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20 Websites (Also) Specifically Designed for College Students

20 Websites (Also) Specifically Designed for College Students
We've scoured the Internet to find some of the best websites for college students. Here are 20 more that focus on college life and academic productivity. General Advice 1. CampusGrotto - Known as the 'inside source' for college students, CampusGrotto is a national College News site that focuses on college life. Some of the topics covered include: student finances, college scholarships, career advice and studying. 2. 3. 4. 5. Lifehacks 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Straight-Out Blogs 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Just for Fun 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

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The Ultimate Student Resource List It’s back to school time, yet again. In the spirit of the season, I decided to gather together the best tools, websites, and advice I know of to help make you a more effective and relaxed student this semester. Since I know you’re broke, it’s all free! The Notebook Method: How Pen and Paper Can Transform You Into a Star Student March 20th, 2009 · 35 comments From Good to Great Unlike many hacks you read here, the strategy I want to describe today is not designed to reduce your study time (though I don’t think it will add much to your schedule either). Instead, its purpose is to help you transform from a good student into an exceptional student. It starts with the simplest possible tools…pen and paper. The Notebook Method

How to Memorize Verbatim Text If you are visiting from StumbleUpon and like this article and tool, please consider giving it a thumbs up. Thanks! Memorizing does not have to be as hard as most people make it. The problem is that most people only know how to memorize by reading the same thing over and over again. You have to learn to memorize. In this post we are going to look at how the brain remembers and then show how to use that knowledge to come up with a method for memorizing verbatim text.

17 Ways to Cure a Hangover ;) Exclusively In Drinking Shared : 1 Year 2 Months Ago (54321 Views) Posted By : Its the next morning and you have a hangover. Now what? 6 free apps to get you through university Hands up if you have a smartphone or tablet? We thought you might. Over the last couple of years, they’ve become as intrinsic a part of university life as the compulsory end-of-term all-nighter, or the perennial pile of washing-up in the sink. But did you know that there are apps out there which are guaranteed to enhance your experience at university?

Adventure Studying: An Unconventional New Approach to Exam Preperation May 2nd, 2008 · 29 comments Exam advice week here at Study Hacks is winding down. So sad! Next week it’s back to the normal mix… An Inspiring Space 50 Tips for College Students I did the "extended tour" of college. From about 1991-2002. I did get 4 degrees, so at least I have an excuse. :) I've also been an adjunct professor, so I've also been at the other side of the classroom. 1) The Freshman Fifteen does exist. So does the Freshman Twenty. 7 Sections Of A Perfect Student Resume Many times throughout college, you will need to be able to share your accomplishments. During the college application process, your past experience should form the basis for your essay and will certainly come up during any interviews. If you apply for any scholarships, you will once again need to write about your accomplishments. Do you have your information ready?

The Best Things To Watch Stoned On Netflix Instant Right Now You’ve been home for winter break one day and already moms is trying to make you chop wood and clean the gutters. You tell her you’ve been studying, like, really hard for a semester and you just need to chill. Plus, all your over achieving asshole friends picked up internships at a museum or magazine or some artsy shit like that. Don’t worry though, your homies at Four Pins got your back. How to Use a Flat Outline to Write Outstanding Papers, Fast November 5th, 2007 · 27 comments The Outline Orthodoxy For decades, students have been held captive by a rigid paper outline orthodoxy. 10+ Web Tools To Save Your Butt In School It’s a new year, and the beginning of a new semester in school. Students who didn’t do so hot last year have probably made a New Year resolution to improve their grades. To help you all with the next semester, I’ve decided to make a list of extremely helpful web tools that will make school easier for all the struggling students out there.

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