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The Primer Fields Part 1

The Primer Fields Part 1

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Quantum Diaries This is the first part of a series of three on supersymmetry, the theory many believe could go beyond the Standard Model. First I explain what is the Standard Model and show its limitations. Then I introduce supersymmetry and explain how it would fix the main flaws of the Standard Model. Finally, I will review how experimental physicists are trying to discover “superparticles” at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Computer Simulation Confirms the Possibility of Time Travel Using photons, Australian scientists managed to create a model in which quantum particles can move back in time. As it turned out, the laws of standard quantum mechanics may be violated at the same time. Physicists from the University of Queensland in Australia set out to simulate a computer experiment, which could prove the possibility of time travel at the quantum level, predicted in 1991. They managed to simulate the behavior of a single photon passing through a wormhole in space-time in the past and engaging with itself. Such a trajectory of a particle is called a closed timelike curve, i.e. a photon returns to the original space-time point and its worldline closes. The researchers studied two scenarios.

Gene Keys We are pleased to announce the launch of and Gene Keys Golden Path Visit to: Order your Gene Keys Book Globalization and Autonomy Welcome to the Globalization and Autonomy Online Compendium, a collective publication by the team of leading Canadian and international scholars who are part of the SSHRCC Major Collaborative Research Initiative on Globalization and Autonomy. Using the Compendium, the team is making the results of their research available to a wide public audience. Team members have prepared a glossary of hundreds of short articles on relevant persons, places, organizations, events and key concepts and compiled an extensive searchable bibliographical database. They have written short summaries of their research that will be published in academic form in the 10-volume UBC Press "Globalization and Autonomy Series: Dialectical Relationships Shaping the Contemporary World."

The Books A must for everyone interested in advancing the creative abilities of his own consciousness. - Caroline Myss, author of Sacred Contracts and Entering the Castle Lynne McTaggart has a dazzling genius for bringing together cutting edge research in the field of quantum physics in a stunningly direct and accessible way. - Brandon Bays, author of The Journey and Freedom Is Lynne McTaggart enters into the mind of frontier scientists in ways that inform, illuminate and even dazzle those of us who need help charting a course through complex scientific research. The Intention Experiment leaves you with palpable excitement that we are about to cross the next threshold where the power of our deepest intentions will be reflected in the design of evolution itself. - James O’Dea, President, Institute of Noetic Sciences Every now and then a person taps into the zeitgeist of an age, the evolutionary edge of human consciousness and understanding. The two books by Lynne McTaggart are such works.

Philippine DOE Verifies Aviso's Self-Charging EV Today, the Philippine Department of Energy tested Ismael Aviso's electric car, showing that running off wall power, the 11 kW DC motor ran at 45% efficiency, but with Aviso's on-board generator which harvests ambient energy from the surroundings, the motor ran at 133% efficiency (overunity). by Sterling D. AllanPure Energy Systems News Major, breaking news here. Top Physicists Ponder on the Idea of Universe in an Atom - Softpedia Theoretical thinking certainly received a forward push in Monday's historic conference at Stanford University. World's brightest physicists gathered there to expose and discuss their revolutionary theories. Among the weirdest ideas stated was the one that suggests our universe is just a tiny atom in something way vaster. MIT's Dr. Jacob Bozeman admitted that "The implications of this deceptively simple hypothesis are completely blowing my mind. Like, we could all be nothing more than this little dot in the fingernail of some giant dude.

Walter Russell: Life and Work This is what Walter Russell (1871-1963) proved convincingly during his lifetime. After leaving school at the age of 9, in order to earn money, he very successfully explored (amongst others) music, literature, architecture, painting, sculpture, natural sciences, new ways towards a healthy economy, philosophy and mysticism as well as figure skating, horse breeding and dressage. Together with his congenial wife Lao, he founded a private university for distance learning, the University of Science and Philosophy, in Swannanoa, Virgina. It still exists today and their Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness helped many people to unfold their consciousness. A detailed biography of Lao Russell, his second wife and intellectual companion who was born in 1904, was published in 2005.

Police have no responsibility to protect individuals (reference) Skip to comments. Police have no responsibility to protect individuals (reference) Public Rights ^ | 2005 | compiled by Neal Seaman Posted on Tue Feb 26 12:14:25 2008 by NewJerseyJoe TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Government; News/Current EventsKEYWORDS: banglist; brittanyzimmerman; dial911anddie; police; rkba; ussc Aviso Cracking Water with Ambient Energy The Philippine inventor Ismael Aviso has started utilizing his ambient energy collecting technology to crack water, and produce large quantities of hydroxy or HHO gas. Meanwhile, mechanical engineers are working to solve a vibration issue in his "Universal Motor." by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Ismael Aviso is an engineer and inventor, who has been developing multiple technologies that make use of energy collected from the ambient environment. One of these achievements is his self charging electric car (validated by the Philippine Department of Energy), another is a "Motionless Electronic Generator" that is designed to produce electricity for home or industrial use.

Broken Logic Of Conservatism Fighting against Progressivism is a task I take up often. It’s not often a talking point or fallacy comes up that I haven’t refuted a thousand times. But Today I’m going to break away from the soft familiar ground that I’ve grown accustomed to and instead take on those that often stand beside me. Today I’m calling out all the die hard conservatives out there, and even many of my own libertarian friends on the inconsistencies within their own beliefs. Wayne Herschel author - The Hidden Records - discovered ancient alien star maps around the world showing human star origins - a true story now 'fictionalized' and twisted in PROMETHEUS movie The ruins correlate with the Pleiades... in orientation and with the biggest stone circle also correlating with the biggest star Alcyone. Note the area on the map at the top of the image with a question mark. This is where Wayne believes an original circle once existed instead of in the position of point ‘E’ (an enclosure that is square and not circular but is made up of 4 megalithic stone pillars). For now, let us accept point ‘E’ as representing the star correlation since it is an enclosure and it holds 4 substantial stone pillars (blue).

Etymology (Meaning of Words): origin of word: Human Being, ancient tribe, humanus Follow-Ups to Answer from Expert Kristy Lashbaugh Dr. V. Siva Prasad wrote at 2008-06-24 02:39:10 L. humanus was derived from Sanskrit Manush (human). The prefix 'hu' was added by an ancient tribe in Italy for

World population may actually start declining, not exploding. Photo by Deshakalyan Chowdhury/AFP/Getty Images. The world’s seemingly relentless march toward overpopulation achieved a notable milestone in 2012: Somewhere on the planet, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, the 7 billionth living person came into existence. Lucky No. 7,000,000,000 probably celebrated his or her birthday sometime in March and added to a population that’s already stressing the planet’s limited supplies of food, energy, and clean water. Should this trend continue, as the Los Angeles Times noted in a five-part series marking the occasion, by midcentury, “living conditions are likely to be bleak for much of humanity.”