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DIY: Neon/Neutral Triple Cluster Pearl Bracelet

DIY: Neon/Neutral Triple Cluster Pearl Bracelet
Being a DIY kinda girl, it's a bit surprising that I haven't really dabbled in jewery making before. (*Gasp*,*shock*, *horror*... I know... lol!) I figured it was about time for that to change. Wanna make your own? HERE'S THE HOW TO:Stuff you'll need: You'll also need wire cutters (not shown above). Looking for the perfect beads? Note: Make sure the gauge of the wire you use will fit through the hole in your bead. Method: Here's how to make the single bead that hangs down in the cluster. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Now, we will make the triple clusters that make up the bracelet. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. That's it. Which to do prefer? P.S. Related:  DIY braceletsBracelets

DIY Chanel Inspired Pearl Bracelet Today we’re going to knock out a some gorgeous DIY Chanel for a fraction of the price! Apparently I have expensive taste. Always have and probably always will. You know how when you’re flipping through your newest fashion mag and you see this thing, be it a purse, belt, pair of earrings, whatever that are to die for and rather than a price, there is an 800 number with “price upon request”. That’s what happened when I saw inside of my Marie Claire. I was quickly flipping through the pages to get an idea of what was going down this issue and I saw this bracelet in the upper left hand corner of my book that made me stop. Check out that gorgeously blinged out closure! I was out buying glass pearls the very next day. What you’ll need to knock off your own: Take your first bead and string it onto a head pin. Take the wire and wrap it around some rounded jewelry pliers to form a loop. Just to make things easier on myself, I went ahead and did up all of my beads like this before I moved on.

Cafe Craftea *Disclaimer: This post is brought to you courtesy of I received samples of their products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by their company. I received an e-mail from offering to send me a sample of their products in exchange for an honest product review. EndlessLeather is based in Germany with an amazingly huge variety of leather laces, cords, and accessories. I'll be starting off a series of DIYs using their products so stay tuned for more posts brought to you by EndlessLeather! To be honest, I was at first skeptical about the website as it was foreign and I had no knowledge about the the website didn't seem legitimate. Here's a sampling of all the products I chose: Review: I chose a selection of double stitched and recycled leather cords, each 1 meter long, 7mm wide x 2mm thick. Alright guys, so finally now onto the DIY! DIY Leather Bracelets(Difficulty: Easy) Supplies Steps 1. 2.

Gold as Gold Faux Metal Earrings We're loving all things gold and glittery to kick off the new year! Here's a super easy way to get the look of hammered/forged metal using the Tulip Fashion Glitter Holographic Transfer Sheets and vinyl fabric compliments of our fab in-house designer Lauri Eaton. There's actually 2 pieces that are a shiny silver and gold metallic that we will be using for this project inside the pack! You only need these sheets plus a few basic jewelrymaking supplies to create these stunners. What you'll need for this project: – hoop earring components Open up your package and pull out your shimmer sheet in your choice of silver or gold. Heat dry iron to suitable setting for fabric, iron design in place, pressing firmly for 40 seconds. Cut off excess vinyl around the iron-on sheet. Cut out a small rectangle of the vinyl approximately 2 inches long by 3/18th of an inch. Open a jump ring up and add it to your hold. Complete all 5 dangly pieces. Now loop them onto you hoop and you're ready to wear!

