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jQuery News Ticker

BBC style news ticker | MakeMineATriple You can download it, or read on for the demo and documentation. In action MakeMineATrip_ Using it Put this code in your <head> section, or just before your closing body tag, if you prefer. Use the following code for your list of items for the ticker <ul id="news"> <li><a href=" <li><a href=" <ul id="news"><li><a href=" href=" Underline text decoration on the link is not recommended! The options (defaults shown) are: If you enable the controls, the following will be added just after your list of items: <ul class="ticker-controls"> <li class="play"><a href="#play">Play</a></li> <li class="resume"><a href="#resume">Resume</a></li> <li class="stop"><a href="#stop">Stop</a></li> <li class="previous"><a href="#previous">Previous</a></li> <li class="next"><a href="#next">Next</a></li></ul>

Ideal Forms, a small framework to build forms Commonly Confused Bits Of jQuery Advertisement The explosion of JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery onto the front-end development scene has opened up the power of JavaScript to a far wider audience than ever before. It was born of the need — expressed by a crescendo of screaming by front-end developers who were fast running out of hair to pull out — to improve JavaScript’s somewhat primitive API, to make up for the lack of unified implementation across browsers and to make it more compact in its syntax. All of which means that, unless you have some odd grudge against jQuery, those days are gone — you can actually get stuff done now. A script to find all links of a certain CSS class in a document and bind an event to them now requires one line of code, not 10. 1. .parent() vs. .parents() vs. .closest() All three of these methods are concerned with navigating upwards through the DOM, above the element(s) returned by the selector, and matching certain parents or, beyond them, ancestors. parent(selector) .is()

OpenShift by Red Hat rcarousel – continuous jQuery UI carousel rcarousel development is discontinued at the moment. Maybe If I have more time and feel like it I will resume the work on the project. Anyway I encourage you to share it, fork it and whaterver you feel like. But please – respect the licence. simple to use Now rcarousel is very simple to use. highly customizable rcarousel does not force you to use one pre-defined theme. many options to choose from There are many options to choose from. Any element As of 1.1 version you can use hopefully any HTML element inside a carousel. images with links As of 1.1 version there is no problem with wrapping IMG elements with links. Multiple carousels You can add as many carousels as you like to a page without a problem. Vertical carousels rcarousel supports also vertical orientation of carousels. Loading elements on demand With the help of append method, you can load elements on demand. Auto mode Thanks to the Auto mode you do not even have to use navigation. cool pagination simple API Then run it: Simple to use

BriskButton für Websites - jQuery Plugin - SOYOS Labs Vorschau zu diesem Artikel Keine Online Demo zu diesem Artikel verfügbar Kostenloser Download (Kommerziell und persönlich) Dieser Download wird Ihnen absolut kostenlos von SOYOS Online Solutions zur Verfügung gestellt. Ein BriskButton für Websites unterscheidet sich auf den ersten Blick nicht von einem regulären Button. Sinnvoll eingesetzt kann man mittels BriskButtons die Benutzerfreundlichkeit von Websites erheblich erhöhen. Einsatzmöglichkeiten für BriskButtons gibt es viele. Bieten Sie mehrere Versionen zum Herunterladen Ihres Produkts an, so können Sie diese alle innerhalb des BriskButtons darstellen, denn Sie selbst definieren die Maximalgröße des Buttons und können den Inhalt selbst bestimmen. Eine weitere Möglichkeit besteht darin innerhalb des BriskButtons den Download z.B. einer Testversion anzubieten und gleichzeitig auf ein besonderes günstiges Angebot mit direkter Kaufmöglichkeit hinzuweisen. {*style:<b>Individuelle Einsatzmöglichkeiten Jetzt kaufen und sparen! Button mit Zeilen

Pretty Date One method that I’ve been wanting for quite a while now was a simple way to format old JavaScript dates in a “pretty” way. For example “2008-01-28T20:24:17Z” becomes “2 hours ago”. Here’s some more examples: prettyDate("2008-01-28T20:24:17Z") // => "2 hours ago"prettyDate("2008-01-27T22:24:17Z") // => "Yesterday"prettyDate("2008-01-26T22:24:17Z") // => "2 days ago"prettyDate("2008-01-14T22:24:17Z") // => "2 weeks ago"prettyDate("2007-12-15T22:24:17Z") // => undefined Note that I only care about dates in the past (by far the most common use case) and only dates within the past month (anything beyond a month becomes fuzzy and impractical). JavaScript Pretty Date pretty.js (Also include a .prettyDate() jQuery plugin, for convenience.)Demo (Some examples of date conversion using basic DOM manipulation.) Example Usage In the following examples I make all the anchors on the site, that have a title with a date in it, have a pretty date as their inner text. With plain DOM: With jQuery: About

mobl clueTip: A jQuery Tooltip Plugin The clueTip plugin allows you to easily show a fancy tooltip when the user's mouse hovers over (or, optionally, clicks on) any element you designate in your script. If the element includes a title attribute, its text becomes the heading of the clueTip. If you like this plugin and you're feeling generous, perhaps you'd also like to visit my wish list? Showing the most basic clueTip can be achieved in two easy steps. Add HTML markup to your page for elements that you want to invoke a clueTip. <! Include the jQuery core file and the clueTip plugin in the <head> of your document. You can change the default style and behavior in many ways. The clueTip Plugin API provides two methods, with many options. $.cluetip.setup(options) Global defaults for clueTips. .cluetip(options) Displays a highly customizable tooltip via ajax (default) or local content or the title attribute of the invoking element $(document).trigger('hideCluetip') Hides any currently visible cluetip.

Basic jScrollPane demo Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec in ligula id sem tristique ultrices eget id neque. Duis enim turpis, tempus at accumsan vitae, lobortis id sapien. Vestibulum dictum consectetur magna eu egestas. Quisque et massa leo, sit amet adipiscing nisi. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Sexy AlertBox Sexy Alert Box es un clon "sexy" del clásico alert de javascript. Con un aire a lightbox, cambia las feas alertas de windows por alertas mas atractivas!. Copyright (c) 2008 (Eduardo D. Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Mobile Middleware jQuery Custom Events: They Will Rock Your World! Ok, maybe they won’t exactly “Rock Your World” but they might completely change the way you look at your jQuery development. At the very least, I hope this simple technique will help you build clean, reusable and extendable front-end code. A Quick ‘n’ Dirty Overview If you are the “just the facts” type of person, here is the 20 second overview. You can subscribe to that event using either bind or live functions in jQuery: You can even pass additional data about the event when triggering it and reference it on the listeners end: The element the trigger has been called on, is available to listener’s callback function as the variable this. A Little Philosophy I encourage you to view your front end code in parts and pieces instead of one huge piece of front-end code. A Fun Example For those who like tutorials or walkthroughs, this should be a fun demonstration of the power of jQuery custom events. Preparation To get started, download my blank website template. ColorBlock ColorObserver Conclusion