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20 best iPad productivity apps

20 best iPad productivity apps
Bento 4 for iPad If you're constantly scrolling through spreadsheets 47 columns wide just to read your data, Bento can help. This little-brother to Filemaker is at heart a database app, but don't let that scare you. The baked in designs can help turn even the scariest spreadsheets into something you actually enjoy looking at. With powerful search capabilities, Bento simplifies drilling down to just the data you need, and it's flexible enough to work with numbers, text, images, and anything else you have to keep organized.

4 Best Project Management Apps for the iPad Project management seems like an obvious use case for iPads, so we were surprised to see a relatively small number of professional project management applications. But we found a few. For this article we decided to focus only on native iPad applications - we'll look at tablet-optimized Web apps another time. Which of these is your favorite? Are there any you think we should have included? Project Planner HD If you're a users of the open source Gantt Project, or just need a simple Gantt chart app for the iPad, Project Planner HD is worth a look. Projector Projector is a popular and slick looking project management app for both OSX and iOS. SG Project SG Project 2 and SG Project Pro are some of the most fully featured project management apps available for the iPad. Trackerbot Trackerbot is an iOS client for the popular Pivotal Tracker agile project management SaaS. Trackerbot lets uses create, edit, reject, delete and comment on Pivotal Tracker stories. Which Is the Best?

10 iPad Apps To Record How Students Learn by teacherswithapps For all of the analyses of academics, learning models, curriculum, 21st century thinking, assessment, project-based learning, self-directed learning, social media integration, iPads and related technology, and other emerging trends, how students learn is why we’re all here, yes? And understanding how something happens requires observation as an early step. What’s developing, when and how? Where are the misunderstandings? What is not clear? Below are 10 iPad apps to get started in that direction. 10 iPad Apps To Record How Students Learn 1. 2. Use a picture from your camera roll and change it up to make the image come to life. Try reading the Emancipation Proclamation using Abraham Lincoln’s picture. Have students replace the face of Susan B. Students can email their videos to you or save them to their camera roll. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. These last three are Internet only and not available as apps, that doesn’t make them not worth exploring! 8. 9. 10.

OmniPlan 2.0.3 offers powerful project-management tools Most of us can usually get by with tools such as Cultured Code’s Things ( ) or Hog Bay Software’s TaskPaper ( ) for managing to-do lists or other day-to-day tasks. But large-scale projects that involve the coordination of a multitude of resources over several months or years require something more, like the Omni Group’s OmniPlan. OmniPlan is designed to help you take in the broad view of a project while still keeping you focused on the details necessary to make sure all your resources are in place and the project is completed on time. The concept behind any project management application is pretty simple. First, you create a project with a specific start and end date. OmniPlan makes quick work of the project management basics. OmniPlan offers a number of features that help to facilitate collaboration on large-scale projects. The only real downside to OmniPlan is not so much a problem as it is a challenge associated with most applications of this type. Macworld’s buying advice

iPad 2 Case with Detachable Telescope Do you remember that portable iPhone 4 telescope? Now the gadget has been applied to the latest iPad 2. Let’s go on checking the iPad 2 case with detachable telescope. The lens kit for iPad 2 consists of two parts, including a black iPad 2 case and a detachable telescope with 6x zoom. The iPad 2 case with detachable telescope is priced at $26 USD.

40 Helpful iPad Apps for Productivity and Project Management Graphic designers, web masters and web designers are busy people who would spend most of their time facing their computers in order to do some work or monitor their sites. There is always tons of work to do every day in order to make sure that things will be okay. With the long list of things to do, it would be a big help to have some iPad applications to aid you to be more productive in your work and be able to manage your work well. Even if you are not in your workplace, you will still be able to do some tasks and not waste your time by using certain iPad apps. There are so many productivity apps that you can use depending on what you need. Today, we will share to you 40 iPad Productivity Apps wherein 15 of them are free to download. Simplenote From the name itself, it is indeed simple. Download Source Evernote Evernote is a digital note-taking tool that makes your work much easier. Download Source Catch Notes Catch Notes have features like tagging and hash-linking for your notes. Dropbox

6 Ways Students Can Collaborate With iPads The following post is written by Greg Kulowiec of EdTechTeacher . Join EdTechTeacher at the iPad Summit in Atlanta on April 10-12. The app store is loaded with options that allow students to create content on their iPads. From comic strip creators to mind maps, video editing and publishing, screencasting & digital books, the options for individual student creation are expanding. However, collaboration between students is often a critical component of any classroom activity or project and increasingly there are options available that allow for collaborative efforts across iPads. Below are six ways to support collaboration between student iPads that cover the spectrum of creation options that range from text to digital storytelling to video creation. Explain Everything ($2.99) A flexible and powerful screen casting option, students and teachers can collaborate on screencasts by exporting Explain Everything project files from an iPad. Google Drive (Free) BookCreator ($4.99) Subtext (free) Diigo

The OmniPlan For iPad Review OmniPlan, the popular task-management application for Mac is now available on iPad. The promising app arrived this week in the App Store. Created by The Omni Group, OmniPlan for iPad isn’t for casual task planners, nor is it a simple to-do app. Instead, the app is a feature-rich package that uses Gantt charts to set tasks, assign material and human resources, and share documents with multiple users. Does it succeed? Yes and no. As a standalone product, OmniPlan is cutting-edge and makes great use of the iPad’s gesturing abilities. For those with little project management experience, however, we strongly advise you to read the OmniPlan for iPad e-manual, or better yet, visit The OmniGroup’s support forums. At its core, OmniPlan allows you to track an overall project time frame and then break down each of its component parts, or sub-tasks, and milestones. Don’t worry; if you make a mistake within your timeline, OmniPlan will come to the rescue and display a violation window. Beyond the iPad

The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials The Apple iPad is an amazing tablet, and to help you get the most out of it, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of every tip, trick, and tutorial for you. Read on for more. Note: This article was originally published earlier this year, but we’ve updated it with a real lot more content since then, so we’re republishing it for you. How to Maximize Your iPad’s Battery Life So you got yourself a shiny new Apple device, but you’re so addicted that the battery is running out way too soon—what you need is a couple of tips to keep your battery running for as long as possible, and we’ve got them here. How to Maximize Battery Life on Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch How to Lock the Screen on Your iPad with iOS 4.x If you upgraded to the latest iOS release on your iPad, only to figure out that the screen orientation lock doesn’t work anymore, here’s how to lock the screen using the new, annoying method. How to Lock the Screen Orientation on Your iPad (with iOS 4.2) How to Pause an iPad App Install

OmniFocus for iPad para iPad na iTunes App Store iFiles: Managing, creating and sharing files on an iPad Posted by sevhandenise on Wednesday, November 21st 2012 Two of the biggest challenges teachers face in using iPads is the management of multiple accounts and sharing files with other teachers and students. These challenges stem from the fact that iPad has no built in file structure or file browser like a desktop computer or laptop. iFiles is an App that presents solutions to these two challenges. It is described by Apple Store as ‘a file manager, document viewer, text editor, voice recorder, wifi drive, and many more for iPad, iPhone and iTouch’. iFiles not only allows users to manage multiple accounts under one umbrella and browse for files that are located in different accounts, but also create content within the App on the iPad. iFiles enables teachers to: Manage multiple accounts, including WebDav connections to college portal and shared drives, BB mobile, eBackpack, Googledocs, SugarSync and many more. Manage shared and private folders. Set a pass code for private files and folders.