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Moxtra - Mobile Collaboration - Free Online Video Editor Put Bitdefender Rescue CD on a USB Flash Drive Easily put Bitdefender Rescue CD on a USB Flash Drive: Bitdefender Rescue CD is a free bootable anti virus scanner created by Bitdefender and based on the Knoppix Linux Operating System. It can be used to independently scan your computer for viruses, and then remove those threats if necessary. In the following section, we show you one way to quickly put Bitdefender Rescue CD on a USB Flash Drive by using our Universal USB Installer from Windows. Bitdefender Rescue CD – running from a USB Flash Drive: Distribution Home Page: Bitdefender Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 512MB Persistent Feature: No Bitdefender Rescue CD Live USB Flash Drive Creation Essentials Windows PC (XP/VIsta/7) to perform the conversionBitDefenderRescueCD_###.iso128MB or larger USB flash drive (fat32 formatted)Universal USB Installer (does the USB conversion) Bitdefender Rescue CD Live USB Flash Drive Creation tutorial If all went well, you should be booting from your very own Bitdefender Rescue USB.

ExamTime Features Why was CloneSpy written? Do you often download files from the Internet? Is your hard drive crowded with these files? Have you ever asked yourself which files you have downloaded more than once? Perhaps you have burned files to a CD and retrieved them again? What can CloneSpy do? With CloneSpy you can process files which are duplicatesare duplicates and have the same file namehave the same file namehave the same file name and (approximately) the same sizeare zero bytes long CloneSpy offers you a complete mechanism for determining which duplicate or same-name files should be removed. CloneSpy can handle equal files by deleting redundant filesmoving redundant files to a specific folderexporting a list of all equal files without removing any filesdeferring file operations on redundant files to a batch file where you can apply arbitrary file operationsreplacing redundant files with shortcuts or hard links (NTFS) to retained files Screenshots of CloneSpy:

Cards | Plickers - Clickers, Simplified A durable, matte-laminated version of ourstandard set is also available for sale on Plickers Card Tips & Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can I use the same card set for multiple classes? A: Yes, you would simply use the same set (or print out multiples of the same set) of cards across the classes. Plickers will let you assign cards to students in each class, so you might have, for example, six #1 cards assigned to six different students. Q: How do you recommend printing these cards? A: To ensure that the Plickers app reads the cards quickly and easily, we'd recommend printing on white paper or cardstock. Q: Why does the standard set of cards feature smaller font for the letter answers? A: We want you to have the most accurate data possible about what your students do and don't know, and we want your students to feel comfortable answering honestly. More Questions? Find more information about using Plickers on our FAQ Page.

The Easiest Way to Scan and Update Your Device Drivers Updated: 08/19/2013 Home » Tools » The Easiest Way to Scan and… Drivers are the small program acting like a middleware between hardware and operating system that helps the parts of your computer communicate well with each other. Without them running properly, you won’t have a working computer for you. It’s an equal important component, though invisible most of the time, that keep everything together working like a single piece. But how many of us are doing this? Driver Booster is an ultimate free driver updater that not only scans to find out-of-date drivers, but also updates them with the latest drivers available online. Driver Booster – Update All The program can also be set to automatically run at Windows startup, and be scheduled to scan on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Driver Booster works primarily on Windows, from XP to Windows 8. Verdict Not like many others on the market, Driver Booster does scan as well as update.

Matemáticas para la vida - La red social para aprender matemáticas SVN Merge Branch To Trunk with minimal Tree Conflicts | Milan Adamovsky's Blog After having spent (too) much time trying to figure out how to get around receiving Tree Conflicts when I merge my branch with my trunk I have finally found a solution. I'm a little disappointed that SVN makes this task somewhat difficult, but this is not surprising since apparently SVN is not designed for branching according to Apache's best practices. Development Environment Setup In my development environment I prefer to branch off my trunk into dev projects in a very pessimistic way: Let me mess up with no negative impact. In other words I want to isolate my active development into its own sandbox to where I can have the peace of mind that I am free to experiment, corrupt files, corrupt code, and do anything I want with no consequences. As a result of this I work in isolated branches. SVN layout A typical setup will look something similar to this: /projects /projectA /branches /active /tags /trunk /projectB /branches /active /tags /trunk /projectC /branches /active /tags /trunk Problem

