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Story Wheel Lite Wordament Grammaropolis Plickers Shakespeare StoryLines For Schools | Best Apps for Kids : reviews, news and promo codes for iPhone / iPad / iPod apps StoryLines For Schools is a drawing game app with an educational component, creating appeal for kids, parents, and teachers. It is reminiscent of the old school “Telephone” game, and is sure to cause fits of giggles during play. The game allows for 3, 5, 7, or 9 players. It begins with a player typing in a phrase or choosing an option from four different categories: elementary vocabulary, intermediate vocabulary, SAT words, or quotes. This allows the game to have an educational purpose, as players then have to visualize and draw out the phrase for the next player. The next player types in what they think the phrase is, based on the picture. As anyone who has played Telephone knows, this leads to all kind of hilarious alterations of the original content. The game is appropriate for anyone who is old enough to read, draw, and type. StoryLines has two different versions to choose from. The Bottom Line Like this: Like Loading...

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