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40 Fundamental Illustrator Tutorials You Must Know

40 Fundamental Illustrator Tutorials You Must Know
Learning a new software application can be a difficult task, especially when there is an application that is as deep as Adobe Illustrator! Fortunately, Teresa illustrator colection veterans who are generous enough time to take the basic document, so that new users of the first activities to capture and gain knowledge of tools and basic techniques. This collection of tutorials covering various dialer tools and provides many useful tips and advice. Together, they constitute a very useful tool for all beginners who work with their heads, put up in Adobe Illustrator. 1. How to Create a Gearbox Settings Icon Using Simple Shapes Many things can be in Illustrator need not be the tool Pen, as evidenced by the recent Hourglass tutorial. 2. A great looking abstract designs can be created from the simplest form. 3. This tutorial will show you how a Western-style primary treatment with Illustrator to achieve results. 4. 5.Illustrator Tutorial: Surprise Gift 6. 7. 8.Create a cool water effect 10. 11.

40 Useful Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard when it comes to creating web page layouts. Photoshop’s versatility, robust set of tools, and excellent workflow management make it the web designer’s preferred application when creating designs for the web. In this collection, you’ll find 40 high-quality tutorials on creating web layouts from scratch using Photoshop. This article contains a copious variety of tutorials to help you learn and master the various techniques involved in creating beautiful web layouts. 1. Create a dark, clean, and usable blog style layout. 2. Learn how to create an elaborate and decorative design with paper textures. 3. In this tutorial, you’ll see how to make a clean/grungy layout. 4. This tutorial goes over how to create a dark-themed, classy web design. 5. Learn how to create a simple and modern web layout using Photoshop. 6. In this tutorial, you’ll read a detailed discussion on creating a grungy web design. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

Vector Splats: 21 Amazing Splats for Illustrator Several months ago I created this set of 21 Vector Splats for my friends at Vectortuts+. Typically, I like to let several weeks go by before I post one of these sets on this site but for whatever reason I forgot to mention this set until now. There are a lot of splats out there but this set is really nice and includes quite a bit of detail. Keep in mind that this set is only available to Vector Plus members so if you’re a member, head over to Vectortuts+ and download it. If you’re not a member, consider joining; it really is a nice program. File type: .ai Compatibility: Illustrator CS+ Size: 29 MB About Grant Friedman Grant Friedman is a graphic design, blogger, and author.

45+ Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Cartoon Character Illustrations With the rise of modern technology, hand-drawn sketches are now converted and enhanced using state-of-the-art facilities. Character Illustrations or Cartoons are now given more depth, texture and emotions through a wide-array of techniques used by modern designers. Designers nowadays are able to play with their hand-drawn sketches- pushing the boundaries of their imagination. Adobe Illustrator is one of the best applications when it comes in creating cartoons and illustrations because of the vector feature. It preserves the quality and details of the artwork even if it has been resized. Listed below are 45+ Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Illustration Characters that will be useful for beginners, intermediate and advance users of Adobe illustrators in creating vector characters. How to Turn a Sketch into a Fat Cat Vector Illustration A tutorial on creating a sketchbook to screen image, starting from the initial concept to vector goodness is given above. Basic Shading and Lighting

Shortcut cheat sheet: Adobe Illustrator - Designer Blog Designer Blog Being a designer is a time-consuming business. We’re always looking for ways to save time and using keyboard shortcuts is one of our favorite ways to do that. Plus, it’s just fun. But there are so many shortcuts out there. Plus, it’s printable! Enjoy :) Don’t want to use these shortcuts? If you don’t use Illustrator — no worries. Check out our other Shortcut Cheat Sheets: Adobe Photoshop If there is a program you want a cheat sheet for, list it in the comments! Kaitlyn is part of the Community Team at Kaitlyn Ellison

Amazing Photoshop light effect in 10 Steps Last year I had written a tutorial showing how to create some lighting effects in Photoshop, it was called Magic Lighting Effects. A lot of people liked it, but some people still have some questions on how to achieve that effect. When I added a “buy me a coffee” featured on my blog I decided to use an image I had done when I was showing my cousin how to do the Magic effect. Instead of using a hat I used a coffee cup and the process is basically the same, however this time I will explain it in more details. Step 1 Create a new document, apply a Layer Style on the background layer. Step 2 Here I've used an icon I found on a cool site, but you can use whatever you want. Step 3 Select the Ellipse Tool (U) and create a shape like I did. Step 4 Create a new Folder name it “Light Effects”. Step 5 In order to create the sparks we will use the amazing brush engine. Step 6 Using the Layer Styles add a Outer Glow to the sparks Step 7 Lets add some smoke. Step 8 Step 9 Conclusion

