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TEESNet 2014 Conference Moving from the Edge to the Centre: The Role of Education for Sustainable Development/Global Citizenship in a Meaningful Curriculum This year's TEESNet conference will explore the role of ESD/GC in contributing towards a meaningful curriculum, both in teacher education and schools. The conference will draw on latest research and examples from different educational contexts both in the UK and internationally. The keynote speakers are Dr Neda Forhghani-Arani, Austria and Graeme Logan, Acting Strategic Director at Education Scotland. Find out more and book tickets.

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World Food Programe 9 Countries Where Students Are Happy They Went To School Today The promise of daily food can change how a student, and a family, looks a going to school. In partnership with local governments across the developing world, WFP provides school meals, which encourage families to keep sending their children to class each day and improve focus among the students. Post date: 07/25/2014 - 16:57 WaterAid Water educational resources Our work with schools in the UK Get inspired by stories from schools around the UK. Our new education pack The Water Resource will help bring stories from countries like Zambia to your classroom. Plan- Common Threads Common Threads: Weaving Child Rights into Global Education is designed for educators teaching Australian young people aged between 10-13 years, and is aligned with the new Australian Curriculum. Every one of us needs to be aware of our rights and responsibilities as we take on the role of active global citizens in this increasingly interconnected global world. Who is this guide for? Common Threads, is designed for educators teaching Australian young people aged between 10–13 years.

Destination Africa - African Countries Why is it, that Gay and Lesbian people still are victims of persecution, harassment, and assaults occasioning actual bodily harm or worse? Our world would be much poorer and colder without the creativity and ingenuity of the colorful LGBT* culture. So, get up, stand up, and don't let it happen again and again and again. From Hunger to Hope Teachers and students are especially important to World Hunger Relief and the World Food Programme because the more people learn about hunger, the more likely it is that the problem will be solved. The WFP offers a variety of educational tools including: Hunger Resources - Here you will find links to useful information and publications which can be used to get Hunger issues into the classroom including teaching materials, cross-curricular planning maps, and ideas for both teachers and students to get involved. Click here for more information. Classroom Activities - Materials that have been developed by educators, with sponsorship by the Alabama 4-H Program in conjunction with Universities Fighting World Hunger at Auburn University, The Cape Breton University Children's Rights Centre, and the Canadian International Development Agency. Click here for more information.

Friends of the Earth: Learning : Get Involved : Home Contact Us England | Cymru/Wales | Resources for Teachers - Chinese Museum The following resources are provided to support teachers in the classroom and are aligned with AusVELS and the Australian Curriculum: Chinese Anzacs Education Resource, produced by the Chinese Museum and the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria, 2015. This resource was designed to accompany the Chinese Anzacs: Chinese Australians and World War I exhibition, but can be used as a standalone resource or with the Chinese Anzacs website story. Political Geography Now: Mali Map: Islamist Control & French Intervention Islamic extremist militants have ruled Mali's vast northern region almost unopposed for half a year, after driving out the secular Tuareg-majority separatists who briefly declared an independent country there last spring. But everything changed last weekend, with a new rebel offensive and surprise French military intervention that have kicked the war back into full gear. Read on for a summary of events.Map Updates: Check our Mali channel for frequent updates to this map. Northern Mali in Rebel Hands The rebellion in northern Mali began as a separatist struggle led by the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), a secular group of mostly Tuareg ethnicity who last spring successfully seized Mali's north and declared independence as the State of Azawad.

Kids for Peace Kids for Peace is a global, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) youth organization dedicated to “uplifting our world through love and action.” The mission of Kids for Peace is to cultivate every child's innate ability to foster peace through cross-cultural experiences and hands-on arts, service and environmental projects. Kids for Peace has over 100 chapters, spanning six continents. The programs of Kids for Peace are all guided by its Peace Pledge, which emphasizes leadership, service, kindness, respect, unity, stewardship, responsibility and action. Peace Pledge[edit]

50 doomiest graphs of 2011 2011 saw a spike in climate disasters around the world, with a corresponding spike in global food prices. It’s no exaggeration to attribute the “Arab Spring” to widespread food insecurity caused by rapidly changing climate. The human perturbation to the carbon cycle increased to nearly 9 gigatons per year, in spite of the global financial collapse – there’s every reason to suspect that nations are switching from the increasingly expensive 20th-century fuel (petroleum) to the still-cheap 19th-century fuel (coal), which means more carbon and mercury emissions. In addition, new studies showed that perturbations to the nitrogen and phosphorus cycles are far beyond levels that cause eutrophication in freshwater and oceans.