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Dune Wiki - Frank Herbert, David Lynch, Sandworms

Dune Wiki - Frank Herbert, David Lynch, Sandworms
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Star Wars Origins - Frank Herbert's Dune Origins Frank Herbert (1920-1986) was an unusually bright boy who grew up with sporadically alcoholic parents during the Great Depression. He spent a lot of time alone, out exploring nature or swept away by "love affairs" with authors including Ezra Pound, Guy De Maupassant, Marcel Proust and Ernest Hemingway. On his eighth birthday Herbert announced his intention to be a writer when he grew up. Herbert spent the first half of his life working mostly as a reporter. As he neared 40, Herbert began to grow anxious about ever achieving his dream: to become an accomplished, rich and famous author. Herbert's second major starting point was They Stopped the Moving Sands, an article he'd written in 1958 about the United States Department of Agriculture's ecological experiments in Florence, Oregon. Inspirations Much science fiction of Herbert's day was limited by the idea that SF was a completely new genre. So where did Shakespeare get his idea for The Prophecy of the Witches in the first place?

TWC Wiki Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki 501st legion Gaius Helen Mohiam Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Gaius Helen Mohiam est une Révérende Mère du Bene Gesserit. Au début du roman Dune, elle est notamment diseuse de vérité de l’Empereur. Personnage-clef du programme de sélection génétique du Bene Gesserit : elle et le Baron Vladimir Harkonnen sont les parents de Jessica Atréides, mère de Paul et grand-mère de l’Empereur Dieu. Son nom apparaît dans les archives génétiques du Bene Gesserit sous le pseudo Tanidia Nerus. Portail de la science-fiction Arnor Arnor, i.e. the Northern Kingdom, was a kingdom of the Dúnedain in the land of Eriador in Middle-earth. The name probably means "Land of the King", from Sindarin Ara- (high, kingly) + (n)dor (land). History Edit It was founded at the end of the Second Age (SA 3320) by Elendil, whose sons founded Gondor at the same time. Before the foundation of Arnor there was already a sizable Númenórean population living there, a result of the slow emigration of Númenóreans which had started under Tar-Meneldur and Tar-Aldarion. Arnor's second king Isildur (also King of Gondor) was killed in TA 2 by orcs in the disastrous Battle of the Gladden Fields. Because Valandil and his heirs did not claim the throne of Gondor the realms were split, but Arnor's ruler kept the title High King, whereas in the south the ruler was just King. Decline Edit Arnor's capital was Annúminas on Lake Evendim, but by TA 861 Fornost Erain had become the capital instead as Annúminas became depopulated. Reunited Kingdom See also

Lord Of The Rings Fantasy World Guilde spatiale Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. La Guilde Spatiale est une des organisations du cycle de fiction de Dune, créée par Frank Herbert. Histoire[modifier | modifier le code] Analemme symbole avec oriflammes de la Guilde spatiale Son symbole est un analemme blanc représentant le caractère infini de l’univers couvert par la Guilde ; « à côté du grand analemme blanc de la Guilde Spatiale, le symbole de l’univers, l’infini »[1]. Vaisseaux[modifier | modifier le code] Les vaisseaux sont dirigés par des Navigateurs et propulsés par des générateurs Holtzmann. Longs-Courriers[modifier | modifier le code] Non-Vaisseaux[modifier | modifier le code] La technologie richèsienne permet la création de « non-vaisseaux », dissimulés à tout talent de prescience. Politique[modifier | modifier le code] Neutralité[modifier | modifier le code] La Guilde suit un principe de neutralité. Relation avec l’épice[modifier | modifier le code] [modifier | modifier le code] Formation[modifier | modifier le code]

The Oracle of Bacon Hopefully, you've played around a bit with The Oracle of Bacon and discovered how few steps are necessary to link just about anybody who has ever been in a movie to Kevin Bacon, but could there be some actor or actress who is even closer to the center of the Hollywood universe? The answer turns out to be: yes. By processing all of the 2.6 million people in the Internet Movie Database I discovered that there are currently 369 people who are better centers than Kevin Bacon! What does it mean for one person to be a "better" center than another? That means that there is 1 person who can be linked in 0 steps (Bacon himself), 2769 people who can be linked in 1 step, 305215 people who can be linked in 2 steps, etc. So the average Bacon Number is about 2.994. By computing the average of these numbers we see that the average Connery Number is about 2.937 making Connery a better center than Bacon. Is there a "worst" center (or most obscure actor) in the Hollywood universe?

Star Trek Star Trek has been a cult phenomenon for decades.[1] Fans of the franchise are called Trekkies or Trekkers. The franchise spans a wide range of spin-offs including games, figurines, novels, toys, and comics. Star Trek had a themed attraction in Las Vegas which opened in 1998 and closed in September 2008. At least two museum exhibits of props travel the world. Conception and setting The Starfleet emblem as seen in the franchise. Most Star Trek stories depict the adventures of humans[Note 4] and aliens who serve in Starfleet, the space-borne humanitarian and peacekeeping armada of the United Federation of Planets. Roddenberry intended the show to have a highly progressive political agenda reflective of the emerging counter-culture of the youth movement, though he was not fully forthcoming to the networks about this. History and production Beginnings Rebirth One sign of the series' growing popularity was the first Star Trek convention which occurred on January 21–23, 1972 in New York City. J.

Edric Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Eadric. Dans l'Univers de Dune, Edric est un des Navigateurs de la Guilde Spatiale Il apparait et disparait dans Le Messie de Dune, où il participe au complot fomenté avec la Princesse Irulan, le Bene Gesserit et le Bene Tleilax contre l'Empereur Padishah. Le Messie de Dune[modifier | modifier le code] Autres apparitions[modifier | modifier le code] Bien qu'il n'apparaisse que dans Le Messie de Dune, Edric est à nouveau référencé dans La Maison des Mères, quand un Navigateur en mission est décrit comme "un Edric", ce qui laisse penser qu'un programme génétique a été tiré du Navigateur original ou qu'il s'agit d'un titre. Portail de la science-fiction