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Clean Mama — everyday life. simplified.

Clean Mama — everyday life. simplified.

Blog | Sane Spaces Have you noticed that there’s a lot of attention lately on working moms and how they should find their bliss?? Well, I’m on the cusp of calling BS on yet another word that I believe is shaming working moms… bliss. As in – Dear working mom, (this is the popular press talking, and yes – we’ve now affected your sub-conscious…) You’re just not good enough yet… You haven’t found your bliss! Although you represent the majority of people employed, you carry arguably 85% of the domicile duties, you are responsible for 90% of childcare responsibilities, you are relied upon by all, you’ve absorbed centuries of gender expectations from the generations who’ve gone before you, you’ve assumed the roles of mom, bread-winner, organizer, communicator, family nurturer, scheduler, errand runner, home-maker, and now, all you have to do is find your bliss… No worries, just add it to your schedule. Come on!

Organized Home | Clean House, Cut Clutter, Get Organized at Home! I'm an Organizing Junkie A Bowl Full of Lemons. Life. Organized. Organizing Tips For The Home | Amy Volk - Live Better Forget all the fancy gadgets out there for organizing small things. All hail the clothespin! By nature, I’m not that crafty, so if you’re with me, here are 6 everyday uses for clothespins for the ordinary person (AKA the non-crafter). While these 6 everyday uses hardly cover then endless uses of clothespins, they are actually things I use them for! 1. What do you do with the single sock while you wait for it’s mate to show up? Just get a hanger and clip the abandoned socks to it. 2. Seriously, clothespins make the BEST bookmarks! 3. I absolutely LOVE using clothespins to keep my cords together. 4. This is such an easy way to remember things as you walk out the door. I use this to remind myself and my kids of things we need to take with us on the way out the door-lunch money, notes, and other reminders. 5. Don’t waste anymore money on other food clips. 6. One of my favorite uses for clothespins are for keeping papers together. live even better:

IHeart Organizing Half Hour Organizing Projects | Amy Volk - Live Better Half Hour Organizing Project #1:Organizing Tax Files March 28, 2014 – 12:20 pm Most of you have done your taxes already, but there are a few stragglers like me that are still pulling it together! Since April is almost here and that always means tax time, I thought we would revisit the idea of organizing for taxes! Click here if Video not displaying live even better: Half Hour Organizing Project #41-Holiday Planning {The Christmas Card} December 6, 2013 – 3:13 pm With Christmas just 19 days away now, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed with all the details left to do! Click here to view how to make your holiday binder. Once you have done that, start filling it up with all the things related to your holiday planning. My favorite sites to use for Christmas cards are listed below. TinyPrintsMintedZazzlePear Tree Greetings Don’t let the stress of the season take away from what it really means! Half Hour Organizing Project #40-A Fire Safe Box with Important Documents November 22, 2013 – 3:32 pm

Home Storage Solutions 101: Ideas And Organization Tips Clean, Smart, Simple Style Emily Ley | Joy & Simplicity simply organized