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jQuery News Ticker

jQuery News Ticker
Cool news ticker! Seems familiar... Taking inspiration from the BBC News website ticker, jQuery News Ticker brings a lightweight and easy to use news ticker to jQuery. So how do I use this thing?! First, download the zip file containing the plugin and the example / documentation for the news ticker: The latest version of jQuery News Ticker is v1.8 which was released on 13th November 2011 (view release history).

Textualizer Download: textualizer.js - (12.67 kb) development textualizer.min.js - (4.83 kb) production Usage Animation effects BBC style news ticker You can download it, or read on for the demo and documentation. In action MakeMineATrip_ Using it Put this code in your <head> section, or just before your closing body tag, if you prefer. Record Text Selections Using MooTools or jQuery AJAX One technique I'm seeing more and more these days (, for example) is AJAX recording of selected text. It makes sense -- if you detect users selecting the terms over and over again, you can probably assume your visitors are searching that term on Google, Yahoo, etc. I've duplicated this functionality using my favorite JavaScript library, MooTools, and another JavaScript library, jQuery. The MooTools JavaScript

jQuery.payment A rising tide lifts all boats, and we’d like to help improve payment experiences for consumers everywhere, whether or not they use Stripe. Today, we’re releasing jQuery.payment, a general purpose library for building credit card forms, validating input, and formatting numbers. This library is behind a lot of the functionality in Checkout. Some sites require a bit more flexibility than our Checkout provides.

slabText – a jQuery plugin for creating big, bold & responsive headlines I’ve been wanting to attempt a port of Erik Loyer’s slabtype algorithm for quite some time now and seeing Paravel’s fittext jQuery plugin, in combination with a gloriously hassle-free lunch hour gave me the impetus to attempt it. This is the result – resize the browser viewport to see the effect in action. So what does the script do again? Put simply, the script splits headlines into rows before resizing each row to fill the available horizontal space. The ideal number of characters to set on each row is calculated by dividing the available width by the pixel font-size – the script then uses this ideal character count to split the headline into word combinations that are displayed as separate rows of text. Many, many more examples can be viewed further down the page.

rcarousel – continuous jQuery UI carousel rcarousel development is discontinued at the moment. Maybe If I have more time and feel like it I will resume the work on the project. Anyway I encourage you to share it, fork it and whaterver you feel like. But please – respect the licence. simple to use PHP-ODT - Create odt files with php - Home What is php-odt? Php-odt is a php library that help you create an ODT (Open Document Text) file, partially compliant with the Oasis OpenDocument specifications v1.1. How it works? OpenDocument files, "odt" files for example, are actually ZIP archives. An odt file created with php-odt will have the following structure: ODT file (ZIP archive) | |--- styles.xml |--- content.xml |--- meta.xml |--- META-INF/ | |--- manifest.xml

Experimenting with jQuery Draggables and ASP.NET One of the keystones of modern AJAX-enabled web sites is Drag and Drop. This article looks at the current state of Draggables that form part of the jQuery UI Library. Back in the day, I needed to create a web-based Flatplan application. For those that don't know, a Flatplan is used in magazine publishing and it consists of a grid representing the pages of a magazine.

Chosen - a JavaScript plugin for jQuery and Prototype - makes select boxes better Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. Downloads Project Source Contribute Standard Select jQuery Quicksand plugin Quicksand Reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation. Activity Monitor 348 KB Address Book1904 KB Finder 1337 KB Front Row 401 KB Google Pokémon 12875 KB iCal 5273 KB iChat 5437 KB Interface Builder 2764 KB iTuna 17612 KB Keychain Access 972 KB Network Utility 245 KB Sync 3788 KB TextEdit 1669 KB Demo seems sluggish? Disable CSS3 scaling and try again.

clueTip: A jQuery Tooltip Plugin The clueTip plugin allows you to easily show a fancy tooltip when the user's mouse hovers over (or, optionally, clicks on) any element you designate in your script. If the element includes a title attribute, its text becomes the heading of the clueTip. If you like this plugin and you're feeling generous, perhaps you'd also like to visit my wish list? Showing the most basic clueTip can be achieved in two easy steps. Add HTML markup to your page for elements that you want to invoke a clueTip.

Collapsible Drag & Drop Panels Using jQuery Drag n Drop panels are great to let the user control how he/she wants to see the information as he can arrange various information blocks according to his preference. This type of functionality is often provided by web portals or personal homepage services like iGoogle. Similarly, WordPress dashboard also lets user control how the various boxes are displayed. Today, i am going to show you how to create collapsible, drag and drop panels easily using jQuery and jQuery UI libraries. Here’s what the final result will look like.

jQuery Overtakes Flash on World’s Top Websites “Developers are choosing jQuery over Flash for new development,” said Mike Hostetler, co-founder and CEO of appendTo. “This data confirms a trend that’s been a couple years in the making. More and more website developers are choosing jQuery and JavaScript over Flash and the rate at which this transformation is occurring is only accelerating.” jQuery is an open source library that makes it quicker and easier to build JavaScript Web pages and Web applications. Often with jQuery you can use a single line of code to achieve what would have taken 10-20 lines of regular JavaScript code. JavaScript is a scripting language that allows Web authors to create dynamic pages that respond to user interaction.

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