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Caught on a whim

Caught on a whim
Being a DIY kinda girl, it's a bit surprising that I haven't really dabbled in jewery making before. (*Gasp*,*shock*, *horror*... I know... lol!) I figured it was about time for that to change. Wanna make your own? HERE'S THE HOW TO:Stuff you'll need: You'll also need wire cutters (not shown above). Looking for the perfect beads? Note: Make sure the gauge of the wire you use will fit through the hole in your bead. Method: Here's how to make the single bead that hangs down in the cluster. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Now, we will make the triple clusters that make up the bracelet. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. That's it. Which to do prefer? P.S.

Cafe Craftea *Disclaimer: This post is brought to you courtesy of I received samples of their products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by their company. I received an e-mail from offering to send me a sample of their products in exchange for an honest product review. EndlessLeather is based in Germany with an amazingly huge variety of leather laces, cords, and accessories. To be honest, I was at first skeptical about the website as it was foreign and I had no knowledge about the the website didn't seem legitimate. Here's a sampling of all the products I chose: Review: I chose a selection of double stitched and recycled leather cords, each 1 meter long, 7mm wide x 2mm thick. Alright guys, so finally now onto the DIY! DIY Leather Bracelets(Difficulty: Easy) Supplies (1) Flat leather lace (I chose black, camel, and beige) (2) Silver lever clasps (3) Scissors (4) E-6000 Steps 1. 2. 3.

Two hearts bracelet « Born in 82 – Fashion and Creativity Blog Valentines is approaching … ok ok .. maybe I exaggerate a bit, ‘but I’ve got lost in the air romantic and I thought of a thin thin bracelet with two hearts soooooo romantic … San valentino si sta avvicinando…ok ok..forse esagero un po’, ma io gia mi sono fatta prendere dall’aria romantica ed ho pensato ad un braccialetto sottile sottile con due cuoricini…mooooolto romantico! To do this, take the golden thread and cut 3 cm. Fold it exactly in half and started to bend the two ends. Per farlo prendete il filo dorato e tagliatene 3 cm. For better orientation started by one of the parties, then you can do so by making the second match exactly with the first. Per orientarvi meglio iniziate facendo una delle due parti, cosi poi potete fare la seconda facendola combaciare esattamente con la prima. Una volta preparati i due cuori incastrateli l’uno con l’ altro. Once prepared the two hearts incastrateli the one with the ‘other. You may also like: Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Cafe Craftea Google "wrapped bracelet" and you'll have to wade through the multitude of DIY bracelet tutorials out there...and it can be a bit overwhelming! I wanted to put my own spin on the wrapped bracelet, reminiscent of those sixth grade friendship bracelets except a bit fancier! DIY Rhinestone Wrapped Charm Bracelet(Difficulty: Intermediate) Supplies (1) Rhinestone chain (mine was gunmetal grey and salvaged from a gaudy old necklace)(2) Lobster clasp and jump rings (in the same color as your chain)(3) Embroidery floss(4) Charm (to match your chain, not shown)(4) Jewelry pliers(5) Scissors(6) A piece of tape (not shown) Steps 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Enjoy your new fancified friendship bracelet! Also if you're on Instagram, tag me #cafecraftea so I can see your DIYs! ** Don't wanna DIY?

Faux turquoise tutorial... Hi friends – we made it through Monday, Yay! Today was the first time in over a year that I had the house all to myself. It felt a little quiet and lonely, but perfect for crafting and just catching up on house work. On our recent trip to Mexico, hubby bought me some beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry. Mexico is well known for its turquoise and silver, but as usual, you have to be careful of impostor jewelry. There are various ways to tell real turquoise from fake, but as technology advances so does the ability for manufacturers to make very realistic looking turquoise. Materials polymer clay: turquoise, ultra marine, white, gold, black grater or blade cabochon or ring blank 1. 2. freezer to harden. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. The bracelet is the real thing and the ring is the brand new faux piece. Here are some other turquoise jewelry with I love the way it turned out. Related How to make faux sea glass with Polymer Clay June 24, 2015 In "Crafts & DIY" Chevron pendant tutorial... June 7, 2012

Cafe Craftea *Disclaimer: This post is brought to you courtesy of I received samples of their products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by their company. Behold my fourth (!) project for! This time around, I made a different type of bracelet using one of their adorable crown charms. DIY Leather Wrap Crown Bracelet(Difficulty: Easy) SuppliesSteps 1. 2. 3. end cap - jump ring - spring ring/lobster clasp - jump ring - end cap. 4. ** Don't wanna DIY? - Dream a Little Bigger Craft Blog - Chains & Pearls Bracelet DIY I really, really like going to the hardware store. My favorite section is definitely the paint section. I tend to consider the style of my home as “minimalist but comfy contemporary”. Which basically means that I don’t have a ton of decor out on shelves and hanging on the walls. I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again, who wants to dust all of that stuff? I give all of my walls a nice pop of color to compensate. But whenever I get to go to the hardware store to accompany someone who will be doing actual work i.e. repairing the water heater, replacing rotten wood on the exterior, repairing a monstrously huge hole in my bedroom ceiling… I like to wander. On one of these trips I had to hang out near the cart, because Russell gets terribly upset if I try to wander. For this project you will need: You may want to know exactly what this type of chain is called and the sad truth is that I don’t have a clue. Take your chain and wrap it around your wrist. See where I link up.

