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20 Websites (Also) Specifically Designed for College Students

20 Websites (Also) Specifically Designed for College Students
We've scoured the Internet to find some of the best websites for college students. Here are 20 more that focus on college life and academic productivity. General Advice 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Lifehacks 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Straight-Out Blogs 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Just for Fun 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Related:  College

The Ultimate Student Resource List It’s back to school time, yet again. In the spirit of the season, I decided to gather together the best tools, websites, and advice I know of to help make you a more effective and relaxed student this semester. Since I know you’re broke, it’s all free! 10 Free Applications Every Student Needs Unless you have money coming out of your ears, you probably won’t want to shell out the cash you’ll need to get Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, EndNote, and so on — even with your student discount. A top-quality, full-featured office productivity suite — word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, graphics editor, database, the works! 11 Online Tools Students Should Check Out Or 20, depending on how you count. Email: GmailRegister for a solid, plain-jane email address from Gmail, something like 15 Websites for Students (Aside from Lifehack) 30 Pieces of Advice for Students from 7 Online Research Resources

17 Ways to Cure a Hangover ;) Exclusively In Drinking Shared : 1 Year 2 Months Ago (54321 Views) Posted By : Its the next morning and you have a hangover. Now what? Although there are many folk cures that are supposed to help a hangover a few things are certain. No matter what you do, sleep and juice or water should be included! 1. Now the folk cures: 8. And lastly the things you could've done to prevent this: 15. Contribution / Reference To : Click For More Top Stories!!! College Info Geek | College Tips, Hacks, and Tricks

6 free apps to get you through university Hands up if you have a smartphone or tablet? We thought you might. Over the last couple of years, they’ve become as intrinsic a part of university life as the compulsory end-of-term all-nighter, or the perennial pile of washing-up in the sink. But did you know that there are apps out there which are guaranteed to enhance your experience at university? And aren’t you lucky? 1. As well as having an amusingly risqué name, Qwiki is a fantastic addition to any student’s repertoire. It’s great for a basic overview of anything you may need to know information quickly about, condensed into one easily-accessible chunk – quick check on the plot of ‘Bleak House’ because you couldn’t be bothered to read all 800-odd pages? 2. 250000+ Recipes and Grocery List: BigOven BigOven gives you the answer to that age-old question which has plagued students for decades: what can I whip up with my leftover beef, cheddar cheese and eggs? 3. 4. Students always go to university with good intentions. 5. Fear not! 6.

50 Tips for College Students I did the "extended tour" of college. From about 1991-2002. I did get 4 degrees, so at least I have an excuse. :) I've also been an adjunct professor, so I've also been at the other side of the classroom. 1) The Freshman Fifteen does exist. So does the Freshman Twenty. 2) Pizza - the ubiquitous college snack. 3) If it's either take out a loan or quit school, take out a loan. 4) If you can live harmoniously with someone in a 20×20 ft. space, you can do anything. 5) Flip-flops: Wear them in the dorm shower. 6) Always attend the *real* class, and use the Internet one for review. 7) If you are not a morning person, don't schedule classes for 7am. 8) Get involved on campus. 9) Too much socializing = bad grades. 10) If you are feeling overwhelmed, are having problems sleeping, or have gone through a breakup, visit your college's counseling center. 11) There are a lot of free activities on campus. 12) Many colleges have free tutoring centers on campus. 13) Sit near the front of class. 47) Sleep.

Study Hacks On Sam Harris and Stephen Fry’s Meditation Debate February 19th, 2019 · 44 comments A few weeks ago, on his podcast, Sam Harris interviewed the actor and comedian Stephen Fry. Early in the episode, the conversation took a long detour into the topic of mindfulness meditation. Harris, of course, is a longtime proponent of this practice. He discusses it at length in his book, Waking Up, and now offers an app to help new adherents train the skill (I’ve heard it’s good). What sparked the diversion in the first place is when, early in the conversation, Fry expressed skepticism about meditation. Harris’s response was to compare meditation to reading. Fry, who is currently using and enjoying Harris’s meditation app, conceded, and the discussion shifted toward a new direction. I wonder, however, whether Fry should have persisted. Read more » Minimalism Grows… February 8th, 2019 · 31 comments Before I do, two quick notes: On to the publicity updates: The Beginning of a Digital Revolution? Myth Confirmed

The Best Things To Watch Stoned On Netflix Instant Right Now You’ve been home for winter break one day and already moms is trying to make you chop wood and clean the gutters. You tell her you’ve been studying, like, really hard for a semester and you just need to chill. Plus, all your over achieving asshole friends picked up internships at a museum or magazine or some artsy shit like that. Don’t worry though, your homies at Four Pins got your back. What is a Personal Essay? “For more than four hundred years, the personal essay has been one of the richest and most vibrant of all literary forms.” (The Art of the Personal Essay by Phillip Lopate.) The personal essay is also one of the most popular forms of creative nonfiction. A personal essay can be based on a personal experience that results in a lesson that you learn. A personal essay can also be a personal opinion about a topic or issue that is important to you. Personal Essay versus a Formal Essay The personal essay is different than a formal essay. Definition of the Personal Essay A personal essay is either a personal narrative in which the author writes about a personal incident or experience that provided significant personal meaning or a lesson learned, or it is a personal opinion about some topic or issue that is important to the writer. The Personal Essay as a Personal Narrative A personal narrative has the following elements: The Personal Essay as a Personal Opinion Subjects for the Personal Essay

The ultimate drinking game guide Ultimate drinking game guide contents International drinking game rulesDrinking games for two: Roxanne, Last name gameEasy drinking games: 21s, Fuzzy duck, I have never...Card game drinking games: Ring of Fire, Ride the Bus, F%k the dealer*Team drinking games: Beer pong, Boat race, Flip CupTV drinking games: **Downton Abbey drinking game*, Question Time drinking game Our ultimate guide will tell you everything you’ve ever needed to know about some of the most popular drinking games around. Whether you need to brush up on some of the finer points or if you’re hearing about them for the first time, we’ve left no drinking game stone unturned. A drinking game is intended to break the ice and help you have a good time, which - providing you’re clever about it - we guarantee you will. Drinking games are also a great way to save the pennies and still enjoy those back-to-uni nights out if you’re feeling that hard-pushed for January funds after splashing a load of cash at Christmas. Roxanne 21s

Study tips: Coursework and productivity - Student Life - Student It's easy to forget that you're supposed to actually, you know, work, during your time at university. In between cooking terrible food, taking part in a crazy university society, frantically trying to save money or even trying to make money, and trying to stay healthy, you actually have to learn. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless you’re adept at writing essays in your sleep, you’ll need to work hard to get your degree. Or perhaps you need to pass exams. Read our exam guide. Organise, organise, organise Organisation is the most important skill you need. Stay out of the bedroom Bedrooms are for sleeping, kitchens are for cooking… You get the idea. Pick a good time to work The generally accepted wisdom is that it’s best to work during the day or in the early evening. Start as soon as possible Begin working on coursework as soon as you’re given it. Pace and reward yourself! You need to balance elements of work and play, but studying needn’t be joyless.

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