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Fresh Prince: Google Translated

Fresh Prince: Google Translated
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Learning Zone Class Clips - Not Again Farley - Weather (French) - French Video speaking and listening I am adapting an example of a lesson from Chapter 3 of Jack C. Richards' book Key Issues in Language Teaching (2015). The original lesson was planned by Diana Croucher, an English language teacher in Barcelona. This could be used with a good intermediate or advanced class and is a good example of the communicative approach at work. Students receive lots of comprehensible input and opportunities to adapt it for their own needs. The topic is a memorable event in life. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. For an intermediate class, your account could be something like this: Last year my wife and I had an amazing holiday in Canada. For an advanced class you would go into more detail. So there you have a typical, low prep lesson in the communicative style, with a strong focus on listening comprehension and interaction, with some focus on spoken and written accuracy.

Dessin animé gratuit. Des dessins animés pour les enfants. Tous les dessins animés par ordre alphabétique Pour les parents, tous les dessins animés de Stéphy sont ici classés par ordre alphabétique à partir du nom des chansons, des contes, des poésies et des comptines. Dessin Animé Au Clair de la Lune Chanson - Téléchargement dessin animé - Chanson Dessin Animé Au Clair de la Lune Karaoké - Musique - Téléchargement Musique Dessin Animé Au feu les pompiers Comptine - Téléchargement dessin animé - Comptine Dessin Animé Bateau, ciseaux Comptine - Téléchargement dessin animé - Comptine Dessin Animé Bébé Cochon Chanson - Téléchargement dessin animé - Chanson Dessin Animé Bébé Cochon Karaoké - Musique - Téléchargement Musique Dessin Animé Berlingot le crapaud Mini - Téléchargement dessin animé - Chanson Dessin Animé Boum, bing, bang, c'est Pâques Comptine - Comptine - Téléchargement Comptine Dessin Animé Chauve-Souris Chanson - Téléchargement dessin animé - Chanson Dessin Animé Chauve-Souris Karaoké - Musique - Téléchargement Musique

Admin-Friendly Sneaky Input Activities | Magister P. Here are 4 sneaky activities that don’t seem like input at first glance. I call them “admin-friendly” because when there’s conflict over providing CI, it’s usually someone in a position of power who just wants to see the kind of schoolwork that makes more sense/is familiar to them. Unfortunately, that kind of observable schoolwork is output, or something completely non-communicative, or not even in the target language. I must admit that these 4 activities appear output-heavy, but they aren’t, so pay attention… Summary & WriteUsing this template, Students have 10 minutes to write an English summary of what was read the day before, then continue writing that story, or change the ending. Write & DiscussTowards the end of class (10-15 minutes?) Timed WritesStudents write their own story for 5 minutes. Like this: Like Loading...

Mes parents, leur restaurant et moi « France Bienvenue Un petit restaurant en Provence, des spécialités de la région, une terrasse ombragée… Evidemment, ça peut faire rêver. Mais pour Marion, pas le temps de flâner, car elle travaille dans ce restaurant avec ses parents, quand elle n’est pas en cours. C’est qu’on n’arrête pas dans un restaurant ! Marion nous explique tout ça, ainsi que la façon dont ses parents l’ont élevée. Transcription:M: Marion / A: Anne A: Bonjour Marion.M: Bonjour.A: Alors, qu’est-ce que vous faites dans votre temps libre ? Des explications: 1. ce que j’ai besoin: normalement, il faut dire: ce dont j’ai besoin. Votre avis nous intéresse ! TELECHARGER: Marion et le restaurant de ses parents – France Bienvenue Like this: J'aime chargement… Sur le même thème Impressions d'une jeune serveuse Retour au restaurant de Marion, que vous connaissez déjà, pour aborder d'autres sujets. Dans "La vie étudiante" Des vacances très attendues Pour Melissa, les vacances sont enfin toutes proches ! Les pizzas du samedi soir

Easy sentence builder frames I've uploaded to a number of easy sentence builder frames for near-beginners. These are aimed at the full range of ability and could be exploited in a number of ways to maximise recycling of high frequency verbs and chunks. The example below is followed by a possible teaching sequence. On fait des phrases – LE WEEKEND PROCHAIN Mode d’emploi Here is a possible teaching sequence. 1. 2. 3. hands up or down. 4. 5. 6. 7. each sentence orally, then they complete. 8. 9. 10. if you give them a copy of the sentence frame.

