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Heidi Nagel and Tom Breit's Pages Click here to go to my "Climbing in the Cascades" website, which is 99% of what I've got up at this point. Soon (eventually) there'll be some more stuff, like cute photos of my daughter: her art: my son: and so on. In the mean time, you can have a look at the trials and travails of replacing our bathroom English Dept Meg Hardon Please note: This site's design is only visible in a graphical browser that supports Web standards, but its content is accessible to any browser or Internet device. To see this site as it was designed please upgrade to a Web standards compliant browser. Infineon Technologies Meg is Senior Policy Director for global semiconductor company Infineon Technologies. As Infineon's Washington representative since 2001, she is responsible for identifying and managing policy issues ranging from trade to procurement to technology standards. Meg has been deeply engaged with the broad range of issues surrounding the application of smart card technology to identification documents, especially the U.S. ePassport for which Infineon is the volume supplier to the U.S. Previous to joining Infineon, Meg was a strategic business and international affairs analyst for companies entering the global market or expanding their international business operations.

Centre For International Ethnomedicinal Education and Research Richard Evans Schultes was arguably this century's foremost botanist. Called by His Royal Highness Prince Philip the greatest plant explorer of this century and "The Father of Ethnobotany" (the study study of indigenous peoples' knowledge and use of plants), Dr. Schultes was considered the world's authority on hallucinogenic, narcotic, and medicinal plants and the leading expert on rubber. As collector of more than 48,000 specimens, and leader of numerous expeditions in Latin America he discovered plants new to science and recorded the uses of these and many native peoples. Dr. A pioneer plant conservationist Dr. Books by Schultes | Publications list | Plant Names (R.E. Recognition of Variability in Wild Plants by Indians of the Northwest Amazon: An Enigma Journal of Ethnobiology 6(2):229-238 Ethnobotany & Rainforest Preservation - Richard Evans Schultes (40 minutes) Question & Answer session with Richard Evans Schultes (27 minutes)

Crossroads Dispatches_ Hatsume Sato_ one of my heroes, inspiring Panmesa RAM DAS: "How will I know God?" TEACHER: "Feed people." RAM DAS: "How will I become enlightened?" TEACHER: "Serve them." - The Zen of Cooking: How Recipes Can Teach Us to Cook Without Them, by Lucille Naimer Should anyone ask me about a new project I'm (also) working (juggling) on, and they should ever ask me where my inspiration came from it would be two words: Hatsume Sato. (BTW, the project is hatching over at and on Twitter at I first heard of Hatsume Sato in Khao Lak, Thailand, nearly one year to the date of the Indian Ocean tsunami. Same flyer shared she was featured in a screening of a Japanese documentary, Gaia Symphony II (of a six-part series by director Jin Tatsumara) which also included the Dalai Lama as interviewees. "Since then [the release of Gaia Symphony II], inquires about her miraculous rice balls, "Omusubi", never ceased to stop. "[As a girl] While visiting homes for aged and encountering so many life and death situations, Ms.

The Reasoner Hibbards Home Page John Hibbard Scientist Manager, North American ALMA Regional Center (part of the NAASC)NRAO-Charlottesville Rm. 328 520 Edgemont Road Charlottesville VA 22903 Office Phone: (434) 296-0227 Office FAX: (434) 296-0278 Email: jhibbard@ (Formerly of the Institute for Astronomy, Honolulu, HI and Columbia University) Check here for unpublished data, preprints, reprints, or figures concerning HI in weird galaxies. Everything shown here has been fully reduced, but not necessarily fully analyzed. All data on these pages is proprietary to John Hibbard and his collaborators (unless otherwise noted). This homepage was created by John Hibbard, who is solely responsible for its content. WARNING!

Ask Dr. Shulgin Home Page 2005 Pontiac GTO Grand American Series The Pontiac brand is part of the General Motors family, and is home to many of the automaker's more performance-oriented vehicles. Currently, the marque offers a broad range of sporty cars and SUVs. Forty years ago, when a 389 cubic inch V8 was dropped into a compact Pontiac Tempest Le Mans, the original Pontiac GTO launched the muscle car genre. 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP It's no coincidence that the history of the Solstice spans the Bob Lutz era at General Motors. If you're looking to get your hands on a Pontiac before the General Motors division shuts its doors for good, you'd better act fast, because stocks are dangerously depleted. The Solstice is similarly low on stock, with only 139 base coupes and 160 GXP coupes left on dealer lots.

The Stark Family Great Holiday Season. Now on to a big year 2010 Alex graduating from High School and on to College. Time to start planning a summer trip. 1st time in many years no baseball trips. Yes off to Aruba June/July. We just got back from the Ocean City Md. In July we were at the World Wood Bat Showcase Tournament in GA. We hope you enjoy looking at a few of our family photos. If you want to see some cool airshow shots please make sure that you go to the end of the album... the Thunderbird photos are really good. If you want to view older photos go to the top of this page and click on Pictures which is to the left of HOME. All photos were taken by Tyler or me. Enjoy the photo's!