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15 Minute SEO List - Learn how to SEO

15 Minute SEO List - Learn how to SEO
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The Great Google Coverup? - Page 2 The Neville Brothers were formed by the hard life and hard times, but they are also heirs to America’s richest musical tradition: the aural gumbo of New Orleans. As New Orleans Jazz fest kicks off here’s John Ed Bradley’s 1991 GQ profile on the Neville Brothers. The Neville’s are a national treasure and this behind-the-scenes look lets us in on the men behind the magic. The subject is in good hands. Bradley is the author of six novels, including Tupelo Nights, as well as one of the finest sports memoirs ever written, It Never Rains in Tiger Stadium . In the meantime, dig into his story, “Bards of the Bayou” and then do yourself a favor and listen to some tunes by the Neville brothers. Tipitina's in the warm blue fog, squatting beneath a crescent moon so sharp and clean you could shave a wild hog with it. Art Neville enters the famous New Orleans honky-tonk wearing a hipster's suit and studded leather boots, his wife, Lorraine, in hand. "My new album's called Look for God,” he says. "No.

Getting Mass Traffic from StumbleUpon: A Definitive Guide Many bloggers end up having a love-hate relationship with StumbleUpon. They love the amount of traffic that the service – which now boasts over 10 million members – can send, but they hate the conversion rate on that traffic. , yet their average time on site was just 26 seconds (overall site average is 2 minutes and 24 seconds) and they each viewed around 1.22 pages. Simply put, compared to other traffic sources, StumbleUpon is terrible. However, because the service sends so much traffic, even leveraging just a small percentage can see a decent increase in your comment count and subscriber numbers. Today I’m going to give an in-depth guide to the service and then give my tactics for getting the most out of it. StumbleUpon is a system that allows you to find new and interesting websites based around your favourite subjects. This is very different to the usual method of finding news by going to your favourite blogs or entering a search query into a major search engine. Want proof?

SEO Audits – Strategic vs. Tactical For many years I operated in a bubble performing audits on client sites. Coordinating and providing consulting in the implementation of my findings, yet not ever having an open dialogue with other professionals in the industry regarding what commonalities or differences we had in our approach. As I began writing blog articles on my approach, and fielding questions from others regarding how I went about the process, I began to learn of two typical approaches. One involves a quick audit, an hour or two, where the most common mistakes or issues are found, followed by broad recommendations. Personally, I take a different approach, one that works well for my needs, though it may not work for yours. Strategic SEO Audits The vast majority of my work these days involves strategic audits. I also spend a few minutes up to an hour or so reviewing the competitive landscape and set up one or more sweet spot charts, looking for areas of weakness in the landscape. Patterns Reveal Bigger Problems

Basic Drupal SEO: On-site Optimization Summary Enable Clean URLsEnable Path Module and install and enable Pathauto, Global Redirect and Token Modules.Configure the Pathauto ModuleInstall and enable the Meta Tags Module.Install enable the Page Title ModuleDo NOT install the Drupal Sitemap Module.Fix .htaccess to redirect to "www" or remove the "www" subdomain.Fix your theme's HTML headers if they aren't rightRecommended: create a custom front pageModify your robots.txt file. Enable clean URLs Search engines prefer clean URLs. Install the pathauto module and enable it The pathauto module is highly recommended. Think carefully about how you want your URLs to look. At the very least, enable the path module and install the pathauto module. Caution: The above advice is directed towards new Drupal sites. Here are some pathauto settings to watch out for: For update action choose "Do nothing. There is also a more comprehensive Pathauto tutorial. Install the Global Redirect Module Read more about the Global Redirect Module. Further Reading

