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Institute for the Unstable Media — V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media

Institute for the Unstable Media — V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media
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NMM 2012 Ars Electronica | Ars Electronica Festival The ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL premiered on September 18, 1979. This pilot project was designed to take the Digital Revolution’s emergence as an occasion to face important questions about the future and to focus these inquiries on the nexus of ART, TECHNOLOGY and SOCIETY. With this philosophy—which remains Ars Electronica’s watchwords to this day—HANNES LEOPOLDSEDER, then director of the ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Company’s Upper Austria Regional Studio, electronic musician HUBERT BOGNERMAYR, cyberneticist/physicist HERBERT W. This Linz event soon developed into one of the world’s most important media art festivals. In 1979, the festival lineup was a short list: 20 artists and scientists.

Medialab-Prado Madrid Pixelache | Transdisciplinary platform for experimental arts, design, research & activism Linz | Réseau des villes creatives A propos de la ville créative: Ever since the inception of Ars Electronica and the Cloud of Sound in 1979, Linz – Europe’s 2009 Capital of Culture – has been making impressive strides as a trailblazer and international hotbed of media arts and digital competence. The annual Ars Electronica Festival and Prix Ars Electronica showcase and honour excellence and deliver essential impetus to media culture worldwide; while the Ars Electronica Centre and Futurelab are driving forces for innovation both in research and development as well as in education throughout the region. Today, the city is concentrating on transforming a former industrial site located in the heart of the inner city into a centre of the creative economy: the Linz’s Tabakfabrik campus, with Creative Region, Linz and Upper Austria’s creative industries development company, at its core. Another priority on the city’s agenda is to become Europe’s first Open Commons region. Valeur ajoutée:

Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design Cory Arcangel's Official Portfolio Website and Portal Coopération internationale ► Liste des conférences auxquelles le Cda a participé de 2012 à aujourd’hui : • « Médiations Arts/Sciences » - 13ème festival des arts de Paris VIII • « Les performances multidisciplinaires ébranlent le monde » - Seoul Performing Arts Festival (Hanguk Performing Arts Center), Séoul • « L’Europe de la culture : politiques et stratégies » - Institut d’Etudes Européennes Université Paris VIII • « Culture et révolution numérique : quelles nouvelles pratiques ? » - Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles et Mission départementale de la culture de l’Aveyron • « L’Art à l’échelle nanoscopique » - Faculté d’arts de la Sorbonne/Centre George Pompidou • « Lieux et temps de la métropole créative » - Pierre Mansat, Adjoint au Maire de Pairs en charge de la culture/CELSA • « Val d’Oise : des projets et des compétences pour les applications liées à l’art numérique », Séminaire promotionnel du Val d’Oise à l’Université Préfectorale d’Osaka – Comité d’Expansion Economique du Val d’Oise Thématiques :

Net Art Generations 19 November 2013: I don't remember when I made these notes, must be the end of 2007 Net art can be divided into more than just two generations like old and new or 1.0 and 2.0, or internet and post internet. There are at least three plus one more. The 1st -- Artists working with the Internet as a new medium. Coming from other backgrounds, like film, performance, photography, whatever. The 2nd -- Studied jodi at university. The Last -- Net artist active in between crash and web 2.0 rise. I'm talking about circa 2000--2005. The 3rd -- artists working with the WWW as mass medium, not new medium. 04 June 2012: If I'm not mistaken Marisa Olson's "post-internet" term used for this now.22 October 2013: today one refers to this period as EARLY post-internet ("Most of early post-internet stuff was produced online." ben vickers The main point is that you are inside, you talk from inside the network. Do you need examples? Olia Lialina

V2_Lab Staff Alex Falk Community manager and community catalyst at V2_. Boris Debackere Lab Manager at V2_ (Management Team Member). Dineke Keemink Head of Finance and Human Resources at V2_. Jan Misker Project Manager at V2_Lab Michel van Dartel Senior Curator at V2_Institute for the Unstable Media and Research Professor at Avans University of ... Norman James Admin and office assistance at V2_. Wilco Tuinman Head of Production at V2_ PAGES IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (former FIRST AND THE ONLY REAL NET ART GALLERY) Appearing next at 30.08. - 13.10.18 Algorithmic Lifestyle, Roehrs & Boetsch, Zuerich (group show) 20.09. - 20.12.18 All Changes Saved, Casal Solleric, Palma Mallorca (group show) 27.09. - 30.09.18 Art Berlin (fair) 05.10.18 »Line Follower« by Sebastian Schmieg, Rathaus, Leonberg (introduction talk) 13.10. - 30.12.18 Sortir du Desenchantement du Numerique, Espace Multimedia Gantner, Bourogne (group show) 18.10.18 Florian Hadler, Interface Critique, Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (moderation) to olia lialina's home! Self-Portrait A GIF for three networks winner of net based award 2018 better late than never also available as unique prints in Firefox and Chrome Give me Time/This Page Is No More Web Dialectics for two slide projectors 2015 -- ongoing Peeman What did Peeman pee on? Online Newspapers Postfactual Edition. Something for Everyone family portrait Treasure Trove expropriation of glitter and bling Bear With Me A play for two webmasters Webmaster Summer Best Effort Network 640x480 4-tab browser installation Summer

CRONOGRAF - Festival CRONOGRAF Festival is at the moment the only international documentary film festival in Moldova and it is organized in Chisinau starting 2001. This event came into existence at the initiative of a young group of Moldavian filmmakers that were organized within OWH Studio. Their aim was to animate the cultural life in the Republic of Moldova and to bring closer to the local public the latest documentaries from all over the world. IDFF CRONOGRAF has reached the 12th edition. IDFF RONOGRAF is a cultural and complex event that includes film screenings within the competition, press conferences with the participation of film personalities, round tables on different topics related to cinematographical life, thematic screenings out of competition, workshops for young filmmakers and film premieres. CRONOGRAF is beloved by filmmakers most of all for its friendly, informal and hospitable atmosphere, that enables people to meet and approach in the prospect of collaboration or common projects.