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Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Welcome back, ARTFOL!O Magazine | MagCloud refers to a group of artists who have worked in the medium of Internet art since 1994. The main members of this movement are Vuk Ćosić,, Alexei Shulgin, Olia Lialina, and Heath Bunting (, Daniel García Andújar, Heath Bunting, Rachel Baker and Minerva Cuevas). Although this group was formed as a parody of avant garde movements by writers such as Tilman Baumgärtel, Josephine Bosma, Hans Dieter Huber and Pit Schultz, their individual works have little in common. The term "" is also used as a synonym for net art or Internet art and covers a much wider range of artistic practices. In this wider definition, means art that uses the Internet as its medium and that cannot be experienced in any other way. Often has the Internet as (part of) its subject matter but this is not required. History of the movement[edit] The movement arose in the context of the wider development of Internet art. Online social networks[edit] See also[edit]

HASTED HUNT KRAEUTLER :: HOME Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Biography[edit] Rafael Lozano-Hemmer was born in Mexico City in 1967.[1] He emigrated to Canada in 1985 to study at the University of Victoria in British Columbia and then at Concordia University in Montreal.[2] The son of Mexico City nightclub owners, Mr. Lozano-Hemmer was drawn to science but could not resist joining the creative activities that his friends did.[3] Initially he worked in a molecular recognition lab in Montreal[4] and published his research in Chemistry journals,[5] a far cry from his now famous installation works that are featured around the world. Though he did not pursue the sciences as a direct career, it has influenced his work in many ways,[6] providing conceptual inspiration and practical approaches to create his work. Lozano-Hemmer is best known for creating theatrical interactive installations in public spaces across Europe, Asia and America. Artworks[edit] "Today in digital art,--actually all art--, has awareness. Text art[edit] Relational architecture[edit]