Google AdWords – Grundlagen-AdWords Neben den AdWords-Grundlagen erfahren Sie auch, wie Sie Ihr AdWords-Konto optimieren, um bestmögliche Ergebnisse bei geringem Budgeteinsatz zu erzielen. Daher finden auch fortgeschrittene AdWords-Nutzer in diesem Video-Training hilfreiche Tipps und interessante Anregungen. Zunächst wird die Erstellung von Kampagnen, Anzeigengruppen und Keyword-Listen ausführlich demonstriert und mit Tipps zur optimalen Struktur bis hin zu guten Anzeigentexten garniert.Im weiteren Verlauf lernen Sie die wichtigsten Kennzahlen kennen. Dieses Video-Training enthält viele Tipps aus der Praxis sowie Hinweise auf wertvolle Funktionen, die oft etwas versteckt in den vielfältigen Möglichkeiten des AdWords-Kontos ihr Dasein fristen. Suchmaschinenmarketing und AdWords In den Videos dieses Kapitels erhalten Sie einen Überblick über die Möglichkeiten des Suchmaschinenmarketing mithilfe von Google AdWords. Aufbau des AdWords-Kontos AdWords-Grundoptimierung Qualität ist ein wichtiger Faktor der AdWords-Kampagnen.

Link Building Has Changed When I first started in SEO, link acquisition was almost always a manual process. I'd search the engines for links that pointed to the competition, find relevant directories and link lists, email relevant sites and beg, borrow or bribe (aka buy advertising) to get a link. I tried reciprocal link building (and did some pretty dumb stuff). Then, as I got more intertwined in the SEO community, I found vendors who built large networks of sites, spammed blogs/forums/guestbooks and ran text link sales operations. I leveraged these services to help clients rank better, almost always with great success. Over time, I got smarter. As our clientele and foci changed, we changed again. I figured a visual history might make for a compelling view: Now, link building is changing again. Twitter really is cannibalizing the web's link graph, or at least, the blogosphere's and Google seems to be using Tweet counts in some way (though possibly only in the QDF algo).

The Sad Story of PNG Gamma “Correction” Browsers have supported the PNG bitmap format for quite some time. But still, even though PNG files can either be made smaller than GIFs or, alternatively, can contain more colors, lots of Web designers keep using JPEGs and GIFs. In fact, even designers who (for other reasons) don’t care about old browsers still often haven’t made the switch to PNG. Is it just about being stuck with the old ways or is there a good reason not to switch? Sadly, it turns out there is a reason not to switch: gamma “correction” gone wrong. Why PNG? Unencumbered by patents The common expert belief is that the deflate compression algorithm which is used in the PNG format is not under patents when implemented in the way it is implemented in the zlib compression library. Smaller file size This feature of PNG may not be obvious when comparing the PNGs and GIFs written by Photoshop for example, because many programs don’t use the full compression potential of PNG. More colors Alpha channel Gamma correction Opting Out

How To Track Your Social Media Strategy The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Social media is becoming increasingly important for SEO. Just in the last week we've seen the launch of Google +1 and early correlation data showing Facebook shares are highly correlated with rankings. In this post I'm going to walk through a bunch of different ways of tracking your social media strategy. We'll start with the basic/easy stuff and move up to more complicated things (Google Docs! APIs! 3rd Party Tools There are a million and one social media monitoring/tracking/reporting tools. PostRank PostRank is a neat service that tracks your pages (either through inputting manual pages or via an RSS feed) and gives you engagmenet metrics for your content. There is a free plan or a paid plan that is only $15 / month so it's very easy to get started with PostRank. Topsy Ok, Topsy is cool - we're getting close to analysing our competitors. Sharedcount

Drupal SEO is Easy | DevBee I began the Devbee website back in March as a way to help others by way of documenting what I have learned about Drupal and also to drum up a little bit of business for myself. The content of this site is extremely targeted, and I don't ever expect to see more than a few hundred visits a day. This definitely does not reflect the expectations, or at least hopes, of most website owners. Back in the day (way back during the last millennium), all one needed to do was have a simple HTML page containing relevant words or phrases and he was fairly likely to make a decent showing in results pages. Fortunately for us, as Drupal users, we have a secret weapon, Drupal itself. Stumbling upon Drupal SEO Today I discovered that an article I wrote recently is the top result for the query "opcode cache" on Google. This is not unusual. And more than half of my very modest traffic comes through these search results. What's the Secret? Now comes the mysterious part. Drupal SEO The Right Path Sitemaps

