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University of Oxford Series

University of Oxford Series
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University of London Podcasts Over 170,000 Students Join a community of over 170,000 students to earn a qualification recognised worldwide. 17 Colleges and 10 Institutes The University of London consists of 17 self governing Colleges and 10 other smaller specialist research institutes. Media Home » Media » Podcasts Podcasts from the Colleges and Institutes Many of the Colleges and Institutes produce podcasts and video content that are available to download free of charge. Birkbeck, University of London - Podcasts and Videos Birkbeck, University of London - Institute for Social Research Birkbeck, University of London - Centre for Religion and Contemporary Society Courtauld Institute of Art Goldsmiths, University of London Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study King’s College London London Business School London School of Economics and Political Science London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine The Royal Veterinary College School of Advanced Study The School of Oriental and African Studies Follow Us About Us

Open Learning Initiative At Harvard Extension School, free and open learning is hardly a new concept. In fact, the Extension School was founded with this mission in mind: to create an affordable way for any motivated student to take courses at Harvard. We stay true to this mission today, offering several free courses and nearly 800 for-credit courses at reasonable tuition rates. Explore our series of free or low-cost courses below. Video accessibility. Abstract Algebra In these free videotaped lectures, Professor Gross presents an array of algebraic concepts. The Ancient Greek Hero A long-time offering at Harvard College and Harvard Extension School, Gregory Nagy's popular exploration of the hero motif in classic literature is offered as a course for credit at Harvard Extension School, as a course on edX, and as a series of free video lectures. American Poetry from the Mayflower through Emerson Discover how the United States developed its own national literature with Elisa New, Powell M. Bits China Terms of Use

The Directory of Podcast Directories The following is a list of directories focused on Audio and Video Podcasts - That do not charge for you to be listed - Links for the most part take you directly to the submit page. Note: Never pay to have your podcast listed in a directory - it is not worth it and you will not get any Return on your Investment. Please report any directories below that viloate that principal to DIRECTORIES & APPS (195) - Updated 2-March-2015 podcast411 - Our site iTunes - iTunes podcast directory - Need iTunes installed to make entry and need an iTunes account. Stitcher - Great place to pick up new listeners Libsyn - The Podcast Source App - WP8 & Windows 8 App TuneIn Radio - Send email - Here is the info Zune Marketplace - Submission currently offline - need to submit via email - podcasts at microsoft dot com Blackberry Podcasts - submission page is now dead. - email submisson - No longer recommending this as they are asking you about audience size and making it a selective entry.

Best Education Podcasts As someone who spends a lot of time in my car, I get an awful lot of information via podcasts. Podcasts are a total sanity saver if you commute. Basically, they are serialized audio broadcasts that you can listen to whenever you want via a computer or mobile device. This post is a basic tutorial for listening to podcasts. There are so many great podcasts by and for educators. Here's a great list to get you started: #edchat Radio (Personal Learning Network, School Leadership, Teacher Leadership)#edchat Radio is a ten-minute show that highlights conversations from the weekly #edchat Twitter chat topic. Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers (Teaching Strategies) At a quick ten minutes per episode, posted every Sunday, Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers is designed to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators -- and to get teachers and educators energized for the week ahead. The Bedley Brothers Every Classroom Matters Science Underground Talks With Teachers

Los mejores 70 cursos gratuitos sobre Estudiar Inglés, Cómo sobrevivir en Londres, Química, Programación y muchos más - Más Oportunidades Los mejores cursos online. La Fundación Telefónica, a través de su plataforma educativa STEMbyme, lanza una serie de cursos virtuales 100% gratuitos para estudiar temáticas sobre ciencias, idiomas, matemáticas, tecnología, entre otras. Los cursos en línea son de corta duración y son certificados por la Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María de Chile. ¿Quiénes pueden participar? ¿Cómo registrarse? Solo ingresa a selecciona el curso que deseas tomar y regístrat, o has clic en el enlace de cada curso que encontrarás en el listado. ¿Cómo puedo obtener el certificado? Un robot social Contenido: ¿Te gustaría construir una mano robótica? Mi primer Arduino Contenido: ¿Quieres poder crear tu propia consola de videojuegos? Introducción a las matrices Contenido: un curso introductorio a las matrices para aprender al detalle cómo operar con ellas. Cómo sobrevivir a Londres Contenido: manual de supervivencia para aprender a convivir con la cultura inglesa de forma sencilla.

