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Rollers and Revellers Did you ever look at those skaters whose gear looks like a disaster zone on a budget? I'm one of them, but there's a reason why my wheels don't match my tights or my socks or my leg warmers or my other wheels! I'm using a pusher set up, and I couldn't be happier! It took a while to get it right, but when I did I thought HOLY CRAPCANS THIS IS AWESOME! 10 logiciels gratuits de capture d'écran vidéo Voici une liste très utile de logiciels de capture d’écran vidéo. Des applications qui permettent donc d’enregistrer en flux vidéo ce qui se passe sur l’écran d’un PC, afin de produire par exemple des vidéos de formation ou de support. Longtemps payants (et souvent assez chers), ces logiciels n’ont pas échappé à la vague du gratuit, et ce sont pas moins de 10 applications qui sont aujourd’hui disponibles. (dernière mise à jour : 02/04/2014) 1. Camstudio

An Open Source Video Mixer, Inspired by DIY Space Exploration As many ponder the fate of hardware mixing, mixing in software continues to advance. And in a reminder of just how many different applications video mixing can have, here’s a fascinating article about a new open-source Linux-based video mixing tool called Snowmix: Copenhagen Suborbitals Release Snowmix, an Open Source Video Mixer [The Power Base] What’s fascinating about it is that this didn’t come from VJs or broadcasters, but people who are experimenting in DIY, non-profit human sub-orbital flight (the Copenhagen Suborbitals). There’s something really touching about watching them go from one video feed to another on rockets – perhaps that sense of romance of the heyday of NASA, of dreaming of Space Camp and astronauts. (Hey, not all video mixing has to be switching between layers of the kaleidoscope and the silhouetted dancing girls.

Museum Box Homepage 10 outils pour faire une capture d’écran en image ou en vidéo Pas toujours évident d’utiliser un logiciel pour capturer un écran. Je sais que pour certains, ce genre d’opération est bénigne. Mais pour d’autres, ça devient vite des heures de prise de tête ! Wink - [Homepage] Here is a sample Flash tutorial created by Wink. Click the green arrow button to start viewing it. --------> Audio Expert - free online audio editor, converter and recorder ScreenCastify. Enregistrer des screencasts depuis Chrome Home > Chrome > ScreenCastify. Enregistrer des screencasts depuis Chrome ScreenCastify est une extension pour Chrome qui permet d’enregistrer très facilement des screencasts. ScreenCastify va simplifier la vie de l’enseignant ou du formateur qui a besoin de créer un tutoriel ou de montrer une manipulation à l’écran. Une fois installée dans Chrome, cette extension va d’un clic permettre d’enregistrer des screencasts facilement partageables.

TOUCHDESIGNER WORKSHOP 2012 in 6 HOURS of VIDEO Workshop Overview The workshop was held in Montreal during MUTEK at SAT Transform and was designed for people who want to make TouchDesigner their professional production tool. It was led by Steve Mason of Obscura Digital along with Barry Threw - also from Obscura - and Greg Hermanovic and Markus Heckmann of Derivative. Needless to say there was a gargantuan wealth of knowledge, insight and practised experience shared over the course of the workshop that is now available to everyone. The workshop's focus was on practicalities of production and participants worked along with the instructor replicating whatever was being demonstrated and produced.

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