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Mind over Matter: Secrets of Human Aura. Mind-Matter Interaction Princeton Research

Mind over Matter: Secrets of Human Aura. Mind-Matter Interaction Princeton Research
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Butterflies are Free to Fly: Holographic Universe Workshops The Holographic Universe Workshops are a five-part series of movies based on live workshops delivered all over the world for the last four years by Stephen Davis, author of Butterflies Are Free to Fly – A New and Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution. They are designed to examine how quantum physics and recent scientific experiments are radically changing our understanding of life, our reality, and our spirituality. You can watch each part live, via streaming video, or download them as .avi movie files to play on your computer, using whatever movie program you have. (If you haven’t seen the 5-minute video invitation to these workshops, you can watch it on YouTube.) Here are the links to each workshop… Part One – 86 minutes long Part Two – 78 minutes long Part Three - 74 minutes long Part Four – 75 minutes long Part Five – 103 minutes long Go back Home

SHIFT your Awareness, expand your Consciousness! | Social Consciousness “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” -Lao Tzu What highly conscious people talk about (from the film 'My Dinner With Andre') “Watch your thoughts; they become words. 10 Ways To Raise Your Consciousness Becoming more conscious is the progressive realization of conscious mastery over your mind. 1. First, accept the truth. Secondly, speak the truth. The more you’re able to accept and speak the truth, the more conscious you become. Yes, there may be consequences when you switch from lies and half-truths to the full truth, but highly conscious people know that crossing that bridge is well worth the effect. A short-term adjustment is nothing compared to the joys of living honestly and openly. 2. Courage is the gatekeeper between unconscious growth and conscious growth. A powerful guiding principle to adopt is, “Whatever I fear, I must face.” 3. 4. 5. 6. First and foremost, know thyself. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Lost your phone? Log on to these websites If you know the IMEI number of your phone, it is not very difficult to trace the lost phone News | BANGALORE, INDIA: There are various websites that help you track your lost mobile phone. So, the next time you lose your precious mobile phone/smartphone, all you have to do is check out the following websites. These websites offer the software that you can download free of cost on your mobile phones. The websites also list out the precautions that you have to take in order to prevent theft of your mobile phones and feature the toll-free number which offers first-hand assistance in tracking your phone. The first thing that you have to do as soon as you purchase your smartphone is to note down the IMEI number. The websites offering help to track your lost phones are:,,,

The SECRET for Undetectable Mind Control Unless you understand how reality is manifested, your destiny and the destiny of the planet will be in the hands of the ruling elite who do understand it. “Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth, because they don't want their illusions destroyed.” -Friedrich Nietzsche Living in the third dimension can be a blissful experience when you have power, health, wealth, comforts and freedom. That's what the ruling elite have manifested for themselves while the rest of the world struggles with poverty, disease, drug dependency, debt and servitude. The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is not only one world government. Notice how successful they have been at manifesting a Utopian 3rd dimension for themselves – money, yachts, private jets, castles, resorts, racehorses, corporations, gold, gems, servants and everything they desire. You are part of their manifestation. The Universal Law of Attraction What do you think about? “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Related Posts

Ego Vs. Self - The Ego is an Illusion-Based Entitycreated when Your Eternal Energy enteredinto a Human Host. The Ego is your Human Self. It allows you to be Consciouswithin the Dense, Three Dimensional Realm,You have placed Yourself. The Ego is NOT you. You are The Great Observer, The Source. The ONENESS Living as a Human, within theThird, Fourth and Fifth-Dimensions,is only The Great Observer discoveringits Divine Self, within this Density. The Ego and AscensionThere comes a stage in Spiritual Development, when you will experience the conflict between the Fears of the Ego and the Power of The Source, the Oneness. During this stage of Conflict, you will feel as if you are teeter-tottering between the two. Your True Personality, your Self, is coming forth into your Consciousness and is a more powerful Vibration than the Ego. As Spiritual Awareness begins to grow Stronger, the Ego will begin to Diminish. The Ego has no power against the higher Vibrations of your True Self, but it will resist. You are Learning.

Top 5 Most Weird Human Marvels /Part I/ Seriously Facts The Unnecessary knOWLedge Advertisment none Top 5 Most Weird Human Marvels /Part I/ 23.07.2013 by Ellie Leave a Comment 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Read Part II Advertisment none Reddit Digg StumbleUpon Speak Your Mind none Return to top of page Copyright © 2014 · Education Theme on Genesis Framework · WordPress · Log in Jay Weidner | Alchemy and the End of Time, Offplanet Radio, Aug. 22-2012 An Astronomer Followed a Whim -- and Discovered a New Moon for Neptune - Megan Garber A reminder of how much we still have to learn about our own little corner of the universe It started when Mark Showalter followed a whim. On July 1, the SETI Institute astronomer was studying -- as one does, when one is a SETI Institute astronomer -- archival pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope. Here, now, is why whims can be worth following: the dot, it turns out, is another moon for Neptune -- the planet's fourteenth that we've discovered. The body did not, however, escape the gaze of Mark Showalter -- who also helped to discover Pan, a moon of Saturn; Mab and Cupid, two moons of Uranus; and Styx and Kerberos, two moons of Pluto. But nobody had discovered it -- until the astronomer, armed with curiosity and enough education to trust it, let his eyes travel toward a tiny, white dot. Which is a nice lesson for the rest of us.