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PSD and Vector Logo Designs

Elementos vectorizados para logos Teniendo en cuenta que un logo es la representación de una marca, debemos poner especial empeño en lograr nuestros propias creaciones en el momento que se nos contrata para realizar esta tarea. Obviamente se pueden buscar inspiraciones y en algunos casos, muy pocos hablando desde la experiencia, encontrarán que hay algún formato prediseñado que pueda representar una marca de forma ideal. Lo que considero importante es siempre contar con opciones, aunque no es recomendable, quizás quieran armar un logo rápido y es allí cuando estos recursos entran en juego. Los comparto no solo porque creo que abarcan varias temáticas en un solo lugar sino porque creo que resultarían muy atractivos por su calidad. Descargar Decoration Logo Templates | Snap2Objects Obviamente, pueden modificarlos para que el resultado se adecue a lo que desean lograr, pero los invito a observarlos, descargarlos y analizarlos en profundidad ya que poseen formas muy ricas y bien logradas.

Les 10 commandements du logotype et de l'identité visuelle Voici un beau cadeau que nous fait l’agence Saguez & Partners et plus particulièrement Bertrand Raison directeur stratégique : les commandements qui fondent la réflexion de l’agence face à une nouvelle identité de marque à créer ! Et quand on connaît les performances de cette équipe dans l’univers du design en ce moment (+ 50% de progression sur année ...), on ne peut que tirer profit d’une lecture réfléchie de ces règles. # 01 Tu préciseras toujours quelles sont les ambitions d’un programme d’identité visuelle.* Opère t-on dans la continuité ?* Souhaite-t-on la rupture ? # 02 Tu n’oublieras jamais que le nom peut aussi exprimer le programme de la marque.Le « S » de Salomon glisse déjà …La prononciation de Swatch évoque déjà la modernité compacte de la technique. # 04 Tu observeras avec attention les différentes formes possibles que peut revêtir un identifiant.

Adobe Influxis Latin Flash Tour - Bogotá Invalid quantity. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. FREE PowerPoint Twitter Tools WARNING: From March 5th, 2013, Twitter will progressively drop support for RSS feeds, breaking the tools below (except the AutoTweet plugin, which I have updated to the new API). I will try to find a solution, but no guarantees, I’m afraid… Ever wanted to make presentations a more interactive, Web 2.0 experience?

The Yok My buddy Reka came to town awhile back, we painted this piece in Williamsburg. Check more shots on Vandalog LIttle Lotus Project 7 Awesome Rules for Designing a Perfect Logo A logo is that concept, symbol, graphic element that represents the main feature or the basic orientation of one company, site or product. In other words the logo is the element which provides feed-back to the potential customer. The purpose of one logo is to make people say something like that:”Hey look at this, here we can buy swatches of the very high quality, I saw this symbol on the Tom’s swatch which is really fabulous, it shows the time with no error”.

60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs Depending on the flavor of your business, your logo may appear big and flashy, bold and colorful or just plain simple and clever. In this roundup, I’ve turned the spotlight towards the more simple and clever logo styles that leave a strong impression. As simplistic as they may appear, there is genius behind these 60 highly clever minimal logo designs. OneFund Filmaps Folder

webdesignerdepot Working with a company as large as Virgin Atlantic was something of a dream come true for me. I it’s something that a lot of web designers aspire to. Over the last few months, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to fulfill this dream. I was about to write this post up over on my blog but Walter very kindly invited me to share this case study with the much larger audience here on Webdesigner Depot and across the Smashing Network.

30 Effective Business Cards that Grab Attention Business cards are probably the smallest, most handy, cheapest, yet most effective contact-building tool. Sadly, not all business cards are the same. There are those that stand out and there are those that do not even stand a chance. Coming up with effective business cards will give you a better chance at securing any job or getting more clients to use your products or services. How do you make business cards effective? Honestly, there is no exact science on how to do so, but here are a few samples that could help you out.

Freebie: 8 Political Characters Icon Set Here’s another round of icon freebies for you guys and perhaps the last for the year 2009. Folks at Iconshock designed 8 cute political characters for us and you can download them absolutely free here at These 8 character icons are made up of these following politicians: Barack Obama (United States of America)Hugo Chavez (Venezuela)Silvio Berlusconi (Italy)Kim Jong-il (North Korea)Alvaro Uribe (Columbia) Evo Morales (Bolivia) Ali Khamenei (Iran)Angela Merkel (Germany) To give you a better idea of who these politicians are, we’ve put a real photo side by side with the icon. Photos are taken from Wikipedia.

tutorial para diseñar posters en photoshop When it comes to Image editing or photo enhancement, Adobe Photoshop is usually the primary option to consider. However, the software package itself is a quite hard to learn — and extremely hard to master. Display beautiful images is a potent element in web and graphic design, where there is less concern for readability and more potential for using images in an artistic manner. Photoshop is useful for both creating and editing images to be used in print or online. Not too easy to use, but full of high-quality features, Photoshop is the best choice for any image manipulation job. Below, you’ll find some of the Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials For Designing Posters Art which might help you to get inspired and learned a tip or two by the end of this presentation.

Ask the Expert – A Chat About Art, Design, Computers and Education with Milton Glaser Design Informer A Craft Of Consequences: Reader, Writer And Emotional Design Before the very first page of a book has been read, you've already analyzed it in countless ways without even noticing. The paper stock, the thickness of the binding, the aroma, the color of the type and even the texture of the cover; the very character of the book is being dissected by the hand and eye at every moment. Create a Cosmic-Inspired Dreamy Scene in Photoshop In today’s tutorial you will demonstrate how to use stock photography, 3d elements, and various techniques to create a cosmic-inspired dreamy scene in Photoshop. Tags: design, dreamy, Illustration, manipulation, photo effects, Photoshop, space, tutorial