collaboratively curate a common interest. When you want to join a team, just click on the “team up” button to send a request. As soon as your request has been accepted, you’ll be able to curate the pearltree with the other team members. Each member can add and organize the pearls and pearltrees of the team. Each member can also decide to accept or invite other members to expand the team. The founder has some privileges : he can express his objectives for the pearltree to the team in the editorial panel, and he’s the only one who can create subteams.

Create a Tableless Layout | I bet you’ve heard the coding obsessed web designers getting their knickers in a twist about CSS layouts, yet you don’t know the first thing about them, right? Obviously that’s why you’re here! Well, providing you have a little CSS knowledge and know how to separate style from content, you should find this tutorial a doddle! Tableless Layout Basics Firstly, let’s take a look at your current coding. <html><head><title> my website </title><meta name="keywords" content="joe bloggs' website, site, pages,"><meta name="author" content="joe bloggs"><link href="stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"></head><body><table id="main"><tr><td><img src="images/bla.gif" align="left" alt="layout image 1"><br /></td></tr><tr><td><h1>Welcome to my website</h1><p>This is my wonderful website with funky content and groovy images! Look at those terrible tables. Let’s redo that page up there, assigning <div>s instead of <table>s (every ‘block’ of table needs a div): Tableless Templates ..etc.. Help!

Make CNC DIY Projects & Products | Projet CLAIRE Rédaction collaborative sémantique et rich-media Une plateforme de production et d'édition collaborative de contenus structurés, sémantiques et richmédia. Rédigez tous vos contenus sur des technologies d'avenir, standard et accessibles : HTML5, SMIL Timesheets, SCORM... Exercices d'évaluation auto-adaptatifs Des exercices interactifs qui s'adaptent au niveau de l'élève. Choisissez parmi différents types d'exercices auto-générés pour vous : QCM, textes à trou, liaison de mots, serious games... Redirigez vos élèves vers des contenus adaptés à leur niveau en fonction de leurs réponses. Amélioration continue Un tableau de bord des indicateurs pédagogiques permettant d'améliorer vos contenus. Laissez vos lecteurs ajouter des commentaires contextuels à vos contenus. Publication multi-supports Une publication facilitée de vos contenus sur de multiples formats et supports. Rédigez et améliorez sur le web.

Philips: Carousel / TV/Films - - Advertising Archi Created for Tribal DDB, Amsterdam, the interactive campaign -- which launches today at -- promotes Philips’ latest entrant into the television market, the CINEMA 21:9. Since the television’s 21:9 frame lends itself so readily to film, Tribal DDB, Amsterdam commissioned Stink Digital to create a piece of filmed content that could hold its own with Hollywood’s best. Stink Digital director Adam Berg responded with an idea for an epic ‘frozen moment’ cops and robbers shootout sequence that included clowns, explosions, a decimated hospital, and plenty of broken glass, bullet casings and money. The film, titled Carousel, is the centrepiece of the project. On its own, it clocks in at a (totally coincidental) two minutes and 19 seconds, but Berg conceived it to work as an endless loop. Visitors to the microsite therefore have the option to ‘spin’ through the film’s single take shot repeatedly, to stop on a specific frame, or to watch it at the preordained speed.

Pearl the stuff you like Pearls can be created in several ways: Pearltrees has extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer that make it easy to create pearls while you are browsing the web. Using the extension for your browser you can put any content you wish to keep directly into your dropzone or anywhere else in your account with only two clicks. The extensions for Firefox or Internet Explorer: They have 3 buttons: Pearl: It turns the web page you are reading into a pearl In: It lets you choose in which pearltree you want to put the page you are reading. Reveal: One click and you will go directly into your account. Also, with Firefox you can “right click” any link and then add content directly to your Pearltrees account from right within the context menu. The extension for Chrome: It only has one button, but enables you to do the exact same things: If you use Safari or Opera, Pearltrees has a bookmarklet that works in the same way. Create pearls with Facebook and Twitter From the links you tweet!

Dave Raggett&#039;s Introduction to CSS Dave Raggett, 8th April 2002. This is a short guide to styling your Web pages. It will show you how to use W3C's Cascading Style Sheets language (CSS) as well as alternatives using HTML itself. The route will steer you clear of most of the problems caused by differences between different brands and versions of browsers. For style sheets to work, it is important that your markup be free of errors. The following will teach you how to: use the style element link to separate style sheets set page margins set left and right and first-line indents set the amount of whitespace above and below set the font type, style and size add borders and backgrounds set colors with named or numeric values add style for browsers that don't understand CSS Getting started Let's start with setting the color of the text and the background. The style element is placed within the document head. The stuff between the <style> and </style> is written in special notation for style rules. Linking to a separate style sheet

Li-Fi Li-1st, the first Li-Fi equipment Li-Fi, as coined by Prof. Harald Haas during his TED Global talk,[1] is bidirectional, high speed and fully networked wireless communications, like Wi-Fi, using light. Li-Fi is a subset of optical wireless communications (OWC) and can be a complement to RF communication (Wi-Fi or Cellular network), or a replacement in contexts of data broadcasting. It is wireless and uses visible light communication or infra-red and near ultraviolet (instead of radio frequency waves), part of Optical wireless communications technology, which carries much more information, and has been proposed as a solution to the RF-bandwidth limitations.[2] A complete solution includes an industry led standardization process. Technology details[edit] Visible light communications (VLC) works by switching bulbs on and off within nanoseconds,[6] which is too quickly to be noticed by the human eye. History[edit] Standards[edit] The standard defines three PHY layers with different rates:

Les MOOC changeront-ils les règles de jeu? | Contact North Dans toutes les discussion au sujet des systèmes de gestion de l'apprentissage (SGA), des ressources éducatives ouvertes (REO), des cours en ligne largement ouverts (massive open online courses, ou MOOC) et des avantages et défis de l’apprentissage en ligne, les enjeux les plus cruciaux sont peut-être ceux qui touchent la manière dont la technologie change notre façon d’enseigner et, plus important encore, la manière dont les étudiantes et étudiants apprennent. Faute d’avoir un meilleur terme pour le désigner, nous appelons cela la « pédagogie ». Il est évident que les changements majeurs dans la manière dont nous enseignons aux étudiantes et étudiants du niveau postsecondaire sont déclenchés par l’apprentissage en ligne et les nouvelles technologies, qui augmentent la flexibilité et l’accès à l’égard de l’éducation postsecondaire. Mais cela n’est que la première étape. Quels sont les moteurs du développement de cette nouvelle pédagogie? Les nouvelles demandes d’une société du savoir 1.