Level 1 Writing Assessment ACTFL Proficiency Quick Quiz Rubrics – Loading up my little darlings with Com... We’re off and running….already 3 weeks into the 2018-2018 school year! There are some new changes around here: We’re one-to-one with technology for the first time; every little darling has a school assigned Chromebook. Some background knowledge: The Great State of Nevada has assigned proficiency targets for each level. This is a total paradigm shift for me…I used to grade reading and listening by asking comprehension questions: the kids who got them all right earned As, the kids who missed a few earned Bs, the kids who sorta kinda understood it earned Cs and so on. Level 1 Listening Quiz Rubric Level 1 Reading Quiz Rubric Level 2 Listening Quiz Rubric Level 2 Reading Quiz Rubric Level 3 Listening Quiz Rubric Level 3 Reading Quiz Rubric Level 4 Listening Quiz Rubric Level 4 Reading Quiz Rubric If you’d like to edit any of the documents above, just make a copy and knock yourself out! A few things… -The rubrics look suspiciously similar across levels…that’s OK! Work smarter, not harder! Like this:

Back At'Cha - The Comprehensible Classroom I’m taking advantage of Ellis’ after-church nap to catch up on the blogs that I follow…. (By the way, Bob Lenz was the guest speaker at our church today, and this was maybe the third or fourth time that I heard him speak. He speaks at many schools about bullying, self-harm, substance abuse, and more, and I would highly recommend bringing him to YOUR school. He is hilarious and his message is powerful. (He has secular presentations in additions to the ones that he does for churches and youth groups.) …and I read this post from Cynthia Hitz (@sonrisadelcampo). Five (5) points for each NEW (previously unsaid) sentence from the story that is said by a team member that has NOT already contributedThree (3) points for each NEW (previously unsaid) sentence from the story that is said by a team member that HAS ALREADY contributed.One (1) point for each sentence from the story that has already been said, as long as it is said by someone that has NOT already contributed. Like this: Like Loading...

écriture créative: write a poem about your phone Google Translate beaters Google Translate is a really useful tool, but some teachers say that they have stopped setting written work to be done at home because students are cheating by using it. On a number of occasions I have seen teachers asking what tasks can be set which make the use of Google Translate hard or impossible. Having given this some thought I have come up with one possible Google Translate-beating task type. It's a two way gapped translation exercise where students have to complete gaps in two parallel texts, one in French, one in English. There are no complete sentences which can be copied and pasted into Google. This is what one looks like. English _____. French Bonjour. __ _’_______ David. I think pupils would find this type of task a suitable, puzzle-solving challenge.

LA PERSONA ESPECIAL-PROCESS - Bryce Hedstrom - TPRS Materials & Training Gerry is staring the Persona Especial interviews with his classes this week. He and I have been discussing this amazing acquisition activity for a few days and he had some good questions about the process: Okay, Bryce, I’m getting a little better grip on this. Now I’m wondering about the nuts and bolts of this, like how many questions you start with while you are constructing the whole platform and teaching them to answer them. Since I’m starting this well behind you, I want to be careful to nurture this through the beginning stages when I’m asking them to change and adopt this willingly. Thank you! Here is my first response to get him going: To get an idea about the questions asked–both the number of questions and the content–just look at the bottom of each class on the Persona Especial document that I sent you. 1. Teacher to student: What is your name? Student to teacher: My name is ___ Teacher to student: Your name is ____? Student to teacher: I prefer ___. Class: Ohhh! 2. 3. “Oh! 4. 5.

10+ Variations on PQA PQA (Personalized Questions & Answers) is a mainstay in many TPRS and CI-based classrooms. However, you might want to change it up every now and again. In this post you will find several variations on PQA that will look different even though the basics of going slow, getting repetitions, digging deeper, etc. will remain the same. If you would like a refresher on the basics of PQA and some general tips for success, I would suggest that you read this article first. Drawings: Have students illustrate their answer to a PQA question . Once students are done drawing, find an interesting illustration and start discussing it (while confirming details with the student, asking circling questions, etc.). Extension Activities Play-doh: Play-doh PQA is like doing PQA with drawings because the play-doh gives you something physical to talk about. Polling: Try a poll or survey and discuss the results. SaveSave