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Cereal Magazine » A place for us to share our experiences in food, drink and travel.

Cereal Magazine » A place for us to share our experiences in food, drink and travel.

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20 jobs that let you travel the world Finding the coolest U.S. places to have travel jobs If you can’t remember the last time you went on vacation and refused to check your inbox, you’re not alone. Expedia’s 2016 Vacation Deprivation Study recently revealed that American workers collectively failed to take 375 million paid vacation days within the past year. Lucky Peach LUCKY PEACH is a quarterly journal of food and writing. Each issue focuses on a single theme, and explores that theme through essays, art, photography, and recipes. “A glorious, improbable artifact… Lucky Peach is not only something to behold, it is also something to hold, a reminder of print’s true wingspan.” —THE NEW YORK TIMES

16 Disappointing Attractions - The Secret Traveller The Secret Traveller facebooktwittergoogleemail By The Secret Traveller Sorry guys, you’re not going to love everything when you travel. Some destinations and attractions will be amazing, for sure. But some of them will be average, some will be boring, and some will be plain disappointing. newdistributionhouse Publisher: Kai Von RabenauEditor: Urs Bellermann, Josephine Bobeck, Melissa Canbaz, Mareike Dittmer, Eva Gonçalves, Caroline Heuer, Renko Heuer, Ute Kühn, Göksu Kunak, Magdalena Magiera, Florian Rehn, Anna Saulwick, Anke Schleper, Tina WesselLanguage: English Pages: 44 Size: 6 x 8 in Binding: SoftcoverImpregnated with 12 smells A huge waft of air bellows forth when I arrive at the door of Sissel Tolaas’ Wilmersdorfer flat in Berlin. Sissel is waiting for me, tall and thin-limbed. Her tousled platinum-blonde bob crowns a chic black ensemble, setting off a contrast of extremes. Expansiveness, breath, energy.

I'm Broke And I Travel Anyway. Here's How To Travel With No Money. - A Broken Backpack How to travel with no money? How to travel when you’re broke? It this really possible? Travelling seems to be a luxury for many. 5 Jobs That Let You Travel, Make Money & Escape Your Cubicle So you’re like me, stuck in a cubicle in the corporate world and you want to break away from the 3 walled prison cell. Only one HUGE thing is standing in the way, you’re afraid of becoming homeless and would like to find jobs that let you travel. I hear you. How to Start a Travel Blog in 2017- A SUPER easy step by step guide How to Start a Travel Blog in 2017 (UPDATE: March 7th 2017) How to Start a Travel Blog; A 5 Step Guide to How You Can Start a Travel Blog in Less Than 30 minutes… Blogging changed my life, I went from being a broke English teacher in Asia to making over a million dollars, buying properties in London and Bangkok, Thailand, traveling to almost every country in the world, and now truly being free. That’s my honest story.I get invited to luxury hotels in every corner of the world, get offers to keynote conferences from Algeria, to Dublin to Hungary. TV shows, free gear, respect in my field.

How We Became (Half) Millionaires for Points - GQ trippin You’d be surprised we’re a little late in the game of travel hacking — we probably should have started years ago then maybe by now, we’d be in the millions, but I was perfectly content with my single cash back card and didn’t think twice about the possibilities. As tempting as free luxury hotel stays and first class flights sound, it also looks like a lot of work. Or so I thought. 10 tips for starting a kickass travel blog - Young Adventuress It’s been almost five years since I started this blog. I can barely believe it. When have I ever committed to anything that long?