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Art, Photography, Tattoo, Design, Film

Art, Photography, Tattoo, Design, Film

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PHOTOGRAPHY More We share a vision; to create, innovate and explore the world. That bridges the gap between Fine Art and Technology. Our Mission is to promote the Meamorphism art movement into educational communities. More Info. Coolest Documentary Films 2010-2014 Share on: 70 total shares Documentaries are unfortunately very often overlooked in favour of more flashier features film. Especially when they don’t have an A-lister doing the voice over. Unless they manage to win big at festivals like Sundance or TIFF, the chances of securing a distribution deal shrink even further.

Industrial design An iPod, an industrially designed product. KitchenAid 5 qt. Stand Mixer, designed in 1937 by Egmont Arens, remains very successful today Gallery of Computation LIVING WORKS binary.ring bit.10001 bone.piles box.fitting box.fitting.img new bubble.chamber buddhabrot city.traveler cubic.attractor deep.lorenz guts new new henon.phase henon.phase.deep new inter.aggregate new inter.momentary new invader.fractal limb.sand.stroke limb.strat limb.stroke mcp moonlight.soyuz nine.block new offspring orbitals new paths.i sand.dollar sand.stroke sand.traveler new self-dividing.line stitches substrate new trema.disk trema.spike INFORMATION about the programmer about the medium ORDERING works available production qualities ordering policies CONTACT j.tarbell @

La fabrication d'un Tattoo Flash> Illusion Aside from all the drinking, it is pretty interesting to see tattooist David Tevenal draw and color by hand. Below: A video directed by Seanie G. Productions. Film stills © Seanie G. Productions How To Put Together A Lifestyle Photo Shoot: Part II When it comes to putting together a photo shoot, if there is anything that I’ve learned (and continue to learn), is that the time spent working out the smallest details will save you from at best a tremendous amount of work after the fact, and at worst, the horror of having to scrap the shoot entirely. That’s why when you’re putting together a photo shoot, no detail should be overlooked, least of all the talent that you choose to work with. In the last section, we covered the importance of concept development and creating a mood board. Both, in my opinion, are of vast importance to creating and pulling off a great photo shoot. In this second part, we’ll look at how to find and contact and work with makeup artists, hair stylists, and wardrobe stylists as well as examining the importance of using the highest quality talent you have available to you.

GOD SAVE DADAISM: A critical approach to Paul Poiret Victor Alvarez // Istituto MarangoniLondon MMXII “Am I a fool when I dream of putting art into my dresses, a fool when I say dressmaking is an art? … For I have always loved painters, and felt on an equal footing with them. It seems to me that we practice the same craft.” Character Animation BFA Only The Program in Character Animation is designed for students who seek an understanding of the art of character performance and storytelling in animation. It provides comprehensive artistic and technical training to help each student develop as a fully-fledged animation artist within both the traditional and computer-generated (CG) animation environments. To best instruct, guide and mentor students, the program features a faculty of experienced professionals who work at the forefront of traditional, CG and independent animation.

The Flop Box A bad beginning makes a bad ending 4/14/2014 Peter Saul curated group show @ Zürcher Studio Austin Lee Taylor McKimens Karl Wirsum Judith Hudson Irena Jurek Une touche de réalisme> Illusion Emanuele Dascanio is masterful at hyperrealist art. The video within post shows how time-consuming and detailed his shading technique is. All of the greyscale images in this post are charcoal and graphite drawings on paper, and the colored ones are oil paintings on boards. And an extraordinary one to mention is “Father” (at top), this Jesus looking man is actually Dascanio’s real dad. See also: “Perfecting a Girl Named Mana.” Artwork and photo © Emanuele Dascanio

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