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Pushbullet - Android Apps on Google Play

Pushbullet - Android Apps on Google Play
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Pearltrees - Organizar todo Ajoutez des pages web, des fichiers, des documents, des photos, des vidéos, des notes et plus encore. Organisez-les dans de superbes collections. Explorez et partagez des millions de contenus sur vos sujets préférés. Avec Pearltrees, organisez tout naturellement ! Des versions dédiées de Pearltrees existent pour les établissements scolaires et les entreprises. Ce que disent les médias :"La façon la plus élégante de collecter et de partager des contenus". Pearltrees est utile : Dans votre vie personnelle : Vous aimez la littérature ? Au travail : Sur Pearltrees, vous pouvez collaborer avec vos collègues pour une gestion optimale de la connaissance et partager des notes avec tous vos collaborateurs. Éducation : Dans toutes les matières (science, économie, histoire-géographie, maths), les enseignants utilisent Pearltrees pour sélectionner et organiser des documents, illustrations et exercices qui seront essentiels pour leurs cours.

Snes9x EX+ MAME4droid is a version of iMAME4all (Jailbroken iPhone, iPad) for Android, all of them developed by David Valdeita (Seleuco), port of MAME 0.37b5 emulator by Nicola Salmoria and TEAM, and it is based on GP2X, WIZ MAME4ALL 2.5 by Franxis. MAME4droid emulates arcade games supported by original MAME 0.37b5 plus some additional games from newer MAME versions. This version emulates over 2000 different romsets. Please, try to understand that that with that amount of games, some will run better than others and some might not even run with MAME4droid. Please, don't email me asking for a specific game to run. Owners of older devices should not expect good performance. After installing, place your MAME-titled zipped roms in /sdcard/ROMs/MAME4all/roms folder. MAME4droid uses only MAME4droid & iMAME4all uses only '0.37b5', 'GP2X, WIZ 0.37b11 mame romset'. MAME4droid will never have "save states" since it is based on a MAME version that does not support it.

THE RHYTHM OF FIGHTERS A game packed with legendary SNK tracks!A ground breaking ""Fighting x Music"" game for everyone to enjoy! ■A game packed with legendary SNK tracks! ■Unleash your favorite special moves and combos following the frenzied rhythm! ■A game system that can be enjoyed by everyone! Level up your characters! Call Support Characters for assistance! ■Music List: ESAKA(THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94) Fairy(THE KING OF FIGHTERS '96)Big Shot! and more to come… 【Supported OS】Android 4.0.3 and above. 【Supported Devices】SO-02CSO-03CSO-02DSO-03DSO-04DSO-05DSO-01ESO-02ESO-03ESO-04ESO-01FSC-05DSC-06DSC-01DSC-02ESC-03ESC-04ESC-01FSC-02FL-05DL-06DL-01EL-02EL-04EL-05EL-01FN-07DN-02EN-04EN-05EN-06ESH-01ESH-02ESH-04ESH-06ESH-07ESH-08ESH-01FF-10DF-11DF-04EF-03EF-05EF-02EF-06E203SH205SH206SH101F201F202FISW11HTISW12HTISW13HTHTL21HTL22KYL21KYY21ISW13FFJL21P-03ELGL21SOL21SOL22 Un gioco ricco di leggendari brani SNK! ■ Un gioco pieno di leggendari brani SNK!" ■ Un sistema di gioco che può essere goduto da tutti! e più a venire ...

Push Tasker – Applications Android sur Google Play Remotely control your phone and PC! With AutoRemote you have full control of your phone, from wherever you are by sending push notifications to your phone and reacting to them in Tasker or AutoRemote standalone apps! Please don't leave negative feedback without contacting me first. I'll always do my best to help you, and I can't do that if I can't contact you. AutoRemote is an amazingly flexible remote control system, them gives an unprecedented level of control. So, for example, you could control your PC or Chrome Browser from your Android device, control your Android device from hundreds of web services (like Facebook or Twitter for example), or even your Linux PC from anywhere. Check out everything you can do with AutoRemote here: Make sure you click the AutoRemote menu button at the top for a full list of possibilities. Here's a must see video for anyone starting out with AutoRemote: Can't remember where you put your phone?

Atooma Jarvis is a one of a kind novelty personal assistant, the first in the store to work across your Android Wear, Phone & Tablet - Skyrocketing your phone's coolness factor to a whole new level! Introductory PRICING, 25% Off, grab it while you can! NOTE: Jarvis currently supports only English language But don't get us wrong, Jarvis is more than just a show off, he can be your personal assistant keeping you informed about weather, news, calls, text messages and what more, control your phone settings like turning on WiFi, Flash, Bluetooth to name some, play songs over bluetooth, set reminders based on people. Jarvis adds a cool factor to every thing he does making you look awesome! Widget supportAccess Jarvis from your lock screen with a single tap. Wearable supportJarvis is the first personal assistant to run on your Android wearable. WakeUp AlarmsUse Jarvis to set quick wake up alarms, this couldn't get any easier. CloudVoice Dynamic conversationsJarvis is dynamic in conversation.

OneDrive – cloud storage - Android Apps on Google Play OneDrive is the one place for everything in your work and personal life. It gives you free online storage for all your personal files so you can get to them from your Android device, computer (PC or Mac), and any other devices you use. With OneDrive for Business, you also get storage for your work files so you can share and collaborate on them with other people at your work or school. • Browse all your OneDrive files and files shared with you.• Automatically upload photos and videos to your personal OneDrive account using Camera backup.• Share your files.• Move, delete, and rename files, and create new folders.• Open your OneDrive files in other apps, including Office apps.• Quickly get to documents you've recently opened.• Search for your files and folders. Notes: For you to sign in to OneDrive for Business, your organization needs to have a qualifying SharePoint Online or Office 365 business subscription plan.