Mastering Photoshop With Paths - Smashing Magazine Anomalously residing within the pixel-gridded world of Photoshop are a series of tools waiting to break out of the canvas’ inherent squareness. Mastering these tools opens the stage for a higher level of flexibility, full of clean lines and non-destructive editing. Presented here is a guide to help you build proficiency, increase productivity and demystify the elusive world of Paths. Creation Pen Tool The Pen tool ( ) – simple to use but difficult to master. Always use as few points as possible. Place an anchor at every acute or abrupt angle. Mid-curve anchors should be placed to comfortably accommodate curve transitions. To help set anchor points, you can turn on the ‘Rubber Band’ option – located in the drop-down next to the Custom Shape Tool button in the Pen’s property bar. Shape Tool The Shape Tool ( ) gives you access to standard geometric shapes as well as more complex presets with the Custom Shape setting. From Type From Selections Implementation Modes Shape Layer Vector Mask Use Combining

80 Best-Of Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, Brushes, .EPSs and Resources Jan 18 2009 For months, we have been bookmarking interesting, useful and creative Adobe Illustrator tutorials and Resources, so you can now rest assured that you will have the necessary tools to get the job done. Due to this phenomenally vast amount of vector packs, brushes, patterns available, you can now add dirt, rust, floral effect, swirls, mold, oil stains in your artwork and to give it any look you want. So in today’s post, you’ll find an assortment of top-notch tutorials, brushes, patterns, vector packs, tips & tricks and .EPS downloadable files that others have freely contributed to the design community. To make your job a little bit easier, we have categorized this post into 6 section, the links below will get you to your desired section. Adobe Illustrator Tutorials - Create a Gang of Vector Ninjas - Logo Design Project Step by Step Walkthrough Follow this step by step documentation of the whole process of the logo design from conception to completion. - Master Painting in Illustrator

How to create an intricate vector heart illustration Here's the illustration we'll be creating today. It features a range of vector shapes and elements that combine to produce a super intricate and detailed pattern within the overall heart outline. Open up Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Use the Pathfinder tool to merge all the shapes together, then go to Object - Path - Offset Path. Copy (CMD+C) and Paste Behind (CMD+B) the outline, then switch the stroke to 5pt weight with round options checked, then select the Dashed Line options and enter 0pt dash and 5pt gap. Make another offset path, this time with -2mm settings. Elsewhere on the artboard draw a circle and give it a Zig Zag effect (Effect - Distort - Zig Zag). Create an offset path duplicate of this shape, then give the original a white stroke to differentiate between the two. Draw and align a circle to the centre of the shapes then give it some tweaking with the Pucker and Bloat effect from the Distort menu. Continue creating random shapes to build up the detail.

Digital Photography Tutorials Learn how to take and edit digital photographs using visual tutorials that emphasize concept over procedure, independent of specific digital camera or lens. This is a complete listing of all tutorials on this site; click the drop-down links in the top menu to see particular topics. Photography is going through an exciting transition period as many film photographers are beginning to explore the new capabilities of digital cameras. While the fundamentals have remained similar, other aspects are markedly different. These tutorials are rarely influenced by changes in image editing software and camera equipment — due to their unique concept-based approach. View in other languages: Português Русский Deutsch Français Italiano

The Ultimate Collection Of Free Vector Packs - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Designers love freebies that make life easier and help them create higher-quality work. Free vectors are useful, free vector packs even more so. Fortunately, there are plenty of talented graphic designers who are willing to give away their work (or samples of it) to benefit the rest of us. Many of the vectors featured here would be useful for particular styles of design and specific types of websites. Abstract Blobs and Bursts1 A pack of 10 vectors for creating abstract effects. Wavy Vector Ribbons3 A pack of 7 trendy vectors of wavy lines. Trendy Circles5 Another trendy collection, this one containing six variations. Circles7 Different types and combinations of circles are in this pack. Weird Bubbles9 If other circles don’t meet your needs, ten vectors are included in this pack. Modern Arrows11 An easy way to add a trendy style to your designs. Vector Lines, Swirls and Patterns13 This vector pack includes 20 different lines and swirls. Bird Vectors33 A high-quality sample pack.

15 Useful & Innovative Icon Photoshop Tutorials When one talks about design we can’t over look the importance of Icon. Icon always consider as an important element of impressive and effective web design. Icon represents images, pictures or any representation, thus it covers all aspects of beautiful and impressive web design. Creating an icon isn’t easy task; it demands lots of endeavors and imagination. 1. This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a detailed Fuji X 100 Camera icon in Photoshop. 2. This tutorial will teach you how to make a sweet and tasty donut icon from an initial sketch. 3. This tutorial will let you show how to create a realistic padlock icon in Adobe Photoshop. 4. This tutorial will be using Adobe Photoshop to create a modern map with dropped pin icon. 5. This tutorial will show you how to create a Coffee Icon. 6. This tutorial will show you a general process for making a wooden, grungy-themed social media icon in Photoshop. 7. 8. 9. This guide will walk you through how to create Google Docs Icon. 10. 11. 12. 13.