Skinny Bracelet II (copyright 2010 Deborah Roberti) Materials (for a 7-inch bracelet, not including clasp): • 3 yards of 6 lb. FireLine • Approximately 150 size 11 seed beads: Matsuno Dyna-Mites Gold-plated. • Approximately 36 size 4mm fire-polished beads: Czech Light Bronze. • Approximately 36 size 4mm bicone crystals: Swarovski Khaki. • clasp Step 1: Thread your needle with 3 yards of Fireline. String a fire-polished bead, two seed beads, a fire-polished bead and two seed beads. Leaving about a 10- to 12-inch tail for attaching one end of the clasp, tie the beads in a circle with a double knot: Step 2: Go back around through the two seed beads, the fire-polished bead and the two seed beads that you added in the last step: Step 3: String a bicone crystal, two seed beads and a bicone crystal. Go around and back up through the two seed beads that you exited at the end of the last step: Step 5: String a fire-polished bead, two seed beads and a fire-polished bead. Step 18: String two seed beads. Tudor Bracelet: How to make 5 bracelets in 10 minutes Today I would like to show you 5 different techniques to make some nice and easy bracelets. I wanted new bracelets and a lot of them so I made these very quickly. The best thing about these bracelets is that if you're crafty you'll make them for free because they can be made with what you have in your stash:left-over pieces from other DIY projects, little pieces of ropes, some yarn and so on. Let's start! Yarn bracelet : I made a tiny loop with the rope, blocked with thread and needle and then I just wrapped the colored yarn around. Crystal bracelet : I made a loop with the rope and blocked it with thread and needle then I put the crystal chain over the rope and I wrapped the yarn around both. Ball chain bracelet: I made a loop with the rope and blocked it with thread and needle then I put the ball chain over the rope and I wrapped the yarn around both. Braided bracelet : I cut several pieces of colored yarn; I knotted them together - I divided them in three parts then I braided it.

Cafe Craftea Google "wrapped bracelet" and you'll have to wade through the multitude of DIY bracelet tutorials out there...and it can be a bit overwhelming! I wanted to put my own spin on the wrapped bracelet, reminiscent of those sixth grade friendship bracelets except a bit fancier! DIY Rhinestone Wrapped Charm Bracelet(Difficulty: Intermediate) Supplies (1) Rhinestone chain (mine was gunmetal grey and salvaged from a gaudy old necklace)(2) Lobster clasp and jump rings (in the same color as your chain)(3) Embroidery floss(4) Charm (to match your chain, not shown)(4) Jewelry pliers(5) Scissors(6) A piece of tape (not shown) Steps 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Enjoy your new fancified friendship bracelet! Also if you're on Instagram, tag me #cafecraftea so I can see your DIYs! ** Don't wanna DIY?

googly eye earrings The first I myself saw of it was from Amanda the Great, who started sticking them amusingly onto Magic the Gathering playing cards for her Tumblr, Magic Cards With Googly Eyes. Shortly after that, while cruising the internet for craft ideas and such, I encountered several blogs and online groups devoted to eyebombing. Then I saw Anne Wheaton and Bonnie Burton tweeting their own eyebombing adventures, with the now-widespread hashtag #vandaleyes. And it’s progressed from there. I’ve had a bag of googly eyes in my craft supplies stash for ages, because I have just about anything and everything in my craft supply stash. The point here is that googly eyes are fun. This tutorial is based on the exact same process as my tutorial for round paper earrings. What you’ll need materials: googly eyes! tools: a circle cutter OR small circle punch OR a traceable circular item (or some other shape. Putting it all together 1) Start with your paper and your varnish. 5) Let the glue dry completely.

Free pattern for beautiful beaded bracelet Palermo Free pattern for beautiful beaded bracelet Palermo U need: rondelle beads 4 mm rondelle beads 5-6 mm rondelle beads 8mm faceted beads 4 mm seed beads 11/0 Click to get book about Beading Related posts: Tags: beaded bracelet, bracelet pattern, pattern

Anthro Knock Off Vintage Lace Bracelet The prettiness from Monday and yesterday continues today with a little anthro-inspired bracelet tutorial. In a word, lovely. The lace-and-pearls embroidered on vintage lace is just loveliness. The idea came from Anthropologie (shocker, right?). For Jord’s birthday, I was wanting to give her a present that was lightweight (read- easily packed), and just pretty. You’ll need--two lengths of 6″x2″ ribbon or lace for the base and the backing (doesn’t have to be vintage, it gets covered)-enough vintage lace/trim to cover the your ‘base’ (see above)-extra lace/trim to tie-embroidery thread-invisible thread-beads, pearls, etc. for embellishing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Cafe Craftea *Disclaimer: This post is brought to you courtesy of I received samples of their products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by their company. Behold my fourth (!) project for! If you missed my last three tutorials and review of their products, you can find them here. This time around, I made a different type of bracelet using one of their adorable crown charms. DIY Leather Wrap Crown Bracelet(Difficulty: Easy) SuppliesSteps 1. 2. 3. end cap - jump ring - spring ring/lobster clasp - jump ring - end cap. 4. ** Don't wanna DIY?