ON THE FLY COMPRESSION/UNCOMPRESSION IS EASY ON UNIX, BUT ALSO ON WINDOWS | Bienvenido/Welcome By There are a number of situations where the output results of a program become the input data for other program (for example you may want to compress your backup file with gzip tool and the compressed file be encrypted with Rijndael algorithm using GNU aes tool) When both programs support stdin and stdout as a mechanism for input output, you can easily pipe the output of the first program to the input of the second program at the command line. gzip –c mybackupfile.bkp | aes –e -p mypass -o mybackupfile.bkp.gz.enc Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some programs don’t accept stdin and stdout for data input output (this is the case of Oracle import/export tools or Microsoft bcp tool). On Unix environments these cases have been typically solved using mknod tool to create an OS file pipe. As an example, here you can find a largely used script by Oracle DBA to perform on the fly compression of an export operation # Make a pipe mknod expdat.dmp p sleep 5

Leveler Batch Processor The Auphonic Leveler is an intelligent Desktop Batch Audio File Processor which analyzes your audio and corrects level differences between speakers, between music and speech and between multiple audio files to achieve a balanced overall loudness. It includes a True Peak Limiter, targets for common Loudness Standards (EBU R128, ATSC A/85, Podcasts, Mobile, etc.) and automatic Noise and Hum Reduction algorithms. The Auphonic Leveler is available for Mac OS X 10.6+ (64bit) and Windows 7+ (32bit or 64bit). Features | Screenshots | Purchase a License | Trial Version | Contact Features Audio Algorithms The following algorithms are included in the Auphonic Leveler Batch Processor: Adaptive Leveler Loudness Normalization Global Loudness Normalization calculates the loudness of your audio and applies a constant gain to reach a defined target level, so that all processed files have the same average loudness. True Peak Limiter Noise and Hum Reduction High Pass Filter Processing Statistics and Warnings

How to: Portable Apps per Dropbox » Digitaleintopf Im Schnitt arbeite ich regelmäßig an mindestens drei unterschiedlichen Computern. Im Büro und zu Hause mit jeweils Desktop-PCs und zusätzlich unterwegs mit einem Laptop. Die meisten von mir benutzten Programme benötige ich überall. Und genau dort fangen die Probleme an. Unterschiedliche Versions-Stände machen einem das Leben schwer. Irgendwann kamen “Portable Apps” in Mode. Kurz darauf bin ich über eine andere geniale Idee gestolpert: Dropbox. Aber wie genau kann man sich “Portable Apps” vorstellen?! Es gibt sicherlich sehr viele Alternativen, aber ich bin mit dem Starter von nach wie vor sehr zufrieden. 1. Mein persönlicher Multi Messenger Nummer 1. Warum portable? 2. Ein wirklich gutes FTP Programm, welches nicht nur FTP sondern auch SFTP und SCP beherrscht. Warum portable? 3. Eine Passwort Datenbank mit sehr umfangreichen Möglichkeiten und Clients für alle auf dem Markt vorhandenen Smartphone Betriebssystemen. Warum portable?

An easier way to access the Windows Azure local development fabric from another computer (Emmanuel's Blog) In development, when your Windows Azure web role is running in the local development fabric, you can normally only access it on on the local machine. Using rinetd and ServiceEx to access local Azure web roles A couple of days ago I published an article with instructions to bypass this localhost restriction: Accessing the Windows Azure local development fabric from another computer The solution above uses SSH tunnels and involves two computers, a server and client and an authentication model. I found a new way to bypass this localhost restriction, which is a bit simpler. An easier way to access the Windows Azure local development fabric from another computer Here's the setup overview - Thanks to my co-worker William for the ServiceEx tip! You execute the above steps on the same computer where your Windows Azure local development fabric is running - let's call it MYSERVER1. 1 - Download rinetd 2 - Configured rinetd