A splendid assemblage I received an email the other day from a lovely reader asking if I could make a tutorial on a very simple summer bracelet style that does not require a hundred knots or clasps and you can easily stack up. I am not a fan of doing macramé knots in the summer heat so this happens to be exactly what I have had on my wrists all summer :) - waxed cotton cords - crimp beads, tube beads or any beads of your choice - scissors Measure the cord around your wrist allowing for an extra 5-6cm and cut (the cord) using your scissors. Thread as many beads as you like on the cord. Once you have enough beads on it thread one last bead and cross the cord's ends through it. Tie a small knot on one end and slide the bracelet on your wrist. Pull the other end of the cord so that the bracelet fits nicely on your wrist and tie another knot. Trim any excess cord with your scissors and there you have it :) Make it in lots of different color and bead combinations and have fun stacking them up :) Hope you like it :) xoxo

Braided Chain Bracelet | CrapAtCrafts | I like a thicker chain bracelet: something substantial but also super simple. Chain maille is great for that, with a wide variety of potential patterns. However it takes a while to master & put together, and also involves a lot of fiddly dropping-of-links, swearing, and crawling around on the floor to pick up tiny bits of metal. I’ve seen some examples of braiding chain with chord or beads, but I wondered about braiding chain-with-chain . . . I took three 9-inch lengths of chain and slipped them onto a jump ring, with the silver chain in the middle: Now: if you have a hook to put the jump ring on, that would be good. Once I got to the end, I slipped another jump ring through the three ends & added a fastening: I liked the little hint of silver amongst the gold, though I also just liked the simplicity of all one color . . . In terms of sizing, if you have 9-inch strands of chain, you will end up with a roughly 8-inch finished braid. Love, Em.

Thanks I Made It Recently, Brian and I snuck upstate for a quick weekend away. At my favorite general store, they stock everything from books to groceries to hardware supplies and I find an excuse to go every time we're there, usually under the pretense of getting donuts. DIY supplies are always my ulterior motive, and this time was no exception. Using the cord and simple jewelry supplies, I made this bracelet. Tools and Materials: Nylon cord/rope (total of about 40 inches) Super glue, like E6000 2 jump rings Clasp Cut the cord into two pieces, 20 inches each. Fold each piece in half again. Pull both ends tight. Trim down one end, so all the cords are an even length. Put a blob of super glue in the end cap, and stick the fused together cord ends into the cap. Repeat on the other end of the bracelet, and let the glue dry. Add jump rings and clasp to the end caps. I love the sporty and knotical look (har har), and the mint green is perfect for spring and summer!

Wire Wrapped Agate Cuff Bracelet I love jewelry projects. Seriously love them. Especially bracelets (gee, have you noticed?? The things is, I can’t help looking at it and seeing all the room I have for improvement. This bracelet took me closer to 90 minutes than my standard hour-or-less, but as far as supplies go and the process itself, it’s actually quite simple. Two gauges of silver plated copper wire. I made adjustments as I worked and I will note those in the post. First things first – the cuff itself. You don’t need to do anything fancy to connect the two ends. Now, cut off a length of wire that you think you can easily work with. The reason you want to start out at the center is because it’s easy to begin wrapping too tightly, and your bracelet can start getting squeezed smaller. Once you’ve wrapped far enough to get to the outside edge of your bead, do the same thing with the other end of the wire so that both ends are securely wrapped onto the frame. Do this a couple times.

Thanks I Made It I was very excited to receive a reader email requesting a DIY version of Tory Burch's wrap bracelets. (If anyone else has an idea, feel free to tweet or e-mail me!) It was perfectly coincidental that I had wrap bracelets on the brain and was already cooking up ways on how to DIY something similar. After a trip to Michael's and less than 30 minutes, I made this little number. Keep reading to find out what those studs really are! Tools and materials: Leather wrap bracelet (mine's pre-made from Michaels, but a skinny strip of leather would work too!) Begin by measuring and marking on the wrong side of the leather where you want the studs to go. Trim down a brad, and push prongs through the hole in the bracelet. Fold back the shortened prongs. Repeat to fill the remaining holes in the leather with fasteners. Enjoy!