Pinger: Text + Appel Gratuits SMS Text Messaging from your PC, Mac, or Tablet, using your CURRENT Android phone number. Texting done better!Featured in Time Magazine's "Best 50 Android Apps of 2013": ★ Send & Receive SMS text messages on your computer or tablet ★ Instant Notifications on computer/tablet when SMS hits phone. ★ 25,000 5-Star ratings ★ 100% Free (no additional charge from your carrier - text free) ★ See who's calling your phone & see battery level -- on your computer/tablet ★ Sync/backup your photos & videos from your phone ★ Group Messaging (Group Texting) ★ SMS from Gmail on computer using your Android phone #★ Send Picture Messages (MMS Messaging) on PC. 2 easy steps:(1) Install this Android App on your phone(2) On your computer go to OR to text from *tablet*, first install this app on your phone, then install MightyText Tablet app on your Android tablet:

Castle of Illusion Swampy and Perry need some love – are you up to the challenge? SWAMPY’S STORYSwampy is a little different than other alligators in the sewers and he loves to take showers! Cut through dirt and guide water to Swampy’s shower across six challenging levels but keep an eye out for algae, tricks and traps! PERRY’S STORYIn Perry’s levels, use water in all its different forms – ice, steam and liquid – to solve the puzzles and to help Agent P get to headquarters. • Now features over 250 water-filled levels • 3 brand new levels to play every week – for FREE• Use fans, water balloons, toxic water, switches, bombs, and algae to solve puzzles• Meet Swampy’s friends including Cranky and the Mystery Duck WHERE’S MY PERRY - Over 100 spy-themed challenges and growing! The evil villain Dr. • Over 120 spy-themed levels featuring tons of 'Inators• Collect all of the hidden dossiers to unlock bonus levels• Try the brand-new Dr.

IF by IFTTT Applets bring your favorite services together to create new experiences. Assistant - Android Apps on Google Play ** CNET: "... Siri has breadth, but Robin has depth" ! ** Robin is your voice assistant on the road, bringing you texting by voice, local information, GPS navigation and even jokes, while keeping your eyes on the road. Voice in, voice out. ** Endorsed by TechCrunch, CNET, Wired, Lifehacker, etc Users say: “After trying S-Voice, Assistant, Skyvi or Hound …Robin is the best voice app of its kind; clearly the best choice for drivers in need of information on the road.” Ask Robin for directions & places, parking & traffic, your Facebook & Twitter news, gas prices & weather, reminders & alarms, messaging and much more - all hands-free ;) Robin is a personal assistant that can be both useful and fun, constantly learning and adapting to you. Compare to voice assistants and chatbots such as Siri, Nuance, Dragon, Vlingo, Evi, Voice, VoiceSearch, SpeaktoIt Assistant, Skyvi and Google Now, as well as GPS navigation such as Waze, Scout, MapQuest, Navigon, Garmin, TomTom, MotionX, Yelp, etc. QUESTIONS?

Memento Database Memento Database is a complex, easy-to-use and customizable solution for database management. Memento lets you and your team manage any information easily and effectively. Unlike other database management tools, Memento Database provides powerful functionality packed into simple user interface that makes it useful both for experienced users and the ones who solve casual problems. TARGET USERS & USE CASES• the casual, perhaps single-library user who just wants to throw up a grocery list, collections or recipe repository.• the intermediate user who might want to have some related libraries tracking some activities.• the power user who might be pushing the boundaries in certain areas, like scripting, complex data structure, retail or barcode solutions, media solutions, inventory, product catalogs, charting, or others.• the organizational / business user who might need teamwork collaboration, cross-platform compatibility, cloud storage & coordination, offline data collection and others.

Perfect App Protector(español) Most downloaded app lock in Play Store★ #1 App lock in over 50 countries.★ Over 40 Million users, supporting 24 languages. ☞ AppLock can lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings, Calls and any app you choose, with abundant options, protecting your privacy.☞ AppLock can hide pictures and videos, AppLock empowers you to control photo and video access. Selected pictures vanish from your photo gallery, and stay locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad. With AppLock, only you can see your hidden pictures. Privacy made easy! ★ With the help of App Lock, you may:Never worry about a friend borrow your phone to play games again! -----------FAQ---------1) How to change password? 2) I hide AppLock icon, how to open AppLock now? 1. dial pad enter #password in your dial pad, and tap call button to open AppLock. 2. open this website in your browser, 3) How to stop other people uninstall AppLock? 4) How to uninstall AppLock? 5) I forgot my password,How to find it?

Spy vs Spy SPY vs SPY is based on the original, multi-million unit selling, break out hit by First Star Software, Inc. It features Wi-Fi multiplayer matches, a pixel perfect retro mode as well as a modern mode, both with the famous black and white spies from MAD Magazine. Choose joystick or other touch controls. This app offers in-app purchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings. SPY vs SPY is the ultimate action/strategy game! ~~~~ Original game designed, developed and published by First Star Software, Inc. Important Consumer Information. Terms of Service : & Cookie Policy : : for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days notice posted on Denna app erbjuder i-app inköp. SPY vs SPY är den ultimata action / strategi spel!

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