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Discover and buy awesome creative products on The Bazaar

Discover and buy awesome creative products on The Bazaar
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Top 10: Frases de película para la vida real El cine es un arte que nos acompaña en la vida diaria; nos deslumbra y nos deja con buen o mal sabor de boca; puede ser violento o hipnótico, narrativo y fantástico, genial o abominable, pues a fin de cuentas está basado en la vida real y en el imaginario colectivo para contarnos una historia. Ya lo dijo Pedro Ruíz: «Lo bueno del cine es que, durante dos horas, los problemas son de otros». Te presentamos una selección de 10 frases de película que bien pueden aplicarse en la vida real. 10. —We are who we choose to be… now, choose! 9. —I haven’t been afraid since I’ve known you—.Dicha por: Paul (Ingrid Bergman).Película: Gaslight —Luz que agoniza—, 1944.Dirección: George Cukor.Guión: John Van Druten, Walter Reisch y John L. 8. —You know, maybe I was wrong and luck is like love. 7. —I’m not following you, I’m looking for you. 6. 5. 4. 3. —I have a head for business and a body for sin. 2. 1.

Marketing for Squarespace Blogs - Big Picture Web - - (Private Browsing) About - Colours May Vary - Leeds Colours May Vary is based in Leeds and is an independent shop stocking a range of beautiful, useful and inspirational wares. Our main focus is graphic art, illustration, photography and interiors. We stock a range of books, journals, prints, cards, gifts, wrap, textiles and stationery and we source our collection both locally and Internationally from a mix of established and up-and-coming producers. We believe in everything we stock. If we wouldn’t buy it ourselves we don’t stock it. Our focus is quality and integrity in both design and production. If you don’t see what you are looking for on the site or would be interested in collaborating with us or supplying us please drop us a line or give us a bell. If you are interested in hosting a workshop or an event in our show space please drop us a line. We receive a large number of submissions daily so please be patient as we may not be able to get back to you immediately. Big Love, Becky and Andy x

WWW Design Effective Minimalism in Experience Design | UX Booth - (Private Browsing) Minimalism. It’s not easy to complete a study of successful minimalism. For starters, the more effective examples there are of “minimalism in action,” the less material there is for us to study. Nevertheless, minimalism is a guiding aesthetic behind some of today’s best websites. Minimalism’s greatest strength is clarity of form; clean lines, ample white space, and minimal graphical elements lend an air of simplicity to even the most confounding subject matter. Some minimalist sites forget that easy navigation is always one of the top goals of web design. This is why a beautiful minimalist site combined with great usability is so impressive: an easily navigated, simple site can be a very powerful form of communication. The art of minimalism Minimalism exists all around us: in architecture, fashion, sculptures, graphic design, painting, literature, music, and other applied fields…the list goes on and on. Minimalism has its roots in post-World War II America. Palmito Ranch Jeff Croft Hermes

The Print Handbook Store – Tricky Design Things Made Easy Sunlight Pills by Vaulot&Dyèvre Every winter the same picture: Moodiness, flaccid skin, looking dull and the tendency to a depression hit right in. Though this shouldn't be a problem anymore as Vaulot&Dyèvre designed a range of supplements for our lack of sunshine and to restore our vitality. The sunshine from Borabora to the Maldives, Haiti and the Bahamas is available as a healthy little pill. Though be careful and don't exceed the recommended daily dose. All images © Vaulot&Dyèvre | Via: i-ref 15 sites web developers and designers should know Creating a good website isn't an easy task, but there's a few tools that can definitely make your developer or designer life easier. In this article, I have compiled 15 extremely useful website that any web developer or web designer should have bookmarked. ColorCombos When designing a website, one of the firsts (and most important) steps of the process is to choose a color scheme. Color Combos allow you to browse thousand of different colors combinations for getting inspired for your upcomming design. LIpsum Who doesn’t know the extremely popular Lorem Ipsum text? What the font? You just saw a logo or website using a particular font and you enjoyed it. ConvertIcon Favicons are a must have for any website, mostly because on modern browsers as such as Firefox, it is displayed along with the site name in tabs. BgPatterns background Patterns is definitely one of the current webdesign trends. HTML Encoder Do you display code on your website? Test Everything Sprite Generator Load Impact IconFinder

monologue | MONOPHONIC ANALOGUE SYNTHESIZER The monologue contains monophonic analog synthesizer circuitry that builds on the circuitry of the minilogue. But that doesn’t mean that the monologue is simply a one-voice model of the minilogue. It’s a monophonic beast with stunning power that comes from a redesigned envelope section, modulation routing, and a filter with powerful low-end punch. The structure is 2VCO, 1VCF, 1EG, 1VCA, and 1LFO. In addition to the same distinctive circuits as on the minilogue (such as the wave shaping that shapes the overtones of the oscillator, and a sync/ring switch), the filter section uses a two-pole filter to deliver aggressive sound. Newly featured is a drive circuit that adds overtones and distortion to the sound, letting you generate fat basses and sharp lead sounds to your heart's content. The keyboard section features the acclaimed slim keybed of the minilogue and the MS-20 mini.

Vaulot&Dyèvre Matando moscas a cañonazos Autor Héctor Rodríguez Ilustrado por Julieta Gutnisky (@juligut) GILA: ¿Oye, por qué nos bombardean nuestros aliados? ¿Qué maldita clase de guerra es esta?EUGENIO: Hay que pensar que gran parte de la munición cae sobre el invasor, tenemos que sacrificar a alguno de los nuestros, no hay más remedio.GILA: No lo comprendo. ¿Y si aprovechando nuestra debilidad nos ataca otro enemigo?EUGENIO: Entonces solo nos quedará rezar a Pasteur… Esta comunicación interceptada durante un imaginario Apocalypse Now bacteriano retrata el escenario que se produce en nuestro intestino cada vez que ingerimos antibióticos. Los compuestos antibióticos son sustancias diversas que impiden el crecimiento de los microorganismos o los matan. Son indudables los enormes beneficios que el descubrimiento y la aplicación clínica de los antibióticos han deparado a la humanidad. Sin embargo, en los últimos tiempos se han demostrado los daños colaterales del abuso de antibióticos. Para profundizar Cox, L.