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Let's Travel Somewhere

Let's Travel Somewhere

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Dreamer - Responsive One Page Parallax Template Description If you are searching something different and out of the line, please check out the Dreamer – Responsive One Page Parallax Template. Dreamer is a fully configurable and easy to use one page parallax template with a lot of great features. It has been specifically designed to be easily customized and it’s created for creatives who want to make portfolio in few minutes. Photo & Video Version Fullscreen video background version is available HERE!

Jatun Sacha - Greetings! - Great Wilderness continues to work on biodiversity preservation in both Ecuador and Venezuela. We are succeeding in our mission to "Help People Help Nature". It is near the end of the year and as you prepare your taxes, please consider donating to Great Wilderness. It is easy to go to our website and donate. Valentina Gallo Valentina Gallo is an Italian designer with an eye for creativity, a love for design and a passion for handcrafted products. Growing up in The Marche Region in Italy, “The land of the shoes”, which for years has been renowned for the finest quality shoes in the World, Valentina Gallo was immediately surrounded and inspired by this unique culture devoted to art and shoes. This timeless tradition is reflected in her own fine design.Valentina Gallo studied and lived in key cities to shape her career in the fashion World, such as Milan, Buenos Aires, Miami, Madrid, Berlin, and Sydney, to name a few.

About weltunit is a practically and strategically working Studio for Design in Berlin Kreuzberg. We do spatial design on all scales, developing spaces, objects and scenarios of sustainable quality. Working in the fields: Architecture & Interior Design – design & planning, contract specifications and instructing of craftsmen – especially carpentry and joinery, cost analysis, visualization, program and strategy Product Design, Prototyping, Designconcepts, development of scenarios, digital strategies, design and conceptualize interfaces Besides our own Projects we offer services and freelance capacities. our clients will profit strongly from our ability and willingness to experiment and explore uncommon paths.

zolkc - Technology Our technology combined with our strategic approach towards amazing content is revolutionizing the interpretive tour. For decades the audio guide has been the standard in non human interpretive touring. Visitors search for a number on a wall, punch it into the audio guide and the appropriate story is told. But the world has changed with the growth of the app powered smartphone market and traditional audio guides are today failing to deliver a satisfying visitor experience. Now tourism venues across the world are realising that they can implement a premium experience for their visitors through devices and supporting software that is smart enough to know exactly where a visitor is using location based technologies.

18 Websites that Take Scrolling to the Next Level There was a time when the common practice was to try and place all content above the fold. But now, instead of fearing the scroll, web designers and developers are embracing the need to scroll, and using it as opportunity to engage the user with background reveals, element animations, and other clever effects based on the pages scroll position. So in an effort to inspire you, we’ve gathered a collection of websites that take scrolling to the next level.

Solo – bringing beauty to Project Management Solo is a new, stunningly designed project management app. The UI is a serious work of beauty. (Hello there, grids!) This app almost makes me want to take on clients again. Hat tip! (thank you Jerome) Ecoturismo - Quiénes somos is a website devoted to promoting all kinds of nature based travel (ecotourism, rural tourism, agritourism, adventure travel, extreme sports, etc.) in the Americas. It comprises natural based or alternative tourist establishments located throughout the length and breadth of the Americas. We offer the possibility to search establishments by country, kind of activity (horseback riding, birdwatching, mountain biking, etc.) or name. This allows Internet users to quickly find what they are looking for.

works: design, webdesign, branding Web design Designing and building websites is something we never stop doing, and we love every second of it. Most likely, we`re even doing it right now as you are reading this. Top 25 travel Web sites By Xander Kaplan, Nina Willdorf, Tanvi Chheda, Jessica Shaw and Jennifer Welbel (Travel + Leisure) -- The Web is an essential tool for travelers, but as booking engines and trip forums evolve and multiply, you have to know where to look -- and whom to trust. To help you, Travel + Leisure has assembled the ultimate online guide. Getting There Comparing top aggregators Sidestep and Kayak, we found that eight-year-old Sidestep's flight tool has a slight edge: A handy matrix at the top of the results page gives an overview of the lowest prices pulled from 600 airlines across 200 sites.