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Habitat is a complete cloud-based digital authoring environment

Habitat is a complete cloud-based digital authoring environment

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Google Announces New 'Classroom' Tools Over 30 million teachers and students use Google Apps for Education when it comes to writing assignments, crafting presentations, and doing just about any kind of learning activity that includes the web. Today, the Internet search giant hopes to become an even bigger presence in schools with the pre-release announcement of Classroom, a free tool built on Google Apps for Education designed to help teachers organize, assign, and collect work done across Google Docs (which also includes Sheets and Slides) and Google Drive. Already, many teachers are using Google’s productivity apps to organize their students’ work, says Zach Yeskel, a product manager on Google’s Apps for Education team and a former high school math teacher in Oakland. “We’ve heard a lot of teachers that use Google Apps as a LMS,” he says. With Classroom, Yeskel says managing classroom assignments will be even easier. In addition, there will be “class streams” where teachers can leave notes and reminders.

Page Ruler - a Google Chrome extension - Page Ruler is a Google Chrome extension that lets your draw out a ruler to any page and displays the width, height and position of it. It currently has over 300,000 users and is the most popular ruler extension for Chrome. Click Here to Install Page Ruler for Google Chrome

No More Passwords: Clever Shows Off 'Instant Login' Most people would agree that having more learning resources and tools available on the Internet is a good thing. But with great options come great responsibility--and great work, especially for schools. At a basic level, two things need to be done before students can access online learning products. First, accounts have to be created, a process that involves the vendor and and school IT administrator. OMeasure! extension Download Opera These extensions and themes are made for the Opera browser. Description Simple measuring tool for web developers. WARNING! iBooks Author, a nice tool but.. Long, very long ago, in another galaxy further north on the US west coast, the Death Star Microsoft was not playing the standardization game and was submitting proposals to W3C the day it was shipping to the masses a browser implementing that proposal. Or ship without any proposal. These days are over, and Microsoft finally embraced Web Standards and all rejoiced. Yesterday, further south on the US west coast, the "All Your Documents Are Belong To Us" Mothership Apple started showing incompatible authoring environments and rendering engines based on proprietary extensions to html and CSS that will hit the wild. Yesterday, Apple released iBooks Author and I am not afraid to say that despite of being a great authoring tool, the solution it offers is a step backwards and it's not good news for users/customers.

Forecasting K 12 Edtech Adoption Trends Trends change with the season. And in education technology, no one does a more persistent job of tracking these shifting patterns than the New Media Consortium. Last week, the Austin, TX-based organization gave a sneak peek at the 2014 K-12 Horizon Report, which projects fast, mid-range and long-range edtech adoption trends. Here are this year's forecasts--and the first thing that came to our mind, based on what we've been reporting on: Fast (1-2 years) Rethinking the role of teachers; (and let's not forget how we train and support them for these new roles!) Fishtree A Good Learning Platform That Provides Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources to Teachers June 5, 2014 Lesson planning and student engagement are two things that should be easier and better. Sometimes all we need is more time, sometimes – a smart platform that helps us to do more with less time. Fishtree is an example of such a platform.

The First Adaptive MOOC: A Case Study on Pedagogy Framework and Scalable Cloud Architecture—Part I About This Journal... To cite this article:Nishikant (Nish) Sonwalkar. MOOCs FORUM. September 2013, 1(P): 22-29. doi:10.1089/mooc.2013.0007. Published in Volume: 1 Issue P: September 5, 2013 Publication Standards Part 1: The Fragmented Present Since technically we all work in publishing, it makes sense to turn our collective attention to the technical and logistic challenges of ebooks. They are a new frontier, but it looks a lot like the old web frontier, with HTML, CSS, and XML underpinning the main ebook standard, ePub. There are key distinctions between ebook publishing’s current problems and what the web standards movement faced.

Key Findings: Stage 2 Research The Tablets for Schools Stage 2 Research Report (January 2013 – April 2013) has been released. The full report is now available for download! Click here to get your free copy. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or a student advocating tablets in your school, or you would just like to read the details of our most recent research, this report provides valuable information about how tablets can benefit your school. Family, Kids and Youth Abstract The report summarises findings from an evaluation study that is looking at the feasibility and educational impact of giving one-to-one Tablets to every child in school.