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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: New Version of Blooms Taxonomy for iPad

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: New Version of Blooms Taxonomy for iPad
Blooms Taxonomy is one of our topical themes in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Over the last couple of years, we have been posting dozens of articles on how teachers can can apply the HOTS ( Higher Order Thinking Skills ) in their teaching. You can check the resources below to learn more. In this post we worked on some iPad apps that go along with each of the skills mentioned in Blooms Taxonomy. We have based our work on the popular Poster Langwiches made before but because she missed hyperlinking the apps we tried to avoid this mistake in the table below. Just click on any app and you will be automatically directed to its homepage where you can download it. Here are some posts we have previously written about Blooms Taxonomy :

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Cageless Thinking: Innovation and Creativity in Education 1. It’s not a laptop The biggest and most oft-heard criticism of the iPad usually revolves around it not behaving like a desktop PC or laptop. The people making this complaint are simply missing the point. 11 Ways to Make an Inquiry based Classroom You became a teacher not to pontificate to trusting minds, but to teach children how to succeed as adults. That idealism infused every class in your credential program and only took a slight bump during your student teacher days. That educator, you figured, was a dinosaur. 15 Outstanding Writing Apps for your iPad Mobile technology has made everything easier and more enjoyable to do. Those who love writing, for instance, can now find new ways to write anywhere they are and share what they have written with all the world and again from anywhere they are with an internet connection.If you have an iPad or you use one with your students , below is a bunch of great apps that can help you pursue your writing passion on the go. You can also share these apps with your students and encourage them to develop a writing habit. Check out the updated list I have for you today and don't forget to share with us your comments and additions.

10 Great Resources to Find Educational iPad Apps for Your Class February 12, 2014 One of the questions I get asked so often is about the resources I draw on for curating educational apps I share with you here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Well, I am subscribed to over a hundred blogs and websites through both RSS feed and social media and my feed stream is always teeming with hundreds of new things to write about. On average , I spend about 3 to 4 hours of daily sifting, browsing, and curating in preparation for posts to share with you here, I know it is a lot of time but I do love it so much and I feel happy having to share something of value with my fellow teachers and educators. Questioning Techniques: Research-Based Strategies for Teachers — Energy and the Polar Environment Questioning techniques are a heavily used, and thus widely researched, teaching strategy. Research indicates that asking questions is second only to lecturing. Teachers typically spend anywhere from 35 to 50 percent of their instructional time asking questions. But are these questions effective in raising student achievement? How can teachers ask better questions of their students?

iPad As.... iPads have exploded throughout schools and classrooms. Their flexibility, versatility, and mobility make them a phenomenal learning tool. As teachers seek ways to integrate these devices, we recommend focusing on specific learning goals that promote critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and the creation of student-centric learning environments. In other words, begin with..... A Quick Guide To Managing A Classroom Full Of iPads The following is a sponsored post by Datamation Systems, Inc. . They’ve worked with more than 10,000 schools to help deploy and secure classrooms full of technology. Want to learn more?

Effective Questioning Strategies Questioning Techniques Questioning is one of the most important dimensions of teaching and learning. It gives tutors the chance to find out what students know and understand, and it allows students to seek clarification and help. There are many types of questions. Top 10 Educational IPad Apps - Article Share this article: A couple questions in regards to the latest Apple creation: Could the iPad be a smarter iPhone? Could the iPad make your child smarter? From a parent’s perspective, it sure is worth a try! Just as the No. 2 pencil left its mark on bubble tests, these apps could impact kids’ report cards.

Find Free Images Quickly With Compfight Creative Commons licensed photos are a sort of internet miracle: By providing an easily-understood syntax for attribution and permissions, they make it possible to add visual interest to blog posts, web sites, syllabuses, presentations–anything you like, really. They also facilitate remixes and other forms of creative adaptation (or deformation), which can be useful in a wide variety of teaching and research contexts. We’ve written about Flickr & Creative Commons before: I explained how to do creative-commons limited searches, and Julie suggested integrating creative commons-licensed material in your classroom. I also reviewed Wylio, a website that searches Flickr. (Wylio has since adopted a different business model.) Beyond photos, George has detailed how to find free, re-usable content for your classroom.

Questioning Toolkit Essential Questions These are questions which touch our hearts and souls. They are central to our lives. They help to define what it means to be human. Most important thought during our lives will center on such essential questions. What does it mean to be a good friend? iPad EdResources As 2011 winds down, I have spent a good deal of time thinking about all of the online resources and tools that have helped make this past year a successful ‘Year of the iPad’ in my school district. And with an upcoming winter vacation ahead for many educators next week, I thought it might be nice to share out some of my favorite resources for using iPads, iPods, and iPhones in the classroom. Although there are many, many fantastic resources available online, the list below are the ones I have come to rely on… I hope you find them as useful as I have!

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