SEO-Begriffe, Definitionen und Erläuterungen Suchmaschinen sind auf Browser oder App basierende Programme, die jedem zur Verfügung stehen, der eine aktive Internetverbindung hat. Suchmaschinen funktionieren also nur online und werden nicht von einer CD oder sonstigen Datenträgern installiert. Am besten lassen sich Suchmaschinen mit Büchereien vergleichen, nur dass Sie in der Bücherei selber nach Ihren Informationen suchen müssen und im Internet die Suchmaschine für Sie sucht. Die OnPage Optimierung Die Onpage oder auch OnSite-Optimierung umfasst alle Maßnahmen, die auf der eigenen Website bzw. der Zielseite vorgenommen werden können. Die Offpage Optimierung vor der OnPage Optimierung durchzuführen wäre das Gleiche, als wenn sich jemand ein Auto kauft, aber keinen Führerschein hat. Weiterlesen Vorweg möchte ich bei allen entschuldigen, die hier gelandet sind und eigentlich etwas anderes gesucht haben. Beispiele für die Suchmaschinen Tippfehler Optimierung. Offpage-Optimierung, an die Website-Optimierung von außen denken! Weiterlesen

What SEO/SEM Professionals Should Know About Website Usability In an effort to differentiate themselves from competitors, many SEO/SEM firms come up with interesting unique selling propositions (USPs). Some SEO/SEM firms emphasize search engine advertising and create quite useful tools to help manage PPC campaigns. Some SEO firms specialize in training, again creating tools that help newbie and experienced SEO professionals optimize existing web pages. For the past two to three years, I have been watching SEO/SEM firms increasingly focus on the user, specifically offering website usability services. Although I laud the evolution of SEO/SEM firms to increasingly focus on the user, I admit that I find some of their conclusions and methodologies rather troubling. Website usability and user-friendly design are certainly great terms to use during the sales process. Rather than give my personal opinion, for this two-part article, I decided to ask some of my well-known colleagues about the usability industry’s opinion of search engine optimization.

40 Handwriting Free Fonts Every Designer Must Have Articles, Resources September 6, 2012 Picking up the right typography is one of the most critical aspects in making a successful design. Most designers today are taking the risk of going out of the box in terms of choosing the right font style in their projects. One way in achieving this customization concept is for a designer to look for a unique typography. Jennifer’s Hand Writing Font (Download Source) Curly Joe (Download Source) Daniel (Download Source) Kim’s Hand (Download Source) Gong! Jenna Sue (Download Source) Journal (Download Source) Throw My Hands Up In The Air (Download Source) TrashHand (Download Source) Christopher Hand (Download Source) Soft Sugar (Download Source) Halo Handletter (Download Source) Rabiohead Font (Download Source) Where Stars Shine The Brightest (Download Source) Permanent Marker (Download Source) Mixtape Mike (Download Source) Worstveld Sling (Download Source) Architect’s Daughter (Download Source) Rock Salt (Download Source) Mari & David (Download Source)

Le mythe du sitemap XML Google Création de site hôtel et restaurant L'hôtellerie est un secteur qui a profondément changé avec l’arrivée d’Internet. Selon les études, en France, entre 70 et 85% des réservations de chambres d'hotel passent par Internet. L'objectif clé de la création d'un site internet d'un hôtel ou d'un restaurant et de son référencement est simple : augmenter le nombre de réservation en direct, sans avoir de commission à donner à un distributeur. Sans site de qualité, ce sont les centrales de réservations qui profite de cette manne avec des commissions allant de 17 à 25 %. Qu’est ce qu’un site internet de qualité pour un hôtel ? Séduire Le site Internet d'un hôtel doit : donner envie de venirdoit mettre en avant les atouts de votre établissementrefléter fidèlement son ambiance Avec une création graphique travaillée et adaptée aux spécificités du Web, nos experts vous proposerons les meilleurs solutions dans le respect de votre budget. Être visible Offrir un contenu utile Un site unique à votre image

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