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5 So-Called Signs of Genius That Any Idiot Can Learn

5 So-Called Signs of Genius That Any Idiot Can Learn
You know what would be cool? Superhuman intelligence. To walk into a room like Dr. House or Sherlock Holmes and show everyone your brain works twice as fast as theirs. Because with very little practice, you can ... #5. Getty When pop culture is tasked with presenting us characters who speak 17 languages, know way too much about far too many subjects, and/or are insufferably intelligent in general, speed reading tends to be the go-to skill to display their talent. Or the text is just really large. Well, here's good news for the vast majority of people who aren't Mensa-brained but want to appear to be: An ability to read quickly doesn't require a genius IQ, even if it will fool people at parties into thinking you have one. Provided you already know how to read (in which case, hi!) Getty"OK, now read the entire Harry Potter series in eight minutes ... go!" Keep doing it -- you'll be amazed at how fast you pick it up. #4. That is, unless you read the manual."Hacks!" #3.

How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial - Make Your Own Talk Show, Music Program or Audio Stream I'm often asked by visitors to this site how to start an Internet radio station. But, often they are over-thinking it. Offering audio on the Internet can be done in many ways and it just keeps getting easier. Podcasts Come in Various Flavors Podcasts are easy to do whether you DIY with an audio editor and your own website or use a third-party to create it and host it. But, now, just placing an audio file online at your website and informing users to "click to listen" to your "Podcast on-demand" is sufficient in many cases, especially if you know ahead of time that you are doing a limited amount of podcasts. Thanks to broadband, the moment your audio file begins playing uninterrupted through the end-users player, you have achieved the same effect as Internet Radio. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck - it's a duck. How Complicated Do You Want This?

10 oddball skills that could save your ass 1. Odd manipulation skills: Learn how to use your “off hand” for various tasks. Learn how to use your feet to pick things up or manipulate door knobs, light switches etc. You never know if you will be forced to operate minus your “strong hand” or any hands. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Like this: Like Loading...

81 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Matters We recently launched our new course How to Start a Blog That Matters . To coincide with the launch, we’ve compiled a huge list of the blog topics suggested by all of you for our Million Dollar Blog Project . We used one of these to create our new blog Expert Enough , but there are tons of great ideas left on the list. There are websites about nearly everything imaginable, but that doesn’t mean that they are all good. At Think Traffic, we believe that anyone that puts in the right amount of focused effort can build an audience online, even if it is about an obscure topic. Don’t know what topic to start your blog on? (Some of the most creative ideas people came up with are in bold.) Self improvement/Self-Hypnosis Health & Fitness for Busy People Language Learning Blogs How to Travel on a Budget (Best hotel deals. Now its your turn. We’d love to hear any ideas you have for a blog you are creating yourself or one you’d love to read. Starting a blog is actually easy. Learn anything?

How to Plan Your Biography 0 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 0 Flares × Warning: This is long – 4 times as long as most of my articles – but it’s one of the most important pieces I’ve written yet. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing right now, bookmark it and come back when you do. If you want to understand my strategy for getting the very most out of my life, it’s worth the read. Here’s an idea: rather than waiting the rest of your life to write your biography, why not start now? Truth is, if you don’t start pre-writing your biography right now, you probably won’t have much to actually write when it comes time to. Even though some of the most interesting and accomplished people on Earth lived for the moment, they also held a strong vision of who they could become. Look at Oprah Winfrey. Look at Bob Dylan. Look at Debbi Fields, famous for Mrs. Sometimes, making a plan feels like a lot of work, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not much more than a blink of the eye. And, of course, it all starts with…

How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review Every year since 2005, I’ve spent the better part of a week in late December planning my life for the next year. Overall, this is probably the best decision I’ve made in terms of working towards multiple goals simultaneously. The idea is to create a road map for the year ahead—not a rigid daily schedule, but an overall outline of what matters to me and what I hope to achieve in the next year. I complete this process in bits and pieces over several days, partly because of my ADD brain but also because it helps to think about it slowly. In this essay I’ll take you step-by-step through what I do every December to help plan the next year. By the way, the kind of goal-setting I practice and advocate is vastly different from: Resolutions that are broken after January 10. Devoting time to this exercise is like doing an Annual Review at work, except usually more productive and always more fun. The Spreadsheet Here you can download a template based on what I use to do this exercise. Starting Out

Start a Chapter PAW (Pittsburgh Area Wizards) at a meeting You believe in the power of story to inspire social change. You feel strongly about taking an active role in the improvement and empowerment of your local community. Sounds like you’d make an excellent Chapter Organizer! Our COs have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience as leaders in a non-profit setting while playing an active role in real social change. Interested? It's Okay To Be Smart Edit Nodes: New nodemap 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog Writing paid post is perhaps the most straight forward ways to earn some revenue from blogging. The way pay post works hasn’t changed much; after reaching mutual agreement with advertisers, you write about them, they pay you. And if there is a 3rd party (middle man company) involve, they take cut. Most middle man company provides marketplace for advertisers to look for publishers, vice versa. If you firmly believe that writing pay post is one good way to revenue from your blog, here’s a list of web services that pays you to write for them. Sponsored Reviews<IMG src="/blog/wp-content/uploads/paidpost/sponsoredreviews.png" alt="sponsored reviews" srcset="" sizes=""> Earn cash by writing honest reviews about our advertiser’s products and services. We’ll pay you to write about what you love.