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Attenzione! tutti modelli che trovate su questo sito sono creazioni originali e di proprietà dell'autore del sito. Possono essere scaricati gratuitamente e utilizzati solo per uso personale. Non è possibile in alcun modo l’utilizzo a fini commerciali o per trarne profitto. Warning! All models shown on this site are original creations and property of the author of the site.

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Papercraft Once you download the file, you will need to open the following files with a different program which are all free to download:.pdf files are opened with Adobe Reader 9.pdo files are opened with Pepakura and .rar files are opened with WinRAR. If a .pdo file asks you for a password, it usually means you have downloaded Pepakura Designer and not Pepakura Viewer, so make sure to get the viewer instead. Here’s a little demonstration on using Pepakura Viewer 3. Pepakura does not work on a MAC.

Haunted Paper Toys Welcome to the toy shop! Here you'll find a variety of rather unusual paper toys, all free for you to print out and enjoy. The toys include a hearse playset, coffin gift boxes (with occupants), a little cemetery, a few dark gloomy haunted houses, several unusual board games, some horrifying monsters, and quite a few other dark delights. So pick out some toys, print out the pattern pages, and with a few common supplies like scissors and glue you're ready to create all these strange little curiosities. I hope you'll enjoy them all. Papercrft Tokyo, Japan - If you’re a fan of the Star Wars series (or at least the first 3 films), and you’ve got an extra 41 hours on your hands, then have we got a project for you young jedi.This beautifully designed replica of an AT-AT was found in Japan by artist Shunichi Makino and is created entirely out of paper. It consists of 6 downloadable pdf files. Each is extremely detailed and scaled perfectly. We’re throwing down the gauntlet with this one.

Goozi´s page with paper models I welcome you on the SWPM, the page where i can find a lot of Star Wars models. I want to thank all of you who came here, because this page has over 25000 opens! This way i also want to thank all my friends on , and , who supported me and hold me at my hobby, even i want to stop it. MANY THANKS And one big thanks to RASTIC, who made graphic for this page. Diorama of Pretzschendorf - 48 paper models (papercraft, cardstock models) free download Apart from Christmas pyramids, Schwibbogen (candle arches) and Räuchermann (incense smoker), the Weihnachtsberg (Christmas diorama, literally “Christmas mountain”) has had a long tradition in our region of the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains). Mostly the Nativity of Jesus is potrayed, but also mining scenes or Christmassy villages and towns decorate the so-called “mechanical Christmas dioramas” with moving figures. Our Weihnachtsberg shows the old village of Pretzschendorf at the beginning of the last century. You can download the paper models of 48 historical buildings from Pretzschendorf and vicinity, print them out and arrange your own Weihnachtsberg.

Stahlhart Papercraft – Paper Models of Aircraft, Buildings and Figures March 17th, 2014 Stahlhart papercraft - 5th Anniversary 5 years ago today this website went online for the first time. It seems like a century ago, so much has happened. Lone Ranger Frontier Town In 1948, I listened with great anticipation to The Lone Ranger radio program as the announcer, Fred Foy, said, "In celebration of the 15th year of this program you can get your very own model of the Lone Ranger Frontier Town. With this offer you can follow the adventures of The Lone Ranger and Tonto." The next day I flew on my bike to the First National grocery store. Standing in the cereal aisle I searched for the Cheerios boxes. There they were!

...stuff hard to find anywhere else Thank you for coming! What's New? 01 February 2013: All cardtoy files now hosted by Zealot Cardmodels for easier access. Share the joy, give away a CardToy! A lot of kids can't afford the amazing and cool toys that have been coming out nowadays. wind-up paper butterflies are my fave (guest post from amelia) I had a baby so I’ve invited some fave guests to take over for me while I spend time with the little guy. Today’s post is from super crafter and cute mom, Amelia of The Homebook. Growing up, I had an aunt who lived in Canada. Card models - an introduction Welcome! This page gives a brief introduction to the world of card modeling (or paper modeling). Be sure to visit my free models page page and see some card models I and my co-designers have created! What is card modeling?

Free Models - These card models may be downloaded for your personal enjoyment. Note to web site owners! If you want to offer these models on your site, please read this first. The kits vary in complexity, and many are not suitable for beginning card modelers.