19 Best Business Podcasts of 2015 To Stuff… Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast Speaking and Writing English Effectively Course Description "Speaking and Writing English Effectively" is designed for proficient English speakers who would like to improve their speaking and writing skills. The course compares a variety of writing styles including imaginative writing, journalism, English in the media and textual analysis. Read More It also offers a comprehensive guide to using language effectively and is ideal for English students as well as those who want to improve their written English for work or pleasure. Read Less Certification To qualify for your official ALISON Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments. Learning Outcomes This course will teach you techniques that are of help in analysing the English language. You will understand how journalists report the news and how to plan your essay in an easy step-by-step process. Manage a Group of Learners

Teacher's Guide on The Use of Podcasting in Education What is a Podcast ? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary a podcast is a " digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the internet for downloading to a personal audio payer." in other words, it is a digital audio file that is created, shared and heard. Podcast can also be in the form of videos streamlined online, however, video podcast is known as vidcast or vodcast. Educational Uses of Podcasts Podcasts can be used for several educational purposes. Here are some of them : 1- Recording for this you will need a microphone and an audio recording software like the ones mentioned below. 2- Test your Podcast Always make sure you listen to your podcasts and redo the parts that you dont like until you finally get the vesrion you want then move on to the next step 3- Publish your podcast You can use online platforms for publishing your podcasts. Tools to create your podcast Here are some of the softwares you might start with to create your podcasts .

50 Educational Podcasts You Should Check Out Teaching With Podcasts Home › Professional Development › Strategy Guides Strategy Guide Podcasts are serial recordings, posted regularly online. Robert Rozema describes a podcast as "a blog in audio form" (31). Podcasts can be used for any purpose a text might serve-they can tell fictional stories, share and comment on recent events, inform listeners about a topic, and persuade listeners to take an action or adopt a stance. Students can produce podcasts that fit any genre, including audio diary entries, analytical commentary on readings or current events, informational recordings that explain concepts, and persuasive and argumentative statements. Review your district's appropriate use policies to determine the requirements for a podcasting site that students can use.

Creating Podcasts with Your Students Preproduction Before students even think of stepping up to the microphone, much planning must be done. In fact, I've found in creating Radio WillowWeb that preproduction takes over three-quarters of the time to produce a podcast. Students need to keep their audience in mind. Who will listen to the podcast? Is it everyone in the school? The podcast will need a name. In preproduction, you must also decide upon the format for the podcast. Sample ideas and uses for a podcast: Weekly classroom news broadcast Document a field trip Record a class discussion Share book reviews Conduct interviews Review curricular content Segment Planning Booklet: Download the planning sheets used for Radio WillowWeb. When planning, consider the length of your podcast. If your podcast is involving an entire classroom of students, the teacher should find ways to involve everyone in preproduction. It's really helpful for students to practice what they are going to say out loud to others. Recording Macintosh Users

The Moth Podcasts NEW: The Moth has a new mobile app showcasing hundreds of our podcast stories. The Moth Podcast features favorite stories from The Moth Mainstage, StorySLAMs and MothSHOP Community program. As a subscriber to the Moth Podcast you will receive one free Moth story every week to listen to on your iPod/MP3 player or your computer. About four times a year, we podcast a popular Moth show in its entirety. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do you have an archive of past Moth performances that are available on iTunes? A: We do not have a full archive of our podcast stories on iTunes, but you can purchase many stories on our Best of The Moth series on iTunes or on physical CDs at our online store. Q: I would like to follow to The Moth podcast, but am having issues subscribing through iTunes. A: Make sure that you aren’t already subscribed to The Moth podcast. Q: Why won’t The Moth podcast download onto my iPod? A: Podcasts do not always automatically sync to an iPod. Connect the iPod and open iTunes.

What's on :: about our podcasts We have an extensive and varied podcast programme, with recordings available as free downloadable MP3 files. Podcasts cover a variety of subjects, and feature our curators and other experts. You can catch up on live events you may have missed associated with current and previous exhibitions. There is also a series of podcasts to tell you how to plan your visit to the British Library and what's on when you arrive. You can play these podcasts now or download them for listening later. New to downloads and podcasts? Downloading means saving a file to your computer. The British Library makes recordings of selected events available as downloadable audio files (in MP3 format). If you haven't downloaded audio before, this is what to do: Click on Play in your default media player using the right-hand mouse button and 'Save target as’ on a PC. Click on the download link and the audio file will play.