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The Tax Law that Can Make Your Kids Super Rich Sometimes Congress hands out a break that is so generous it seems it must be a mistake. This one’s a doozey: The ability to receive totally tax-free inheritance of $400 million or more. Thanks to two recent changes in the tax code, investors with huge 401(k) accounts now have a way to turn them into completely tax-free income for their grandchildren’s lifetimes. The Truth About Santa My daughter Lucy and I have been exchanging notes since the school year started. We’ve talked about all sorts of things—sports, books we’d like to read, adventures we’d like to have, even stories from when I was in third grade. For the most part, though, it’s been light, casual stuff.

efamily The easiest way for your family to remember. A new home for your family. Create lasting memories by sharing daily moments. 100% private and secure. Share your favorite photos, videos, and stories with your family. All of your family photos organized in one place. Cool Interior Tree Home: Best Kids Bedroom Design Ever? There are a lot of ways to make a nice bedroom, but for kids there is an element of excitement that is just as important as bedroom size and style. As these pictures illustrate, a cool bedroom for children can be a virtual fantasy world in itself – in this case by making the outdoors the driving interior design idea and central concept of the bedroom space. Complete with climbing ropes, ladders, swings and all kinds of hidden storage spaces, this bedroom brings all of the elements of an outdoor play space inside and makes the room feel like a self-sufficient home at the same time.

Quirky Ways to Get Your Kids to Behave I've made a lot of bad rules in the decade I've been a mom, from irrational threats ("No graham crackers in the house ever again if you eat them in the living room even one more time") to forbidding human nature ("You may not fight with your sister"). But occasionally I've come up with rules that work better than I'd ever contemplated. These made-up rules have an internal logic that defies easy categorization, but their clarity and enforceability make them work. Several of them are not, technically, rules at all, but declarations of policy or fact. And they're all easy to remember. A few personal favorites, plus those of other moms:

Brilliant Handpainting Art - Influential Mom Blogger, Parenting, Community 319.5K Amazing Shares Facebook 15 Pin It Share 39 39 Twitter 43 Google+ 6 StumbleUpon 319.4K Email -- Email to a friend 319.5K Amazing Shares × Artists: Mario Mariotti and Guido Danielle Beautiful and stunning are the only words to describe!! Kids Who Ignore Consequences - 10 Ways to Make Them Stick Does your child ignore every consequence you give him? This week, James Lehman gives you 10 specific ways to make consequences work—even for the most resistant child. When kids are faced with something unpleasant, they'll often act like it doesn't matter to them. When your child says, “I don't care” or seems unaffected when you give him a consequence, what he’s really saying is, “You can't hurt me.”

Super Fun DIY Cardboard Castle! By Handmade Charlotte | Looking for a simple & fun project to do with the kids? Christiane Lemieux, founder and creative director of Dwell Studio and author of Undecorate, has the perfect answer -– read on for all the details on this inspiring cardboard castle, designed and built by her two children. Parenting Tips-The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin at Blog post excerpted from Gretchen Rubin's website One of my Twelve Commandments is “Lighten up,” and I have a lot of resolutions aimed at trying to be a more light-hearted parent: less nagging, more laughing. We all want a peaceful, cheerful, even joyous, atmosphere at home — but we can’t nag and yell our way to get there.

A Willy Wonka Birthday Party for the WIN! - Modern Kiddo My lovely friend Pilgrim is colorful, creative and the world’s best mama! You’ve seen her fabulous illustrations (she designed our super amazing masthead—including the spooktacular October version!) but wait til you see this spectacular party she threw for her little man D, who was turning a grand old FIVE. I’m so thrilled to share with you, Draw! Pilgrim’s Magical Willy Wonka Party! Eye Didn't Know That! Common Signs of Children’s Vision Problems Preserving healthy sight for a lifetime begins with early detection. Common signs of possible vision problems in school-aged children include: Holds reading materials too close to the eyes Uses fingers to trace words when reading Exhibits lack of attention or fatigue during school Constantly rubs the eyes Continuously squints Complains about headaches Turns or tilts the head to use one eye only Shows extreme light sensitivity Has irritated or teary eyes

"The Spite House" in Alexandria, Virginia See that tiny blue house wedged in between the white and red ones? It was built in 1830 and is only 7 feet wide. The Spite House, as it’s called, has two stories but only 325 square feet. It even appears to be considerably shorter than its neighbors. Ripley’s Believe It or Not named it the narrowest house in America.

How to Get Your Toddler to Go to Bed - and Stay There A number of readers have told me of their struggles to ensure a good night’s sleep for their children and themselves. Summer writes: Hello Nanny Godmother! I hope you can help me. My two-year-old son has always been a terrible sleeper. eXBox One of the perks I enjoy as a parent is being able to dole out interesting punishments when my kids stray from the straight and narrow. Usually, our children are aces when it comes to knowing what’s expected of them, but every now and then they get this crazy notion that they can outsmart us. I love seeing their best laid plans unravel before my very eyes. Even when I know I’ve got ‘em, I enjoy watching as they feverishly dig themselves a deeper and deeper hole with the shovel of deceit. Well, our 15-year old son tried to pull a fast one on us today.