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Videos Worth Watching

Videos Worth Watching

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Johnny Lists — 13 Resources You Should Use Instead of Cable by Johnny Webber 1. – Crackle provides streams for numerous movies and shows for free. Confirmed – Google’s Public DNS Now Performs DNSSEC Validation For ALL Queries By Default It’s official… Google’s Public DNS service is now performing DNSSEC validation for all DNS queries by default! When news broke back on March 19 that Google had enabled DNSSEC validation on its Public DNS service, there was some initial concern after people noticed that Google was only performing the DNSSEC validation when requested. This led to a clarification a few days later from Google that their initial rollout required a client to request DNSSEC validation so that they could test out the service – and that full validation was coming soon. The Official Word Yesterday, Google’s Warren Kumari posted in the dnssec-deployment mailing list that full validation IS now happening:

People Maria Miller is still an MP and the poor people of Basingstoke are lumbered with her Selfies Like most people, Sunday People columnist Carol McGiffin had not forgotten the expenses scandals, but had kind of moved on - now it has all come flooding back Every Noise at Once traditional scottish folk underground latin hip hop melodic progressive metal progressive post-hardcore progressive electro house australian alternative rock The Best Antivirus for 2013 When you're on a summer road trip, the last thing you're thinking about is antivirus protection. And yet, every time you connect with a café or hotel network you're taking a chance on infection. Antivirus is more important than ever when you're not connected to your safe network at home. As part of your travel checklist, make sure that antivirus protection is active and up to date on any devices you're taking along. Don't have protection?

Mail Online Anthony Owen, 68, was found unconscious 20 yards from his home, next to his white Honda civic, which was still running Witnesses reported seeing three youths on BMX bikes cycling away from Mr Owen's home on millionaires' row in Hale Village, near Liverpool By James Tozer Published: 19:45 GMT, 20 March 2012 | Updated: 18:02 GMT, 21 March 2012 Top 10 Websites To Watch TV Series Online For Free Without Downloading I like to watch Bleach, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood and many other TV series, but I am not living in the broadcast countries, and have no television, so I try to watch them online with computer. Like movies, there are also some websites for us to watch TV series online for free without downloading, and among which, below 10 are most popular: 1.

Turn your flash drive into a portable PC survival kit If you're using your flash drive as a vehicle for simple file transfers, you’re missing out on one of the single-best roles one of these wee data buckets can fulfill. Indeed, hardcore enthusiasts know that simple flash drives are perfect portable repositories for all the software that can breathe life into an otherwise ailing PC. All the web apps in the world won’t help you when your PC breaks down or falls prey to a particularly nasty piece of malware and refuses connect to the Internet. A properly loaded USB drive, on the other hand, can be a machine saver. And when your grandma calls with a dire PC emergency, you'll be glad to have an always-ready "ninja drive" to slip into your pocket as you run out the door.

14 Legal and Free Music Download Websites (2015) There are hundred different ways of downloading almost anything from the internet, however, not every way is a legal way. Same goes for music downloads because there are thousands of sites offering free mp3 music downloads but none of them seems to have the rights or licenses for the songs they’re offering for downloads. If you are the kind of person who really doesn’t want to break the rules or download any illegal songs then you don’t have to worry because you can still get your songs for free via legal channels. In this article, we’re going to provide you with 15 Legal and Free Music Download Websites.

Security software showdown! 9 antivirus suites empirically tested If you’re like a lot of people, when it comes time to renew your security software, you may ask yourself, “Do I really need to upgrade to the latest version?” The answer is yes. Keeping up-to-date is generally a good idea, as new threats surface constantly.

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