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Solar Eclipse Page The next Total Eclipse of the Sun Visible from the USAClick for special web page on the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Aug 21 Solar Eclipses: Past and Future The following links give information on all eclipses of the Sun and Moon from 2000 through the current year. Dates, maps and details for 5000 years of solar eclipses can be found in: Five Millennium Catalog of Solar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000 The Javascript Solar Eclipse Explorer lets you calculate the visibility of solar eclipses from any city for hundreds of years in the past and future: Javascript Solar Eclipse Explorer Search for solar eclipses by date interval, type, and magnitude, and plot the results on Google maps: Five Millennium Solar Eclipse Search Engine Other useful links to past and future solar eclipses are as follows. Solar Eclipses: 2011 - 2020 The table below lists every solar eclipse from 2011 through 2020. The Key to Solar Eclipse Table contains a detailed description of each item in the table. Decade Tables of Solar Eclipses

International Meteor Organization | International Collaboration in Meteor Science Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion After watching the final episodes of the original Evangelion series, I was really baffled. What happened? I understood that it all took place in Shinji's mind, but that's about it. Where was the ending? What really happened? Those answers are provided by End of Evangelion. Also, kudos to the animation in this one. One thing I've also always enjoyed about Evangelion (it's a lot), is the music. Evangelion is a psychological anime, and the characters are and behave thusly. Shortly summarized, the movie was very much like the original series, at the same time also explaining many things the original series didn't.

Types of solar and lunar eclipses An eclipse is an astronomical event where one celestial body partially or totally covers another celestial object. This happens when the eclipsing body comes between the observer and the eclipsed object like in the case of a solar eclipse, or when the eclipsing body temporarily cuts off the source of illumination of the eclipsed object, like during a lunar eclipse. Types of Eclipses With Animations: All Eclipses 1900-2099 Observers from Earth can see two types of eclipses – eclipses of the Sun (solar eclipses), and eclipses of the Moon (lunar eclipses). The term eclipse also finds its roots in ancient Greek – it comes from the word ékleipsis, meaning to fail or abandoned. Eclipses, solar and lunar, have fascinated scientists and lay people for centuries. Solar Eclipses Infographic: Types of solar eclipses. With Animations: Solar Eclipses 1900-2099 There are 3 kinds of solar eclipses: total, partial, annular. Total Solar Eclipses With Animations: Total Solar Eclipses 1900-2099 Lunar Eclipses -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth I love "Death and Rebirth", I really do. In my mind, it's probably the least flawed segment in the Evangelion franchise. But I guess I know why people are rating it so low. There are two reason people tend to give this movie a low score. The first reason is that this movie is split cleanly into two halves, and the first half, named "Death", is essentially a recap. The second reason people hated this is because of the second half, "Rebirth". There really isn't anything majorly wrong with "Death and Rebirth", the few complaints I have are all rather minor. 2011 Solar & Lunar Eclipse Skywatching Guide | Eclipses, Moon & Sun Photos | Skywatching, Amateur Astronomy There will be two total lunar eclipses and four partial solar eclipses in 2011. January 4 Partial Solar Eclipse This partial eclipse will be visible at sunrise in northwestern Europe and northwestern Africa, at midday in northeastern Africa and the Middle East, and at sunset in central Asia. Times of maximum eclipse and magnitudes at major cities: June 1 Partial Solar Eclipse This partial eclipse is visible mainly in the high Arctic. Times of maximum eclipse and magnitude at major cities: June 15 Total Lunar Eclipse This will be an almost central total lunar eclipse. July 1 Partial Solar Eclipse This partial eclipse is visible only in a small area of ocean near Antarctica, south of Africa November 25 Partial Solar Eclipse This partial eclipse will be visible from southern South Africa, Antarctica, and New Zealand. December 10 Total Lunar Eclipse This total eclipse is well placed for observers in eastern Asia, Australia, and northwestern North America. Source: RASC Observer's Handbook 2011 Neon Genesis Evangelion Note: This is a spoiler-free review. Occasionally, one gains knowledge of a certain story or event, in any form, that boggles his or her mind beyond comprehension. You don't know how you feel about it. Do you hate it or love it? It's definitely not just 'average' if it could evoke such uncertainty and conflict within you. Neon Genesis Evangelion is that story for me. Piloting the Evangelion requires a certain amount of nerve synchronisation with its pilot, which is why all the pain of damage served to the machine is also inflicted upon the pilot. NGE is often referred to as a classic masterpiece of utmost influence by the average anime viewer for its powerful psychological implications and startling symbolism. While the basis of NGE is not entirely unique, its manner of execution- as convoluted as it may be- more than compensates for that. NGE is one of 'those' anime. The characters of NGE are one of its strongest points, but also one of its major downfalls.

Meteor Activity Outlook for March 15-21, 2014 Radiant Positions at 9pm Local Daylight Time Radiant Positions at 1am Local Daylight Time Radiant Positions at 5am Local Daylight Time During this period the moon reaches its full phase on Sunday March 16th. The radiant (the area of the sky where meteors appear to shoot from) positions and rates listed below are exact for Saturday night/Sunday morning March 15/16. The table below presents a list of radiants that are expected to be active this week. Bob has been interested in the stars as far back as he can recall His first experience with meteors was a biggie, the 1966 Leonid shower.

Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo [Spoilers obviously] I saw Rebuild 3.0 about a month ago, and during that time I didn't think much of it. It was just another movie in the series, and I didn't analyze it to any significant extent. The action was intense, the plot seemed interesting at the time, the animation quality was superb. Recently however (coinciding with the UTW BD subs release), there has been an influx of discussion posts about 3.0, and I figured that there had to be a reason for such a community reaction to the movie; there must be more to think about. So I went to re-watch the movie again with a bit more acuity and that's when I came to a conclusion: The movie was a huge cop-out. Evangelion 3.0 answered no questions. a) Studio Khara wants us to ask a lot of questions and get curious so that we'll buy 4.0 b) Anno is trying to be clever and allow the viewers to emulate Shinji's confusion after 14 years in sleep by giving the viewers that same confusion. 1. 2. 3. 5. Maybe I had too many expectations of the movie.