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35 Reasons to Hike the Appalachian Trail

35 Reasons to Hike the Appalachian Trail

The Best of Western, MA’s Outdoors: Mt. Tom Springfield’s local newspaper, The Republican, recently published its Reader Raves for the summer/fall seasons of 2012, listing, among other categories, reader’s favorite local outdoor recreation areas; and in the upcoming weeks, I’m going to write an ongoing series of reviews to highlight each of these areas. This week, I’ll highlight the winner of Best Hiking in the Pioneer Valley Life category, the Mount Tom State Reservation. The Mt. Tom State Reservation is a 2,082-acre tract of land on the bank of the Connecticut River in Holyoke, MA, that boasts 20-miles of trails and five peaks – leaving visitors quick to understand why it was chosen as the best local hiking destination. One of the best features of hiking Mt. Tom is that there truly is a trail for everyone.

Reddit and the Marathon Bombers: The Wise Way to Crowdsource a Manhunt After Reddit’s attempt to find the Boston Marathon bombers turned into a major failure (for which Reddit’s general manager Erik Martin publicly apologized Monday), the over-all conclusion seems to be that the whole experiment was misguided from the start, and that the Redditors’ inability to identify the Tsarnaev brothers demonstrates the futility of using an online crowd of amateur sleuths to help with a criminal investigation. Or, as the Times’s Nick Bilton put it, “It looks as if the theory of the ‘wisdom of crowds’ doesn’t apply to terrorist manhunts.” That proposition may be true. But Reddit’s failure isn’t evidence for it. To begin with, it’s a bit facile to frame this story as a competition between “the crowd” and “the experts,” since the official investigation wasn’t relying on a couple of experts, but rather had its own crowd at work, one made up, in Bilton’s words, of “thousands of local and federal officials.” It doesn’t have to work this way, though.

Bodyweight Exercise Program To Build Muscle and Burn Fat If you want to build a starting level of strength… endurance… and lose fat, then this bodyweight program is for you. This is the bodyweight exercise program that I built much of my early strength, size and muscle “tone” on. I believe everyone should master their own bodyweight first, before moving on to lifting weights, kettlebells or otherwise introducing “outside” resistance. Nerd Fitness: Helping You Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Live Better. I received an email a few months back from a NF reader that made me smile: “I am going back to square one. I noticed the only habit that I changed and stuck with was drinking tons of water. Have you ever started playing a game and get a few hours in and go “man I wish I knew these controls/tips from the beginning”? So you restart and the game just feels easier from that point on.

How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time Just admit it. It would be pretty nice if you could walk into a gym and a do a workout that burns fat and builds muscle at the same time. There’s nothing like the best of both worlds! But is it really possible to lose that extra flab around your waistline, and get firm, toned muscles at the same time? And if so, how do you do it without defying the laws of physics? 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Running Hindsight is 20/20. As I look back on nearly 13 years of competitive racing, I want to change a lot of my past training. I made a lot of mistakes – small decisions that resulted in an injury, a poor race, or missing half a year of running. Many of my injuries can be attributed to impatience and a feeling of invincibility.

16 Tips to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness Post written by Leo Babauta. You don’t want to spend long hours at the gym, but you want to get stronger, fitter, leaner, and just plain look good. It’s possible that you’re not getting the most out of your workout time. It’s possible to get a super-effective workout in 30 minutes, and only do a few workouts a week, if you maximize your workouts. Disclaimer: First, I’m not a certified trainer. These are tips I’ve read elsewhere that work well for me.

Exploring The World And Your Potential By Foot may be available for purchase. Inquire today! Inquiry Form Get Rid Of Your Armpit Fat A frequent complaint among women during the sunny seasons is that unsightly skin that rests between your armpit and your chest. While body fat could be the culprit, changing your diet alone won’t always solve this issue. If you’ve noticed, women with implants have very little of this extra tissue. That’s because increasing the size of your chest by adding muscle or implants (in their case), can fill out that skin. Doing chest exercises paired with back exercises can help fill out that problem area. Here Are Our Favorite Exercises For This Problem Area – Armpit Fat

CrossFit Exercises List Photo Credit CrossFit Fever A CrossFit Exercises List for the enthusiastic CrossFitter! These CrossFit exercises are used in CrossFit training, workouts of the day (WODs), and will help you build insane strength. There are infinite variations of these CrossFit exercises, but the most common versions can be found on this list. Most exercises are linked to an instructional YouTube video, so you can check out the exact technique and movement of each CrossFit exercise.