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The Digital Journalist

The Digital Journalist

Six Must-Know Online Resources for Journalists « Communicate: The Diederich College of Communication blog Posted by the Diederich College of Communication It’s no longer enough to just be a great writer; today’s well-prepared journalist must be well-versed (if not fluent) in using social media and emerging multimedia technology to gather sources and get the story out to the public. Luckily, there are some helpful resources designed to help navigate the new frontier of journalism in the digital age. Below are six must-know websites for anyone working in the profession. 10,000 According to the site description, is a place “where journalism and technology meet.” Society for Professional Journalists: List of Influential Journalists to Follow on Twitter SPJ has compiled an ever-expanding Twitter list of people offering insight into the field of journalism. AP Style Guide Update Long considered the journalist’s bible, the AP Style Guide now includes information about incorporating social media and online terminology into writing and reporting. Like this: Like Loading...

Seven Levels of Photography Home Donate New Search Gallery Reviews How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact The Seven Levels of Photographers I summarize this into 2 levels here. © 2005~2012 Also in French Italian German Spanish Dutch Portuguese Czech Polish Russian Hungarian Ukrainian Turkish Thai Chinese read the seven levels of artists here and the seven levels of surfers here. November 2012 Better Pictures Nikon Canon Fuji LEICA All Reviews Artist: Top Level 7 ("Heaven") This is the highest level. An artist fixes his imagination in a tangible form called a photograph. An artist is a complete master of his tools. To make a musical analogy, a musician may woodshed his scales, but when he's jamming he's not even thinking about fingerings. Just like professional surfers who have a dozen boards or pro guitarists who have 23 axes, an artist may have a slew of cameras, each for a different purpose. Likewise, other artists may only have one camera, or none at all. Whore: Level 6 back to top Why?

Current Issue - SuperMassiveBlackHole Multimedia and Photos Blueeyes Magazine 48 Examples of Excellent Layout in Web Design Beautiful graphics and colors are great and play a big part in web design, but most would agree that the backbone of a solid user experience is the layout. After all, what good is all of the eye candy if one can not easily read and digest the content. There is nothing better than opening a perfectly organized and readable website – a page where the layout invites you to browse the site’s content. There are several ways to organize and put together a nice layout for your website, and here we’ll show some examples of sites that use grids, columns and blocks to showcase their content. Superawesome leids film festival Kokoro & Moi UX Magazine The Bygone Bureau Live Now Minimalist Design Magazine Computerlove Simon Collison Arnaud Beelen BB – Bisgrafic Blog Derek Mack Magnum Photos The Canary Collective Zachary Pulman de51gn The Grid System iniva TBWA – London Theme Jan Sochor AiGA NY Draft skyskraper cheetos Haik Avanian Morphix nocturn Zaum & Brown SF 70folk Cool And The Guide T Magazine next room

Fotoimpex subjectify Fotografia, wideo i testy sprzętu - Canon, Nikon. Szkolenia fotograficzne, kursy i warsztaty - webmag photographique “A Small Industry Sitting Atop a Huge Hobby” – Novelr - Making People Read Here’s a heretical thought: suppose we never find a way for making money from online fiction? I was walking back from campus the other day with Yipeng (who’s the technical lead for Pandamian, by the way, and is generally sharp about such things) and he asked me: “Is there any way to make money from … this web fiction thing?” I paused for a bit, thinking about where to begin. And we still don’t. But I wonder now: suppose the majority of digital, for-entertainment writing is impossible to monetize? I’m kidding myself, of course – such a future is likely to be inevitable. What interests me is this idea that the bell-curve in publishing, so far, has existed because of the shape of the traditional publishing industry. I can hazard only a few guesses. I’ll also take a stab at it and say that the publishing houses of the future would endorse certain digital writers over others. This isn’t a bad thing, really. … I want to scream at people, “Getting paid for making art is not a right.

AbsolutVision Photography that aims at being true, not at being beautiful because, what is true most often is beautiful. - Journal

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