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Land-book - best landing pages gallery

Land-book - best landing pages gallery

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Service Design & UX Design; Po-tay-to/Po-tar-to or as umami is to salty* I have recently found myself working in the same physical space with some user experience practitioners. Good people, nice people. As a service designer I have been listening to them talk, hearing familiar descriptions of activities and outcomes sought. Why White Space Is Crucial To UX Design All good visual artists understand the importance of negative space, the empty area that draws attention to, and accentuates, the actual subject. Negative space (the artistic equivalent of a designer’s white space) is like the supporting cast whose duty is to make the star of the show stand out more by not standing out so much themselves. If you don’t think any part of your design should be intentionally blank, take a look at the World’s Worst Website Ever for an extreme example of the damage caused by too many objects competing for attention.

How Good UX Design Can Affect Your ROI When you set out to work on a project, depending on the scope, it could be months until it’s ready to launch. So how can you make sure you’re setting it up for success? For one, a variety of skill sets need to be covered by your team. Then, the cashflow and business viability of a project should be determined. Finally, with a project’s success, the ability to support its growth needs to be in place. This is where some companies can fail, according to Fast Company, who cited these as some of the most common startup pitfalls — in addition to ignoring customers, not realizing the competition in the market, and not serving the market need. 6 examples of awful UX design Offering harsh scrutiny in these scenarios might seem nitpicky, even mean. But holding ourselves and the design community to a higher standard of UX and UI design will only result in better product design. Let’s begin with the irritating and move towards the seriously upsetting. We’ll highlight the mistakes and offer suggestions of a healthier way forward. Phone Locks: a necessary evil Another conference.

Mobile UX Design: The Right Ways to Ask Users for Permissions — UX Planet Mobile UX Design: The Right Ways to Ask Users for Permissions by Nick Babich Did you know that the average app loses 80% of its daily active users within the first 3 days post-install? Top 7 UX Trends For 2016 There is no doubt that internet users are developing higher expectations when it comes to user experience. As a result, UX designers continue to raise the bar and come up with new ways to create website experiences that are more engaging, more efficient, and more visually appealing to users than ever before. The rate of change in UX design in the past few years looks set to continue to come at a rapid fire pace as we look to the future. Of course for many designers the most important future is the one that is happening in the next few months. If you're thinking of becoming a UX designer, check out these Top 7 UX Design Trends that will be making an impact in both design circles and for you the user in 2016.

User Personas for Mobile Design and Development The user persona is one of the most valuable tools in UX work. It allows the entire design and development team to keep a simple user story or user stories in mind as they work. This results in products that are better tailored to the user and thus more likely to succeed. Mobile product development can also benefit from user personas; it’s just important to ensure that you add a little more information to them to make them as effective as they can be

5 Top Social Media Dashboard Tools to Manage Your Social Accounts Let’s face it. Social media marketing is hard work. Sometimes you feel like a one legged man in a kickboxing competition. Over the last few years it has become an integral part of your business and marketing. You use social media to source leads, keep in touch with your old clients and even serve your current customers. How Important is Simplicity in UX Design? Written by CareerFoundry graduate Caroline White. Simplicity is often referred to as one of the fundamental principles of UX design. UX heavyweight, the Nielsen Norman Group include it in their definition of user experience saying:

The 15 Best Free Social Media Dashboards and Tools If social media marketing is all about creating powerful, cost-effective method for connecting your brand or company with your customers, why are so many social media analytics platforms and tools so expensive? The price tags for some professional-level social media dashboard systems alone can add hundreds of dollars a month to even the most humble marketing campaigns. What gives? Why product thinking is the next big thing in UX design When you think about good user experience, what often comes to mind is a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use feature set of a product that makes the user’s life easier. But features are merely a small, fragile part of the product. They are only a few of many thinkable solutions for a user’s problem.