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Collectif - conception et réalisation de dispositifs interactifs

Collectif - conception et réalisation de dispositifs interactifs

Open collaborative design - AdCiv Anyone who has the desire can contribute. In practice, collaborative projects usually attract a core of dedicated, passionate amateurs (often young people and teenagers) with an interest in the relevant subject. Everyone (or nearly everyone) is passionate about something, whether rock climbing or chess or music or architecture or physics — open collaboration harnesses this enthusiasm and uses it to build something for the good of all. The Internet allows a person to find others who share their passion and network with them. The mountain bike, for instance, was developed by a group of enthusiastic cyclists who were dissatisfied with mass-produced racing bikes. Charles Leadbeater has put forward convincing evidence that innovation and design are being driven increasingly by groups of dedicated and highly skilled amateurs, whom he calls professional amateurs. edit Why is this a good thing? Economic realities discourage large corporations from being really innovative. Well, nothing really.

Tobias Muthesius Made In Design : Mobilier Contemporain, Luminaire et Décoration tendance pour maison et jardin Open Source Economies: An Emergent Solution? Open source efforts on the Internet have coupled talent from all over the world in a distributed fashion to produce some of most successful software designs. The advantages to this approach are numerous; anyone with the talent who has access to the Internet can openly contribute to these projects. Credentials and entrenched hierarchies are thrown away, as are the need to be connected by geography. The potential advantages are great. Of course the next step for this new open source economy to emerge is to extend the efforts from software into the realm of physical production. For starters, the burning of a cubic mile per year of dinosaur blood and prehistoric plants for our industrial revolution has unleashed millions of years of solar energy, and within a mere two centuries the lifeblood of our current form of industrialism is running out, leaving our economies and more importantly our ecosystems in a perilous balance. This is where a project like Open Source Ecology (OSE) comes in.

Karl D.D. Willis /////////// ArcStreet ////////// ARCHITECTURE ART DESIGN FASHION MUSIC & CO /////////////////////////////////////////// Main Page VR/URBAN | reclaim the screens | Interactive Media Installation | Joon&Jung Designteller La Cantine Contactez-nous Pour organiser un événement ou pour toute autre question. Réservez un espace Réserver nos espaces pour vos événements. Suivez-nous S'inscrire à la newsletter : Venez travailler Réserver en ligne une place de coworking ou une salle de réunion. Rejoignez la communauté Voir et rejoindre ceux qui gravitent autour du Numa. Du 5 au 7 mai, OuiShare Fest revient et met les communautés à l’honneur Publié le 04/04/2014 OuiShare, association et communauté internationale des acteurs de l’économie collaborative, est heureuse d’annoncer la seconde édition du OuiShare Fest à Paris du 5 au 7 mai 2014, le festival de l’économie collaborative, qui sera consacré cette année à l'Âge des communautés. Lire la suite Intersection conference Following the success of our 2012 book Intersection about strategic design in such environments, this conference aims to bring together enterprises, practitioners and experts from a large variety... Découvrez nos locaux ! Agrandir le plan Connectez-vous au RDC En savoir plus

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