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Albrecht Durer - The complete works

Albrecht Durer - The complete works

21st-Vitaliano/NLP An Integrative Model For States Of Consciousness Gordana Vitaliano , M.D. Boston, MA Preface This article is an excerpt from the new book, "Consciousness, Scientific Challenge of the 21st Century." Introduction The central task of our new integrative NLP model (Stanojevic-Vale ,1993), whether experimental or applied, is the understanding of the nature of human consciousness. In the past few decades the West has witnessed a growing interest among scientists, psychologists and philosophers in what Ken Wilber (1977) has called "perennial psychology" - a universal view as to the nature of human consciousness. The core insight of the perennial psychology is that human consciousness is a multi leveled manifestation of a universal consciousness. The perennial psychology proposes that the various levels of consciousness (except that of Mind itself) are the products of dualism (Deutch, 1969). Neurolinguistic Programming - The Eight Levels 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Albrecht Dürer Dürer's introduction of classical motifs into Northern art, through his knowledge of Italian artists and German humanists, has secured his reputation as one of the most important figures of the Northern Renaissance. This is reinforced by his theoretical treatises, which involve principles of mathematics, perspective and ideal proportions. Early life (1471–90)[edit] Dürer's godfather was Anton Koberger, who left goldsmithing to become a printer and publisher in the year of Dürer's birth and quickly became the most successful publisher in Germany, eventually owning twenty-four printing-presses and having many offices in Germany and abroad. Koberger's most famous publication was the Nuremberg Chronicle, published in 1493 in German and Latin editions. Because Dürer left autobiographical writings and became very famous by his mid-twenties, his life is well documented by several sources. Wanderjahre and marriage (1490–94)[edit] First journey to Italy (1494–95)[edit] Self-portrait, 1508

About | The Pekar Project THE PEKAR PROJECT Harvey Pekar’s First Ongoing Webcomics Harvey Pekar’s been mining the mundane for magic for more than 30 years in his autobiographical American Splendor comics. Now he has teamed with SMITH and some remarkable artists to create his first ongoing webcomics series—and some of his jazziest work to date. The new stories will appear every other week, with interviews, creator spotlights, and behind-the-scenes goodies, as well as essays and art from Pekar collaborators and inhabitants of the extended Pekarverse. How does the notion to make webcomics come to a avowed technophobe like Pekar who doesn’t even use an answering machine let alone a computer? He first dipped a toe into webcomic waters by contributing a story to SMITH’s Next-Door Neighbor anthology of true-life stories, edited by Dean Haspiel, a frequent American Splendor artist who illustrated Pekar’s graphic novel THE QUITTER. SMITH is proud to present The Pekar Project.

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