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3 Minute Teaching With Technology Tutorials Be sure to share these great resources with your friends and colleagues! Access all of these videos in this YouTube Playlist How to Add “Time Tags” to Youtube Vids (so Viewers can Jump to Tagged Sections)It’s Super Easy to Create These Simple ‘Bookmarks’ so Viewers Can Pop to Different Section of Your EdPuzzle 3 Minute TOOL-torial Add Questions to Videos, Monitor Progress, etc.

untitled Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) - English Language Arts (ELAs) and Literacy The purpose of the ELA and Literacy SAGE is to measure student understanding of the Utah State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. This is only one measure of student understanding in a standardized manner. Final Cut Pro X: Conform frame sizes and frame rates Final Cut Pro manages project settings automatically. This means you can work with multiple media types with differing frame sizes (also referred to as resolution) and frame rates in the same project. When you add the first video clip to your project, Final Cut Pro automatically sets the format, frame size, and frame rate for the entire project based on the properties of that first clip (or, more precisely, on the properties of the clip’s source media file). You can modify the project’s settings at any time, and you can control, on a clip-by-clip basis, how Final Cut Pro conforms an individual clip’s frame rate and frame size to match the project settings. All of the project information in this section applies equally to compound clips, which can have their own distinct project settings.

197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About 197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About If you don’t have a YouTube channel as an education provider, there’s a good chance you’re behind the times. Nearly every major educational institution in the world now hosts its own collection of videos featuring news, lectures, tutorials, and open courseware. Just as many individuals have their own channel, curating their expertise in a series of broadcasted lessons. These channels allow instructors to share information and blend media in unprecedented and exciting new ways. From teaching Mandarin Chinese to busting myths about Astronomy, the educational possibilities are virtually endless pun intended! Because we can now sift through thousands of resources while navigating a single repository, the potential for inspiration and growth in the field of education has reached a new height.

9 Great Animation and Video Creation Tools Integrated with YouTube for Teachers You might have wondered how those beautiful animated videos you see on YouTube are made. Sometimes you think people use expensive software ( well some do especially advertising companies ) but most of them are created using simple and free tools but with so much of creativity. Today I am introducing you to an awesome set of tools that are integrated into youTube and that will allow you to easily create videos without needing cameras or having to upload files or do any editing. What's Your Learning Style? 20 Questions What's Your Learning Style? 20 Questions EducationPlanner Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X Posted by Larryon June 27, 2014 This morning, Apple updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4. According to Apple’s website, here are the changes. Final Cut Pro X — What’s New in Version 10.1.2 Motion – What’s New in Version 5.1.1

Five Pedagogical Practices to Improve Your Online Course Written by: Rob KellyPublished On: February 8, 2014 Because online courses have fewer opportunities for the spontaneous, real-time exchanges of the face-to-face classroom, online instruction requires a deliberate approach to design and facilitation. As Bethany Simunich says, “Online, learning doesn’t happen by chance.” The PBL Super Highway… Over 45 Links To Great Project Based Learning Welcome to another post that I know you will want to share and bookmark. As I travel the country I constantly have teachers ask me for places to find some engaging PBL ideas! Below you will find the collection of links I have started to assemble. Enjoy and please take a moment to subscribe by email or RSS and also give me a follow on Twitter at mjgormans. I promise you will find some great information coming your way this school year…so Sign Up Now and please pass this on with a retweet! – Mike Gorman (

FCP X 10.1.2: What’s New in Media Management? You are here: Home » Articles » Capture » FCP X 10.1.2: What’s New in Media Management? Posted: June 28, 2014 With the 10.1.2 update to Final Cut Pro X, Apple has further enhanced media management within the app. In this article, I’ll show you the latest features and compare them to the earlier version in 10.1. In spite of its lowly version number, the 10.1.2 update actually packs in a lot of new features.

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