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Occupy Toronto Protests The Occupy Toronto movement has set up shop at St. James Park near Church and Adelaide streets, where thousands are participating in a variety of peaceful demonstrations. The crowd departed King and Bay shortly after 11 a.m. to make their way to the previously unspecified location for the occupation, which will continue indefinitely. Thus far the atmosphere has been more enthusiastic than combative, as participants rally against everything from unfettered capitalism and corporate greed to Native land rights. As was anticipated, the causes represented here are myriad, though spontaneous chants identifying the crowd as the 99% have proved something of a unifier. Update (October 16th, 12:00pm): Check out our post on day two of Occupy Toronto for more updates/info. Update (October 16th, 1:30am): Here's what the scene looked like around midnight at St. Update (10:30pm): Video of the percussion group that formed in St. Update (9:30pm): Five things we've learned so far about Occupy Toronto: 1. Hey!

List of unsolved problems in neuroscience Some of the yet unsolved problems of neuroscience include: References[edit] External links[edit] 5 tips for making great animations for 2D games In this era dominated by 3D games, when even the latest versions of Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. are made up of polygonized characters, quality sprite-based 2D games are rare. Many now consider the process behind making beautifully animated productions like Metal Slug or Aladdin to be a lost art, forgotten and undervalued as developers chased the excitement and economy of 3D graphics. But there are still a handful of gorgeous sprite-based games that release every once in a blue moon, and a few have had the fingerprints of animator Paul Robertson all over them, like Ubisoft Montreal's highly-regarded Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. Robertson's style is immediately recognizable, featuring short and stocky figures that look like River City Ransom characters brought up to modern standards, with much more detail and personality packed into each frame. "I just try to make the most awesome and ridiculous thing I can think of," explains Robertson.

Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don't get it A protester holds a sign at the Occupy Wall Street protest last weekend Douglas Rushkoff says traditional media condescends to Occupy Wall Street movementHe says that's because its 21st-century, net-driven narrative doesn't fit old media modelHe says protest not about end-point, it's about a new discourse on variety of complaintsRushkoff: Protest may be unwieldy, but aims to correct disconnects in U.S. Editor's note: Douglas Rushkoff is a media theorist and the author of "Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age" and "Life Inc: How Corporatism Conquered the World and How We Can Take it Back." (CNN) -- Like the spokesmen for Arab dictators feigning bewilderment over protesters' demands, mainstream television news reporters finally training their attention on the growing Occupy Wall Street protest movement seem determined to cast it as the random, silly blather of an ungrateful and lazy generation of weirdos. Occupy protests spread across U.S. Unions join 'Occupy Wall Street'

8 Books For a Higher Existence Books are magical inventions. By carrying meaning, they gives us glimpses of experience and knowledge from a different world. Phonetic language, being cut-off from time and place, the Now, helps both to encapsulate the ego more, but also to offer guidance to make it poriferous, letting Eros free. Without books we would lose this guidance. And in these times of dire ecological and cultural crisis, we need new ways to respond to the ecosystem that we simultaneous are and are imbedded in. If you’re done reading this list and want to level up more – check out part two! Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Friedrich Nietzsche Thus Spoke Zarathustra is Nietzsche’s most prophetic book in which he offers his teachings through the words of Zarathustra, based on the Persian prophet Zoroaster, who, after spending ten years on a mountain in meditation only accompanied by his Eagle and Serpent, comes down to offer his wisdom to the world. Becoming Animal – David Abram The Story of B – Daniel Quinn

List of game engines Many tools called game engines are available for game designers to code a game quickly and easily without building from the ground up. Free/libre and open source software[edit] Note: The following list is not exhaustive. It mixes game engines with rendering engines as well as API bindings without any distinctions. Proprietary[edit] Commercial[edit] Freeware[edit] These engines are available without monetary charge, but without the source code being available under an open-source license. With related games[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ " - Installation Policy". L.A.'s Rocket Pizza Delivers Pies to Occupy L.A. Protestors As hundreds of peaceful Occupy L.A. protestors welcome day three of the grassroots movement, their stomachs refrain from grumbling thanks to one word: pizza. Crooks and Liars, a widely-read liberal blog, added a PayPal button fundraiser on their site and has since raised $8,600 from 300 donors to feed the open mouths of Occupy protestors. Crooks and Liars scours cities where the Occupy revolution is transpiring for local pizzerias that will support occupiers via solidarity pizza delivery. Rocket Pizza Lounge in L.A. has stepped up to the pie and delivered to activists at City Hall. “As long as people are out there sticking up for the 99 percent, I will be finding local pizzerias that deliver,” says Crooks and Liars Managing Editor Tina Dupuy. Other participating eateries include Al Capone's in Boston, Escape from New York Pizza in San Francisco and Liberatos Pizza in New York. We want the change we were promised and never received. "We are leaderless.

Carl Jung and the Artistic Impulse: Madness in the Creative Spirit A brief look at some historical examples of artistic geniuses and it is tempting to believe that there is something approaching madness in the creative spirit.Tweet The artistic impulse permeates throughout history: from the “primitive” cave art of the Upper Palaeolithic through to the introduction of perspective and foreshortening during the Renaissance, rules which would later be subverted beyond recognition by the artists of modernity, who sought to express new ways of seeing and ushered in an era of visual experimentation. Either as creators or consumers, art remains ever-present in the modern world, both a vehicle for expressing our innermost thoughts and desires and a medium through which we can escape into new realities and emotions. What is it that leads us to create art? The Artist as an Outsider The Creative Impulse Jung believed that art itself had no inherent meaning, suggesting that perhaps it is like nature – something that simply “is”. Speaking With A Thousand Voices

Software Needed for Making a Video Game" After designing the game's concept, as well as the characters and environments, the video game maker is ready for the computer work that will make it reality. There are many programs for making video games and software packages available to the novice and experienced game maker that allows them to bring their creations to life without heavy use of coding. These software packages instead perform many functions automatically, using common computer interface actions such as "drag and drop," highlighting and double clicking. Software packages for making video games generally include three categories: 3-D games, 2-D games and role-playing games. Some popular video game software for 3-D includes DarkBASIC and DarkBASIC Pro. Another software program, Game Maker, allows you to create a 3-D game. Game Editor is a 2-D game design software with a reputation for being extremely user-friendly. Most of these programs don't require writing codes. Some video game software programs include:

Gebodypaint naaktmodel steunt 'Occupy Wall Street' - Foto vorige | foto 1 van 12 | volgende Gebodypaint naaktmodel steunt 'Occupy Wall Street' De protestbeweging 'Occupy Wall Street' houdt nog altijd stand en kreeg ook wat afleiding. Katherine Onarato, een van de honderden 'die hard' demonstranten, ging uit de kleren voor Andy Golub. De controversiële straatartiest werd al een paar keer opgepakt voor openbare zedenschennis. Nu pakte hij uit met een fraaie bodypaint op het naakte lichaam van Onarato.Honderden demonstranten betogen nu al weken aan het Zuccotti Park nabij de beurs in New York.